"Confirmed, H has lost his ball."
―Dorothy Atkinson summarising Hitler's death and the loss of PE4, early May 1945.

Dorothy Lillian Atkinson, (1920 -2011) was a member of the Templar Order and a senior research analyst employed by Abstergo Industries through the British Foreign Office between ?-1953. Given the directly relevant nature of her work during and post World War II, she had a partial awareness of the Orders's plans for the New World.

Dorothy Lillian Atkinson.
Dorothy in her military-outfit
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13th April 1920


8th April 2011

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Early lifeEdit

Born on 13th April 1920 to parents Albert Crowther Atkinson and Hannah Atkinson, not much is known about her early life, (and subsequently the circumstances of her recruitment into the Templar Order) due to a combination of: all period family and acquaintances being deceased, her own personal aversion to keeping a diary, and deliberately undetailed or destroyed British Templar records.

The Second World WarEdit

During World War II, Dorothy worked at the Government Code and Cypher School headquarters in Bletchley Park, (February 1940 - December 1945) as a civilian Foreign Office Junior Administrative Officer in the Naval intelligence section, along with other Templar operatives similarly placed in the other three intelligence sections, (ie: Hut 3/Block D: Army and Army force intelligence section, Hut 5: Minor military and Police intelligence section, and Block G: Signal traffic analysis and deception operations section), to supervise and write intelligence analysis and reports giving the Templar's indirect but effective control of the Allied war planners, while at the same time carefully using their section collegues to unknowingly assist them analyse Assassin signals and movements.

The most notable Assassin intelligence report she filed was one in early May 1945, which confirmed the Assassinss' responsiblity for the death of the Templar puppet Adolf Hitler and the subsequent theft of Apple of Eden from his corpse. As with all British Templar operatives of the time, she was given the a modified Sleeve Gun Mk.2 for protection, though she never used it.

After the end of the war, Dorothy continued to be an active Templar operative working within the British Foreign Office as one of the senior research analysts tasked with analysing the effects of the proposed increased autonomy or independence of British and foreign power colonies, (particularly those such as Israel and Guatemala) on Great Britain, but also secretly in regards to the Templars's New World plans and the likely resulting Assassin developments.

In 1953, she was allowed to take early retirement despite her level of knowledge, due to both work load related mental health concerns, (judged to be severe enough that she wouldn't be a security risk) and a personal assurance of her continued silence in order to pursue a relationship with ex British 8th Army Sgt.Kenneth "Ken" Victor Thorne. To achieve this, she dropped her forename and had herself retracted or removed from certain records as a precaution against the Assassins tracking down and killing either her or her future family, Kenneth and Dorothy were married the following year and moved to the quiet Chickenley district of Dewsbury where they lived a quiet but content life, their only child John David Thorne being born on 17th February 1957.

Later lifeEdit

In later life, the mental strain caused by the amount and intensive nature of her intelligence work began to take an obvious toll and Dorothy was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in the mid 1980s. Her mental state continued to deteriorate naturally to the point that when her husband died in 2004, she was classified as unable to live by herself. In line with policy and respect for her service and achievements, the British Templars arranged for her to live out her days in a local high-standard care home where she died peacefully in her sleep on the 8th April 2011 at the age of 91. A private funeral was held on the 15th April 2011 at Dewsbury Moor Crematorium attended by close family and friends, along with a handful of surviving Bletchley Park and Foreign Office collegues (both Templar and neutral).

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