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Draco Altobelli

Draco Altobelli was born in the city of Venice, Italy in 1505 to two assassins who feared for his safety and abandoned him at the doorstep of the house of a fisherman and his wife. Raised to live the fisherman's life, Draco always longed for something more, a life with adventure. In 1522, Draco's Birth parents tracked him down after they had (without the Assassin Order's knowledge) stolen a piece of eden from a Templar politician. Unfortunately, unknown to the assassins they were being tracked by a man known only as il Demone(the demon), a contract swordsman who was hired by the Templars to retrieve the piece of Eden and kill Draco's parents.The assassins approached Draco by the docks where he worked asking him if they could speak in private. Confused as to what they wanted Draco declined and with no time to waste, the assassins revealed their true identity to him, as his parents and begin to explain the terms of his adoption(also revealing their identity as Assassins). Immediately after this admission, the reunion is interrupted by il Demone. In haste, Draco's father hands him the piece of Eden instructing him to not let the Templars take it. Draco flees the scene still not sure what to make of this strange encounter and also unaware of the power he now held in his hands.

Later that day, Draco makes it home safetly with the artifact. Still confused about what the assassins had revealed and the significance of the artifact he held, he begins to look for answers with his parents. He shares his encounter with the two hooded people who called themselves his parents and reveals the artifact they gave him. Shocked and hesitant, Draco's parents told him the truth, that he wasn't their son by blood, that he was left on their doorstep seventeen years ago and they had no idea who had left him or what he was holding in his hand. His parents started sobbing asking for him to forgive and understand they were trying to protect him from the truth. Draco was confused,angry, and in shock. He wanted more answers, but didn't know where to find them. Who was he really? What life was he meant to live if not one as an ordinary fisherman? Moments later there is a knock at the door. Draco answers the knocks, almost scared to see whats on the other side. Had il Demone killed his parents and now has come for him and the artifact? Did his parents survive? As he slowly opens the door he sees his mother standing there exhausted and bleeding from her leg. Draco carries her in, lays her down on a bed, and begins dressing her wounds.

The next day at breakfast Draco begins to question her about everything-who she and his father are, who was the man trying to kill them, the artifact, and his past.She introduces herself as...

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