Dragoslav "Dragan" Nikolić
Dragoslav Nikolic
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Winter of 1915

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5 June 1890

Belgrade, Kingdom of Serbia


12 August 1985 (aged 95)

Bonn, West Germany

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Dragoslav Nikolic
Dragoslav "Dragan" Nikolic was a Serbian Assassin at birth and the mentor of the Serbian Assassins from 1920 to 1980. He became an official assassin at the age of 18 and a master assassin at the age of 24. He helped the Allies against the Central Powers (who were backed by the templars) to stop the Templar Wilhelm II. After World War I he hunted the remaining templars who were apart of the war. In 1920, he became the mentor of the Serbian Assassins because of their mentor's death and had a son who is named Sebastian Aachen who will follow in his father's footsteps. Between 1933 and 1934 he trained his son how to assassinate his targets. In 1941 he killed Wilhelm II just to find out that they have more templars to hunt. By 1980 he killed the last templar involved with World War I and then retires. He retired for 5 years in West Germany and died their because of a stroke.

Early LifeEdit

He was born in June 5th, 1890 in Belgrade, Kingdom of Serbia to an Assassin and a seamstress. When he was 5 years old his father trained him to be just like him, but Dragoslav wanted to be an architect but his father wanted him to continue the family buisness. In 1899 his mother died from tuberculosis, when he was just 9 years old. After this he became depressed, until his father made him happier. When Dragan was was a teen he exceeded his father expectations and might be a great assassin like his father but he still had his dream of being an architect. In 1903, his dream of being an architect failed and later became an assassin like his father, first he hated the brotherhood, but then he embraces the brotherhood and he finished his training with his father. He then hunts a templar Alois Hitler with his father.

The Birth of an AssassinEdit

In July 10th, 1904, a 14 year old Dragoslav did his first assassination, his target was Hans Steiner, a German templar who is recruiting people in Serbia to make the Serbian Templars. He was led by his own father and he was helped by 2 other assassins. They found him in Kraljevo, Kingdom of Serbia and found his his hideout in an old railroad. The 2 unnamed assassin's killed the guards and provided backup for the Nikolićs. His father killed the men guarding Hans. Dragan chases Hans through the railroads while killing the remaining templars defending him. He later catches up to him and jumps to assassinate him. His father watched the whole thing and he was proud of his son.

They later returned home to find 8 new assassin recruits, the names of them were Cvjetko Popović, Danilo Ilić, Trifko Grabež, Nedeljko Čabrinović and Gavrilo Princip. He and his father trained them until they can fight on their own. After he finished training them he hunted for more templars. His next target was Andriija Šimić who was a Herzegovinian outlaw ( He was actually a templar). In December 5th, 1904, Nikolić rode a horse to Damaltia and when he got there he asked to a civilian where is Andriija. The civilian said he was 2 miles east from their position. When Dragan climbed the buildings and freeran he saw Andriija leaning on a hay cart so the assassin did a leap of faith. Dragan flicked his wrists so he can open both of his hidden blades, he stabbed the target and his guard. Nikolić got out of the haystack and walked away without getting caught while the guards and civillians who never found his dead body. 4 months later in February 5th, 1905 he found out that the templars found his body and labeled his death the day they found his body.

In July 7th, 1905 he had to kill two targets by the names of Aleksandar Dačić and Dragutin Dačić, 2 Bosnian templar twins. They were hiding in Niš, Kingdom of Serbia, Nikolić got new weapons which were, the rope dart, dual Nagant M1895 ( Means Nagant M 1895 and it's a revolver) , Mosin-Nagant (A Russian rifle) , dual swords and dual daggers. He drove a car to Niš and prepared. When he arrived at Niš he found guards blocking the entrance so he shot them both with the revolvers and entered the city. He climbed a building to snipe with the rifle the templars on the rooftops. He aimed for a templar and pulled the trigger, he got an instant headshot and picked off the others carefully. He then continued his path, he then was stopped by guards who were asking for his name. He said his name to the templars, but they didn't believe him so for lying they tried to handcuff him, but they failed, Dragan nonchalantly stabbed one of the templars with a knife in the throat and then threw a throwing knife right at the other templar's eye. He then said do you believe me know. He then climbed up a tree so he won't get caught by a guard he couldn't find him, he used his rope dart on him. He found the two brothers who were waiting for him so they can kill him. They rushed at the young assassin, but the assassin dodged and grabbed his two swords. When Aleksandar and Dragutin attacked at once, the assassin countered them both, he then stabbed Aleksandar in the mouth with his dagger then threw him at Dragutin, while Dragutin was in the ground writhing in pain, the Serbian stabbed Dragutin with both swords in the heart. Dragan saw blood everywhere, he felt like he wanted to throw up but he couldn't. He drove back home waiting to see his father.

