Dove René

Dove René (née Brockenhurst) was a English-born Parisian Templar. She had married herself to the future Templar-activist Jeannot René, making her affiliated with the Parisian Rite.

At some point, Dove was married away to Jeannot René. At this point, she was already a Templar, but had chosen to keep it a secret until she felt that her husband was to be trusted. This did not stop her from carrying out transactions for the Order however – and putting some money in her own pocket, too.

Dove became known with the Caribbean Grand Master, and the two came along pretty well – making it possible for the first to slowly establish a route between English Templar trading organizations.

Later, Dove's husband went along with her to Caribbean to see how she managed to fet so much money with her one contact in Caribbean. Dove introduced the Grand Master to Jeannot, and the two seemed to also get along well. However, the Grand Master would only help the man if he came with artifacts or old books to her – a deal that seemed fair and square, but if Jeannot did not return the Grand Master's favor he would regret it badly. Dove did not care much, their marriage was not exactly a good one.

When the Grand Master decided to live in France from 1781, Dove and Jeannot held close contact. At some point during the Grand Master's time in France, she got a visit from an American friend. During the friend's visit, he witnessed the initiation of Jeannot – along with the Grand Master's brother and son.

After this, Dove disappear from the records.

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