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Donad Scott (1138-1222) Was an assassin and a Templar. He had one child named Jonathon Scott. Donad was recruited into the order when he was only 12 years old. His parents were templars who were undercover in Masyaf. When they were killed by assassins in their sleep Donad was recruited. He did not know the assassins had killed his parents.

He became a great assassin, but in 1162, the year after his son's birth, he abandoned the creed. He became a templar shortly after but went back to the assassins years later with Jonathon's persuasion. In 1180 Donad was captured by the Templars but freed by his son. His son helped him go across the sea to be free of conflict.


Early LifeEdit

Donad was born to Templars in Masyaf. His mother and father were undercover as residents of Masyaf. Donad was a smart kid. His parents made many trips to Acre and left Donad alone. He learned of the passageways and got into trouble with the assassins.

Donad's parents were discovered when Donad was only 12 and they were killed while he was asleep. When Donad awoke to find his parents dead he didn't know who killed them. The assassins took the young boy in and trained him as an assassin. He trained with a female assassin named Nithera who's parents were captured and their status unknown.


Donad was a quick learner. He was taught basic fighting and was able to beat Nithera at all their battles. Nithera was also a fighter so they were placed in Spada training.

In spada training, Donad learned advanced skills that usually only master assassins knew. They were able to easily beat their training instructor. After they finished their month of special Spada training, they resumed normal activities.

After years of training, they became assassins. Donad, who was 18 at the time, suggested to Nithera that they become teammates. Nithera agreed.

The Escape from AcreEdit

Nithera persuaded Donad to help her on her mission to save her parents. He accompanied her to Acre and together they infiltrated the fortress. They saved Nithera's parents and tried to escape but Donad was captured.

The Templars brought him before the Grandmaster who sentenced him to execution. Donad was thrown into the dungeon with a Templar. The Templar, Katha, was a good friend of Donad's parents. Due to this Katha helped Donad to escape along with the help of Nithera, who was disguised as an executor.

After they escaped, Katha slipped away. Nithera and Donad helped Nithera's parents return to Masyaf.

Elevation to Master Assassin Edit

Nithera and Donad grew close. They soon entered a secret relationship. The Mentor soon found out and sent Nithera on a secret mission to separate them. Donad was saddened by her absence so The Mentor gave him a task to waste his time and break his relationship.

The 3 Assassinations Edit

The Mentor instructed Donad to assassinate 3 men. Little did Donad know that the assassinations were of no importance to the order. The first assassination was in Damascus. Donad traveled to Damascus and tried to find a warrior named Hada.

Donad found out that Hada had been murdering his men for marrying. Hada believed that having a spouse would divert his men's attention. Donad followed Hada after a public execution and assassinated him.

Donad followed Hada after a public execution and assassinated him. Hada gave up the location of the next target, Gada, the brother of Hada.

Donad quickly found Gada and assassinated him. Gada told Donad that their third brother, Tada, was always their father's favorite and was given the most power out of all of the brothers. Donad tracked down Tada and killed him at a public execution.

When Donad returned to Masyaf, The Mentor told him that it was all unimportant and the assassinations were just too take his mind off Nithera. Donad became angry and waited for Nithera to return.

A Secret Mission Edit

Donad was commanded by The Mentor to complete a secret assassination. Donad still did not trust The Mentor after the 3 assassinations but agreed to do the secret assassination anyways.

Donad arrived in Jerusalem and searched for The Great Merchant of Jerusalem who he learned was named Takele. Donad tried to assassinate Takele but failed. Not wanting to return empty-handed to The Mentor, Donad tried again.

This time, Donad found Takele on a walk. Donad lured Takele into an alley and assassinated him. Donad returned to The Mentor and found that Nithera had returned. Together, they were promoted to master assassin.

Later Missions Edit

The Acre Assassins Edit

Donad and Nithera were sent to Acre to complete an assassination. When they reached Acre they joined with the Acre Assassins to assassinate their shared target. After they found their target together with the Acre Assassins they assassinated him.

Donad and Nithera stayed with the Acre Assassins for a while after the assassination. They assassinated many more targets with the Acre Assassins until they split up to return to Masyaf.

Life in Alamut Edit

When Donad and Nithera returned Masyaf they were ordered to go to Alamut as extra guards. Donad and Nithera made plans to live there until their son, Jonathon, was born. Soon Donad and Nithera moved to Alamut and settled into the fortress. They still ran missions for the assassins. Nithera wanted to go on the missions with Donad but could not, so Donad went alone on most missions. After Jonathon was born they moved to a house in the village. The Mentor came to visit to take Jonathon to Masyaf for his training but Donad refused to let The Mentor take his son. The Mentor agreed to not take Jonathon but instead to stay himself to train Jonathon.

Abandoning the Assassins Edit

When Jonathon grew to one-year-old Donad was ordered on a mission in a templar camp nearby. He tried to assassinate the leader of the group but was caught. Instead of killing or imprisoning Donad, the leader tried to convert him to a Templar. Donad resisted the temptation and returned to Alamut to find that the Mentor had taken Jonathon to the fortress for training. Donad, who had to the Mentor that Jonathon was too young to train, was furious and tried to persuade Nithera to come to the Templars with him. Nithera, being a loyal assassin, refused. Donad went back to the Templars and joined with them.

The Templars Edit

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