When he came back home he found out that his father went missing. He asked the Mentor but the mentor didn't know where he went. Dragan was trying to find him until the Mentor said it was useless and he was probably dead. Sad, Dragan took a little break from the brotherhood, he walked the streets of his city, Belgrade and was amazed as how much it changed since the last time he was here which was 2 years ago. He visited his mother's grave and lived in his old house. He want to a bar to find a man getting harrassed by the drunken police. Dragan told them to live him alone, but they didn't listen and where going to beat Dragan also, bur Dragan grabbed a beer bottle and smashed it in one of the policeman's face, then he headbutts another, and then he throws one of them at a table, the remaining policemen fled. The assassin asked the man for his name, the man said his name was Nikola Tesla. Dragan invited Tesla in the brotherhood. A couple months after the event, Nikola made him a small grenade launcher in his wrist that can take out a group of men. After recovering from his depression he came back to the brotherhood.

In September 5th, 1906, Dragan rides to Austria to kill Ludwig Boltzmann, an Austrian templar who was making devices from that will advance a normal human's strength and defense with the help of the Apple of Eden. He then stops at Tybein a town close to the city of Trieste. Dragan noticed how Tybein is a beautiful place but he knows that will be over when the templars get what they want. So he finds Boltzmann's vacation house, he then sees tons of templars guarding his house, the assassin then aims for the door, he shoots. When he shot the door, it killed the templars and destroyed the door which the pieces hit the templars in the house. Dragan yells out where are you Ludwig, but Ludwig doesn't show himself. Dragan uses his Eagle Vision to find an entrance to Ludwig's secret lab. Dragan finds it and opens it, while searching through the place he found Ludwig. Ludwig used the apple to throw Dragan back upstairs, Boltzmann grabs a knife so he can slit Dragan's throat, but Dragan with a little force within him kicks Boltzmann. The assassin steals the piece of eden and uses it to command Ludwig without Dragan trying, the young assassin asks for his father but Boltzmann said look for the Archduke of Austria, then Ludwig says that he won't find his father and then laughes. Dragoslav, who is enraged makes Boltzmann grabs the rope dart to hang Boltzmann off a chandelier. He also takes his Shard of Eden, he later finds out it repells bullets by escaping, he keeps the Shard to himself The assassin walks away with the apple of eden and is curious of what else it could do.

When he returned to his Mentor, the Mentor explained how it can control weak minded people and how it was a peace of eden. He even said the legendary Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad used it to make the weapons we use know. He started traveling to Wien, Austria-Hungary in October 29th/30th, 1906. In November 1st, 1906, he made it to the city of Wien he found the big villa that Otto of Austria was living in. Thirsty for Otto's blood Dragoslav opens the door of the villa and walks to the Archduke's room, he kills two guards with his hidden blades in the face. When the assassin walks in the room, Otto was scared, the assassin restrained him and asks him where is his father. Otto replied by saying go ask Josef Aldrich. Otto headbutts Dragoslav and tries to stab him with a sword, but Dragoslav dodges and stabes him with his poison blade. Otto fell down slowly and asked him what did he do to him, Dragan replies by saying he poisoned him and that the poison will kill him not the blade, he also said if he cooperates he'll get the antidote. Dragoslav asked him where is Aldrich, the Archduke of Austria replied by saying he is in Serbia. Dragoslav asked him which city, but the Archduke tried to steal the antidote but he just hit away in accident which cause the antidote to break and splattered every where. The Archduke gets down on his knees and tries to collect the pieces but shortly after that he dies. Dragoslav later says how he is royalty but he acts like an idiot.

In December 25th, 1906 he later finds out how the Templar named Aldrich is in Novi Pazar, he later thanks the informant. He then sets travel for Novi Pazar wasting no time even though it's Christmas. He arrived to Novi Pazar in January 1st, 1907, he notes how the city has great architecture but he knows that's not why he is here. He then follows this strange man, who might be a templar. He then follows the strange man to an old abandoned factory. He kills the man he is following and then after that a templar knocked him out. Later that day he wakes up to see Josef's ugly crooked face. Josef asked why do you do this young boy, then Dragoslav replies that he hasn't been a young boy since he 13. Josef, enraged punches him in the face, Josef then says I'll kill you in front of your father's faces. Dragan who is enraged, roared tell me wheres my father or I'll kill you. Josef then said you're not in a position to be yelling threats. Dragoslav stabs both of men holding him his blades then chases after Josef, Drago then grabs his Mosin-Nagant and then shoots Josef in the head. He later says how Josef acts tough but inside and outside he is a weakling. Then one of the remaining guards tell him how they have a templar who helps Aldrich and his name is Stanisław Wyspiański and he is probably from Kraków, Austria-Hungary. After this the templar sets off a fire which explodes the factory. Dragoslav got out of there from the skin of his teeth but he was heavily injured and rode towards the Assassin's hideout.

