Dominic William
Dom William
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April 1983,
Nottingham, England

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"Life as an Assassin is tough. Constantly on the move, the threat of you guys ever present, and no time to explore the world... You say that I could have anything I desire?" - Dominic William being tempted by the prospect of joining the Templars

Dominic Thomas William (1983-unknown), also known as Subject 11 of the Animus Project, was an English Assassin and descendant of the Master Assassin, Alexander Edward William.

He was born into the creed, and his community was successful in evading the Templars during the Great Purge after the Mentor's death in 2000.

Dominic was finally captured by Abstergo's Lineage Discovery and Acquisition sector in August of 2007, being forced to relive his ancestor's memories to search for the location of various Pieces of Eden, most notably a shard of the Dial of Eden, a Piece of Eden that allowed the user the powers of time control.


Early LifeEdit

"Why are we leaving, mama? Why do we have to go?"

--A young Dominic to his mother wondering about his nomadic lifestyle

Dominic Thomas William was born into an Assassin camp of around 20 people in the area around Nottingham, England, on April 17th, 1983. The community, whilst not incognito, was believed by locals of the area to be a group of gypsies, or 'travellers', due to their nomadic tendencies. To avoid suspicion, the Assassins endorsed this view, trying to stay hidden from Abstergo, and moving whenever they were threatened to be revealed.

From the age of 5, Dominic was trained to be an Assassin, under the supervision of George Clark, the camp's leader and correspondent with other Assassin teams across the UK and Europe. His training was often intense, and brutal, but he learnt to master his emotions and fight with no fear. He was instructed to be wary of his enemies, the Templars, but wasn't taught why until much later in his life.

His life was dull and boring, but he did not know any alternative. He accepted the way his life was and did not think he needed to change it. Despite the hard work and fear involved, Dom seemed to enjoy being an Assassin; he loved the stories his parents told him of the great Assassins such as Altair, Ezio, and Ratohnhaké:ton 'Connor' Kenway, and he enjoyed role-playing and play fighting with the few other kids there were in his community.


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