When he returned the the other assassin's respected him more, when Drago was first an assassin, they treated him as an outsider becuase of his dreams of being an architect but now he is an assassin that even his allies fear and they respect him because of that. He called for a doctor and rested in bed for months until he was ready to hunt Wyspiański. When he fully recovered, the Mentor told him to be careful if he is going to continue his search for his father. In November 17th, 1907 he left for Austria-Hungary to kill Stanisław. When he made it he notice how big and vibrant the city of Kraków. In the reports about Stanisław Wyspiański it notes of how he is an architect, something that Drago always wanted to be. He then goes the Wyspiański's little cottage, when he made it the cottage he noticed how it is unguarded, he goes inside the cottage to see Stanisław dying of Syphilis. Stanisław says I'll talk if you kill me, Dragoslav asked why do you wish for death, Wyspiański replied by saying that he is already dying slowly and painfully and wants Drago to end the pain. Dragoslav says as you wish and then asks him about his father, the templar says the next targets are Karl Keitel and Franz Leicherr. He shot Stanisław in the head with his Nagant M1895 and says how he doesn't respect his ideals but respects the him.

In May 31st, 1908, Drago rides for Bosnia and Herzegovina to rescue his father. In June 5th, 1908 he made it to a city called Mostar, which is in a region named Herzegovina (Bosnia and Herzegovina are both regions, but together, they're a country). He finds a well that leads to somewhere underground, he jumps down and with his lighter lights a torch. He then travels the underground tunnels, to find the 2 templars, Dragolav remembers how it has been 3 years since he has seen his father's face, that he has troubles remembering it. When he found a lever he pulled it which led to a staircase that lead downstairs. He then drops the torch and stomp on the fire so he couldn't be seen. When he keeps going down he hear sounds from templars talking to and teasing his father. Keitel said how it's been almost 3 years and his father hasn't talked and we should just kill him and the Leicherr said shut up you idiot, he might be useful after the years we wasted on this stain. Enraged, Dragoslav gets out of the stairs and throws the rope dart in Leicherr's neck, while Leicherr chokes to death, Dragoslav throws a throwing knife at Keitel's mouth. Leicherr then dies from the rope dart, Dragoslav looks at the blood all over his father and asked if he was okay, his father said I'm alright. They escaped and killed the remaining templars. After they escaped, his father said I haven't seen you for a long time, looks like I have to make up for all this time, and he finished by saying it's also you're birthday. Dragoslav then said, yeah and did you know I killed 8 templars including them since you were gone. Proud, his father, said you killed 10 templars in less then 4 years, that's amazing. When they returned home, Dragoslav was promoted to Assassin (Rank 10) by the Mentor and all the Serbian Assassins welcomed back Drago's father. Dragoslav and his father took a small break after this.

The AnnexationEdit

In October 6th, 1908, an 18 year old Dragoslav and his father talk to each other about their work. His father said to him that after everything that he went through he should stop being assassin, he wishes his son to never be tortured like him. Drago responded by saying I chose this life and I will fight until every last templar is dead or if die by my last breath. His father accepted this, and they returned to their old home in Belgrade. When they returned, the assassins dropped a flower for Dragoslav's dead mother, they went inside their house, just to find a stranger. Dragoslav points his blade at the stranger's neck. The stranger shows that he is an assassin by showing his hidden blades. Dragoslav apologizes, then asks what makes you come here. He said his name was Ismail Mehmedović, he is an assassin of the Bosnian Assassins, he also said he was born in May 6th 1891. He then said that the Bosnian Assassins need help because of the Bosnian Crisis that just started. He told the two Serbian Assassins that the Austrian Templars are trying to destory the Bosnian Assassin Brotherhood and make Bosnia and Herzegovina apart of Austria-Hungary. With no haste the trio ride to Bosnia, another adventure starts.

When they arrived to Bosnia, they were greeted by a Russian Assassin, named Aleksandr Ivanovich (No I did not spell Aleksandr wrong). He tells them he was born in January 1st, 1892, and he loves Dragoslav's works in Serbia. He said that a Hungarian Templar is trying to find a way to make Bosnia apart of Austria-Hungary and his name was János Lakatos (Pronounced Ya-nos). Sadly, Aleksandr doesn't know in which city Lakatos is in. So they use the Bosnian Assassin's to track down the Templar. They got a report from the Herzegovinian Assassin's that János is in Mostar, Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In June 20th, 1909 They make there way to Herzegovina, when they make it they find another assassin that will help them, Ismail said that his name is Bakir Insko, he was born in August 9th, 1894. Insko and Mehmedović, led the way to his hideout, Dragoslav then said why don't they combine themselves to make one big Assassin's Guild because they're basically in the same country. Bakir responded by saying that we don't get along, but we'll try to convince our mentors. They got inside the Hideout, they found the templar with tons of soldiers covering him. Then Ivanovich, Dragoslav's father, Insko and Mehmedović chase him kill the soldiers while Drago chases Lakatos. Lakatos runs in room with a door of steel, Drago uses his mini Grenade Launcher to shoot down the door, which crushes Lakatos. Dragoslav asked them if our job was done, but the Bosnian Assassin said they're 2 more assassin's to kill. Waiting for information for their 2nd target they rest.

In September 19th, 1909, Dragoslav gets new weapons from Tesla, which is a mini flamethrower connected to the wrist that cannot be taken off by water and he also got a hidden dart gun which can kill a target without you getting detected. The 5 assassins try to discover the next target, after no news of the two templars, the assassin's trained the Bosnian and Herzegovinian Assassins. They had trouble convincing the mentors of both Assassin guilds to join together to make one big brotherhood that the templars will have a hard time destroying, this is the fact they hated each others guts, they probably even hated each other more than the templars. In September 9th, 1909, after the Bosnian Crisis an informant told them that the templars are hiding in Sarajevo, Austria-Hungary. They're names were Alois Aehrenthal, who caused the Bosnian Crisis and his assistant Paul Murnau, a viscious Austro-Hungarian torturer. They rode Sarajevo as quickly as they can so they can prevent these madman to cause another crisis. When they made it to the city of Sarajevo they found Murnau and followed him to his Boss, Alois. When they made it in the house where they were making there plans, Dragoslav shot a templar guard with his hidden dart gun, then he used the back entrance. He got caught by a templar, he burned the templar with his flamethrower. He sneaks through the courtyard and makes it in the house. The other assassins follow him, they found both of the templars but it was a trap. They were surrounded by templars who had Luger P08's (Short for Luger P 1908) and KAR 98K's (Short for Karabiner 1898 Kurz). The assassin threw a smoke bomb down in the floor and killed the templars, Dragoslav saw Aehrenthal escape but tackled Paul to the ground. He asked Paul where is the Count going but he said I don't know, Paul overpowered Dragoslav, but the assassin burns him with the flamethrower. Paul burns to death while rolling around the ground to try to take off the fire. The house starts to set on fire but they escaped in time and the house exploded. They return to Bosnia and Herzegovina to find out that both mentors set aside their differences and combine the brotherhood. Dragoslav thought they failed, killed Paul to late and the Alois is escaped, but Ismail said they didn't, we still have the Bosnian and Herzegovinian Assassin's and the only thing they won was Bosnia. Dragoslav who started to cheer up continued the hunt for Alois.

It's February 1st, 1912, 3 years since Dragoslav arrived to Bosnia and Herzegovina, a 21 year Dragoslav drank a bottle beer becuase he was happy to find where the coward Alois was hiding. He found out he was hiding in a giant city in Serbia to destroy the Serbian and Russian economy so he and the templars can conquer these world superpowers. He drove by car to Serbia by himself so he can finish what happened all those years back. He said bye to his father, Ivanovich and the Bosnian and Herzegonian assassins. He drove their as fast as he can but he had to follow the traffic laws so he doesn't get caught by the police. He remembers it has been 7 years since he killed his first target, a German and in 4 years he turned into a full fledged assassin, know he is considered one of the best. After Alois and Dragoslav's encounter 2 years ago, he knows now he must be very careful, he must swift and quick nobody must know he is there. In February 17th, 1912 he made it to the town, he loaded his rifle and revolver with bullets, his grenade launcher with grenades, flamethrower with a flame canister and some darts for his hidden dart gun. He went inside the city of Pristina, it was big and vibrant, the night sky was beautiful. The assassin thought this place was heaven but he knew he wasn't there for that. He found the Count's hideout in a villa. He snook through he ran-assassinate two men in once and hide them in a haystack. He then climbs up the the villa to get inside the highest window. He snook through the window and found the Count's room. He noticed how it had guards covering it, he probably thought that Dragoslav wouldn't be here but he was dead wrong. He then opens the door and wants the templar to talk about what he is doing. The templar said that the Templars, the whole country of Austria-Hungary and him want to destroy Serbia to destroy the Serbian Assassins. He said how they have been annoying the templars since 1904 (The year Drago did his first assassination). Dragoslav then said wouldn't that cause a World War becuase Russia will defend Serbia and Russia is allies with France and the British Empire. Dragoslav also said that Austria-Hungary is allies with Germany also, the Count shook his head and laughed. Dragoslav told him may no one remember him, then shoots him with hidden dart gun. Dragoslav sneaks out of their alive and told the Bosnian and Herzegovinian Assassins that he is dead. Now that Bosnia safe, he and his father return home to be awarded by the the Mentor of the Serbian Assassins, now Dragoslav is an Assassin, Rank 5 (Rank 14) now he is one rank behind his father (Who is a Master Assassin). Dragoslav then took some time to be a teacher to some assassins.

The BalkansEdit

In October 8th, 1912, a 22 year old Dragoslav notices the start of the Balkan War (A war between the Ottoman Empire and the Balkan League which comprises of Serbia, Montenegro, Greece and Bulgaria). He notices how the war was started by the Ottoman Templar named Hussein Nazim Pasha (Pasha is the Ottoman equivalent of Lord). The Mentor and his father then send him to assassinate Nazim Pasha, he travels to his house (Which he bought during 1908) to get his equipment. He then meets Ismail again, who knows he is going after Hussein Nazim. Ismail, who is a Major in the Serbian Army, gives Drago a position in the Serbian Army as a 2nd Lieutenant who can command a platoon of soldiers (Which means he can command 25 to 63 soldiers). Dragan, who is eager to see the battlefield for the first time, accepts, but before Dragan can leave, Ismail told him he can't be wearing his assassin outfit and has to wear standard Officer Serbian outfits. Dragoslav still accepts and waits for battle, he recruits 25 Serbian Assassins to join the Serbian Army because he was already equipped with 38 trained soldiers. He trains the assassins to be the perfect soldiers in the battlefield until battle comes. In October 23rd, 1912, the Battle of Kumanovo starts, the lieutenant and his men charge to a street. The assassins and his soldiers shoot at the Ottomans providing cover for the lieutenant so he can assassinate Ahmed Pasha who is a Templar. Dragoslav shoots his Steyr-Mannlicher M1895 (Means Steyr-Mannlicher M 1895) at the Ottoman soldiers. He killed 5 soldiers already and reloads, he commands his soldiers to charge and shoot, one of the Serbian soldiers died, by getting shot in the face. Mad, Dragoslav charges shoots his Steyr-Mannlicher M1895 at 3 other men who died. In October 24th, 1912, when the Lieutenant got closer to Ahmed Pasha with his soldiers, they all fired at them, Ahmed got shot and killed by the Lieutenant who saw the Ottomans retreat. Vojvoda (Warlord) Radomir Putnik congratulated Dragoslav of helping to win this battle and named him a hero.

Dragoslav Nikolić leading his men to charge against the Turkish soldiers

November 5th, 1912, the Battle of Prilep starts to end, Dragoslav (Who has been fighting the battle since November 3rd) decides to advance so he can kill the new templar Korkut Pasha. Dragoslav order the troops to advance and kill any Ottomans in sight. The Lieutenant changed his Steyr-Mannlicher M1895 for a French Berdan Rifle. He then takes another one to dual wield them and shoots 2 Ottomans with them (Who later die because of infection), he then reloads both rifles (Which took 20 seconds each). He then orders his troops to call in the artellery which kills about 70 Ottomans in the battle. He then runs up behind a tree, then shoots another 2 Ottoman soldiers (One of which die from an instant shot in the head which was rare back then and the other bleeds out and cries for a medic). He then finishes the bleeding soldier with his trusty Nagant 1895. Reloading his two rifles and the Nagant 1895 (Which this time took aroung 45 seconds), he then orders his troops to advance. After the Ottoman soldiers defenses are thin he orders his soldiers to charge and cover him while he gets on his horse and rides to Korkut Pasha, he shoots him in the heart with luck, then he orders his troops to finish the rest of the Ottomans. After a couple of minutes, the Serbians won the battle but now they lost 2 men in battle. They ride for Monastir to tell General Petar Bojović the successful outcome of their battle.

In November 16th, 1912, Lieutenant Dragoslav made it to Monastir but they were to late, a battle started named the Battle of Monastir, he saw explosions blowing up men into pieces who were from both sides and bullets flying everywhere looking for a young person to kill. When he made it to General Petar Bojović, he told him about the victory in Prilep, the General congratulate the 2nd lieutenant for his victory and asked him if he can help him defeat the Ottomans in this battle. The lieutenant agreed that he'll help, he noticed the man comanding part of the Ottoman soldiers was Fethi Pasha, a well respected high rank of the Ottoman Empire. The next day (November 17th, 1912) the battle continued and he told his troops to move forward, he was using a Serbian Mauser rifle. He shot an enemy in the leg who fell down, then he shot him again in the chest to end his life. Then he orders his troops to flank some enemies, he then shot another soldier who died instantly, he then orders his troops to rest their. In November 18th, 1912, he orders his troops to advance and shoot at the same time, he saw 4 of his men die because of artillery fire, he orders his troops to crouch or prone down in the ground so they can have better acuracy and the enemies will have a harder time to shoot them. Dragoslav saw 2 men run towards him in a line, he shot one bullet which goes through the first soldier and kills the second soldier with the first soldier, the lieutenant then reloads. Dragoslav ordered them to fire more artellery to get the coward Fethi out of his hideout. The plan worked, but they waited for a day for Fethi to meet them atleast 50 meters apart. The next day (November 19th, 1912) Fethi got out of his hiding place and torments the Serbians by saying they can't kill him. Calmly, Dragoslav shoots Fethi's guard then shoots Fethi with his Serbian Mauser, Fethi's guard dies quickly while Fethi is confused. Dragoslav returns to the General saying that they won the battle, the General sends the Lieutenant to help Serbia and Montenegro in Scutari.

In January 30th, 1913, The Siege of Scutari is fought now in the winter, Dragoslav fought their since November 30th, 1912 (Which is two months of fighting), he also found out the first day he came to Scutari that a templar named Hasan Riza Pasha is here and has troubles finding him in the battlefield. So far eight of Dragoslav's men have been killed in the Siege of Scutari, after Dragoslav is done resting know he and his man hunt for Hasan Riza Pasha. With his new Fusil Gras mle 1874 M80 rifle he traded for his previous Serbian Mauser rifle, which was a good trade because of the clip size of 10 rounds (Which is really great for situations against a Squad or a Fireteam). He then shot 4 men with his new rifle, one of the men died from a bleed out, the second got shot but he was bleeding slowly so the lieutenant hit him with the butt of his rifle, the 3rd got his lungs punctured so he couldn't breath and the fourth was shot in the head which was highly effective. He commanded his soldiers to call in the artillery and charge at the enemy. Hiding behind a big piece of debris, the Lieutenant reloaded his rifle and charged with his soldiers. After the Lieutenant scouted the area he found Hasan, who was covered by his soldiers. He then charges at Riza with his soldiers and yells attack, Riza Pasha, who is running away is shot down with Dragoslav's rifle. At the end of this, he noticed how the battle is not finished, he still asks Prince Nikola if he can go to Andrianople to help the Serbians and the Bulgarians, the Prince accepted and said he better come back alive.

In March 26, 1913, The Battle of Adrianople is coming to an end but Dragoslav still has one templar in his list, Hussein Nazim Pasha is hiding somewhere in the battlefield, afraid of the assassin's platoon. Drago has been fighting since February 10th, 1913 (For a month, sixteen days and a couple of hours). Since the platoon has join the Battle of Adrianople, 23 died for Serbia, the 26 alive including the Lieutenant are all assassins. Using his old and trusty Mosin Nagant he and his troops battled the Ottomans with Stepa Stepanović. In his head Dragan wonders where is the coward Hussein Nazim, then he thought he might be behind the troops. With his Mosin Nagant he shoots 5 men and they died almost instantly or they bled to death with agonizing pain. He later reloads the clip (The Mosin Nagant has 5 bullets per clip, which is normal for Bolt-Action Rifles). He then orders his troops to flank, use artillery, charge while firing at the enemy. The enemy who is scared and bombarded by the 26 men and backup that they can't hold their ground. Some of them retreated (Most of them got shot by their own Officer), others died in battle or comitted suicide while most of them surrendured. Dragoslav yells where is Hussein but then asks where is Nazim to a general. The general pointed at him who was trying to flee, Dragoslav shoots and kills Nazim Pasha with his Mosin-Nagant. He was later thanked by Stepa Stepanović for helping him win the war, when he went to the Serbian Base, Ismail and his superiors promoted Dragoslav to the 1st Lieutenant. Dragoslav kept it if the Serbians needed help. He didn't return home yet because he wanted to recruit more soldiers for his Platoon and he also fought in some skirmishes so the Ottomans don't return.

The Traitor of the Balkans Edit

In June 29th, 1913, 23 year old Lieutenant/Assassin Dragoslav Nikolić is still helping the Serbian army. He recruits 38 men to his company because of the loss of the many soldiers in the platoon. He trains these men to be the best out their, then he gets a report from Major/Assassin Ismail. He said that Bulgaria unsatisfied with the land they got they attacked the previous Balkan League. The Captain who is surprised tells the Major are the Templars leading them. The Major said that 2 Templars caused the attack. The Captain asked if they have new allies, Ismail said that Romania is helping them so is the Ottoman Empire. Major said that they have now high ranking assassins in the Ottoman Empire. The Captain gets prepared for battle against the Bulgarians. In June 30th, 1913, the Battle of Bregalnica, Dragoslav is talking to Putnik and Bojović about how defeat they're previous ally. Dragoslav is told by Ismail that Mikhail Kopochev is a templar who started the battle. In July 8th, 1913, the battle still rages on, but Dragoslav now knows where is Mikhail. Dragoslav shoots and kills five Bulgarians in the battlefield, he is complemented by an assassin how good a shot he is. Dragoslav thanked him, Dragoslav reloaded his trusty Mosin-Nagant and ordered the troops to flank the enemy and call in artillery. He and soldiers closed in on Kopochev, Kopochev and his troops try to escape, the Bulgarians shot back and killed four of the Captain's soldiers. The Captain shoots a Bulgarian trying to shoot him, the soldier missed by a couple of inches, then he shoots Kopochev in the head which ends his life. Dragoslav returns to Bojović and Putnik to talk to them about they're victory, they also talked about the Serbian failure in Knjaževac. It looks like the Serbian Assassin met his match in the battlefield. The assassin was advised to go to Pirot to handle the Bulgarians their.

In July 21st, 1913, the Captain meets Stepa Stepanović in Pirot, Stepa was disappointed in Dragoslav's failures in Knjaževac and Kalimanci. The Captain said he won't fail this time, he orders his troops to kill the Bulgarians while charging and using artillery on them. The Captain shot and killed five soldiers then reloads, he then kills another three and shortly reloads after that, he know finds out that the new templar is Oskar Markov. Dragoslav makes his way to Oskar while his soldiers covers him and try crumble the Bulgarian Army. Dragoslav, then orders them to chase the Bulgarians. When the Bulgarians stoped running they shot at them, some of the soldiers in the company died leaving 25 soldiers including the Captain. The Assassin who is not going to give up orders his company to fire back at them until they crumble. The Bulgarians where crumbling, then Markov shows his face and wants to do give up but Dragoslav picks up his Mosin-Nagant and shoots the templar in the head. The Bulgarians retreat after this and lose the battle. Dragoslav returns to a proud Stepa who said that Drago isn't loosing his touch. Know that the Serbians won the war, Dragoslav goes to the Serbian base and is promoted to Captain. Drago then takes a break from the Serbian Army and goes back home. His dad and mentor wanted to know what took so long if you kill him a long time ago. Drago responded by saying they had templars in Bulgaria also. Drago then tells them how he joined the Serbian Army and how he commanded several battles himself.

1914, The Beginning of HellEdit

In June 6th, 1914, A 24 year old Dragoslav Nikolić is ready to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria (A templar who is bent on helping the templars start a World War) and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenburg. His mentor and father tells him to go to Sarajevo, Austria-Hungary to assassinate him. Dragoslav is also getting help from Cvjetko Popović, Danilo Ilić, Trifko Grabež, Nedeljko Čabrinović and Gavrilo Princip (The assassins in the second paragraph in Birth of An Assassin). Veljko Čubrilović, Vaso Čubrilović, Erich Marx, Muhamed Mehmedbašić, Miško Jovanović and Vladimir Gaćinović were recruited. Dragoslav got 2 hidden blades connected to his feet by Tesla, so it can help in tight situations. Together group made Young Bosnia, the leader is Dragoslav of course. They rode to Sarajevo, to prevent another Balkan War, when they made it to Sarajevo they stayed their for a few days until it's the 28th of June, 1914 where Franz and his wife ride around the city with a parade. The day came, they prepare their weapons and blend across the street waiting until the carriage passed. Before Archduke Ferdinand made it to Latin Bridge, Vaso tried to throw a grenade at the carriage but he failed and the parade continued, Dragoslav told Princip to shoot at Sophie while shoots at Archduke Franz, while Gravilo shot and killed Duchess Sophie, Dragoslav shot and killed Franz with his Nagant M1895. Now the crowd panicked running everywhere, the guards where chasing the assassins but they escaped, now hiding in an alleyway, some of the assassins show they're true intentions. All of the assassins in Young Bosnia (Except for Dragoslav, Vaso and Vladimir) are actually templars. Cvjetko and Erich (Erich is the leader) explains how they're helping to start a World War (Or another Balkan War) so the templars can gain dominance. They even said even if they didn't kill Franz the war wiould start anyway because of how Austria-Hungary hates Serbia. Cvjetko and Marx shoots Vaso, Dragoslav and Vladimir, Vaso and Vladimir were healed and captured by the police for interrogation. while they leave Drago thinking it's to late. All the traitors where captured by the police and are going to get set to death. One month later, Nikolić is healed and wakes from coma, the woman who saved his life was Milena Aachen (Part Serbian and Part German), he thanked her and asked where is he. She told him he is at Belgrade, Serbia, the woman said she is part of the Assassins Order also, and told him how the assassination triggered the Great War (Now known as World War I). Dragan leaves the bed and talks to his mentor and father, he told them about what happened and told them that even if we did kill him World War I would've started, he also notices how grew a beard during the coma. For Dragan's heroic deeds he became a Master Assasin, he later finds out even theough the Shard can defltect bullets, the bullet Muhammed used wasn't made out of metal. Dragan now having access to the Apple of Eden, puts the Shard in the Apple in a hole, it takes away all of Dragan's scars and makes him look younger. After this Dragoslav writes this in his journal along of the information about his targets and his personal life.

In August 1st, 1914, Major/Assassin Ismail is now a Master Assassin and gives Dragoslav 199 men for his Platoon. Captain Dragoslav and Ismail will fight in Cer with both of their platoons (Which adds to four hundred and 50 men), Dragoslav puts on his Shard of Eden, finally Ismail noticed how his friend has a beard but looks younger then before. They travel to Cer, to fight with Radomir, Stepa and a new general named Pavle. In August 15th, 1914, they joined the battle and help the Generals against the Austro-Hungarian army. In the first day the Captain and Major ordered they're troops to charge and hide in the trenches while they shoot, Dragoslav shot and killed 3 men with his Mosin-Nagant rifle, they all died quickly. Now it's August 24th, 1914 and they keep charging to the enemy until they retreat, the enemy retreats to Drina with the Templar Franz Valjevo. Dragan says he'll cut them off at Kolubara while Ismail continues to Drina. After the failure in Drina the battle in Kolubara starts in December 3rd, 1914, 2 days later, the battle still rages on but they now know if they keep advancing they'll find Franz. After advance 8 men lost their lives in Dragoslav company. They order artillery, they blow up the enemy to pieces, they see Valjevo charging with his soldiers at the trench Dragoslav is in. Valjevo knocks him to the ground but Dragoslav kicks him his hidden blades which are attached to his feet. A couple of hours later the Austro-Hungarian soldiers retreat from Serbia, now Dragoslav is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel with Ismail. Now he travels to the Falklands near ship to kill the Templar Maximillian von Spee.

In December 8th, 1914, the Lieutenant Colonel is in a British Boat which will attack Maximillian's armored cruiser. He shoots down with his british crew members two light cruisers (One of the light cruisers survived), the explosions were giant and loud that a person from another planet can hear it. The Lieutenant Colonel shoots three transports that are trying to escape death but the transports (One of the three transports survived) fail and sink to their death. Now he see's Von Spee's Armored Cruiser and another armored cruiser, he shoots the second armored cruiser with the Navy which destroys the ship, because the armored cruiser was going to the left of Spee's armored cruiser it crashed in it and caused an explosion, though Spee and his crew mates survived and still can drive the armored cruiser. The assassin dives in the water and swims to the armored cruiser where he climbes up and kills the crew mates, while he chase the templar through the deck, parts of the ship start to explode which makes it harder to travel the deck, the assassin climbs up the mast while chasing him and air assassinates him. Then he does a swan dive out of the armored cruiser. He swims to an island where he is waiting for assassin pickup from a Bi-Plane, Milena Vuković saved him with the Bi-Plane and they return to Serbia after they're massive victory.

1915, Traitors Be GoneEdit

In January 20th, 1915, it looks like Austria-Hungary left Serbia permanently but that's not the case anymore, their now planning to invade again. Now that Dragoslav have no battles to fight, the mentor orders him to kill 3 of the 8 traitors that betrayed the brotherhood during the Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. He asked Milena Vuković (Around Christmas she became his girlfriend) where is the prison, and which templars does it hold. Milena said it near Sarajevo and it holds Veljko Čubrilović, Danilo Ilić and Miško Jovanović. Now Vuković and Nikolić kisses, but Milena wants to help though, so Dragoslav lets her come. They travel to Austria-Hungary by car, when they made it they looked at the fortress in awe and climbed it, they freeran carefully to the 3 templars cell. When Drago was almost going to get caught by a guard, Milena stabbed the guard in the back, Dragoslav thanked her. When they made it to the cell they find how they're empty and how theyre escaping right now. They chased them, Milena shot Miško Jovanović with her rifle, but she only hit his leg so they captured him while the others escaped. She asked Miško where are they going, he said they're going back to Bosnia and Herzegovina, she then assassinated Jovanović by stabbing him with her hidden blade. Now that they know where they're going they get in the car to chase them down. After it rained, they missed the two templars because of the fog, so they just went straight to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

They made it to Bosnia and Herzegovina, they stopped at a strange town, they drove to fast to see what's the name of the town, they stop at a bar to get a meal, this man asks Dragoslav if he fought in the Balkan Wars, Dragoslav said yes, he said he fough as a Serbian Lieutenant. The man who is mad said that he was a Bulgarian Corporal, and he said Serbia and Greece are the worst scum in the earth. Another man said that Bulgarians are scum too, he admitted he was a Ottoman Seargent. The men get in a bar fight, which Dragoslav beats them both to a pulp, because of the crowds mad reaction they started to do a full scale bar fight, Dragoslav and Milena left as fast as they can and luckily stole some food and drinks without getting caught. They then continue they're drive to another strange town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then Drago asks how many templars Milena killed she said 12 while Drago said 23 (Milena was born in February 17th, 1892 in the same city as Dragoslav). So they prepare for the assassination and free-run in the rooftops to find the templars easily. When they stopped for a while to catch a breath he told her he is also in the Serbian Army, suprised she asks him if she can see battle herself, he said maybe. Then they found an old mansion that is said to be haunted, they go inside to rest but they here noises. They noises turn out to be Danilo Ilić and Veljko Čubrilović arguing about leaving Miško to die by the assassins. When the assassins came out of their hiding spot they scared the living daylights out of the templars. Dragoslav assassinates Veljko without him knowing while Danilo threw a smoke bomb and escaped. Čubrilović, with his dying breath says that Danilo is going back Austria-Hungary to get the other templars out of hiding, shortly Čubrilović dies. They later drive back to Austria-Hungary, with the bodies of Miško and Veljko.

It's February 1st, 1915, 2 days before the templars are going to get supposedly executed (And it's also 16 days before Milena's birthday) they drive towards Graz, Austria-Hungary, the city where Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was born. They talk about what they're going to do with the bodies, Dragoslav says they should throw it back at the prison when they're should be supposedly executed for their crimes. Dragoslav, then laughs because he thinks that the use of Kingdoms, Kings, Queens and Archdukes are useless, because they put to much power in one man, they can be corrupt for all he knows, his girlfriend agrees and keep driving forward. When they made it to the city of Gras, it looked a little empty, maybe it was because of the death of their beloved Archduke, or was it the Great War with loved ones getting killed, like sons, fiancés and husbands, Dragoslav might of been the killer of some of them, maybe not, but it did bother, the sooner they were out, the better for Dragoslav. They parked at in alleyway and continued the search of Danilo Ilić by foot. Then they found him walking to another alleyway mumbling things to himself. Dragoslav walks behind him whithout Danilo knowing, when they made it to the alley way, he stabs Danilo in the back and asks Ilić why did help assassinate Franz and Sophie. Ilić rsponded by saying, they stopped surpporting the templars and were only working for fame, the Grand Master Wilhelm II ordered it. Dragoslav then asked where is Wilhelm II, Danilo, in his last dying breath says I don't know. Milena hides him with the other templars, they drove back to the prison and dropped the bodies in their cell. When the guards checked they noticed the bodies are already dead. From a letter he stole from Danilo, it says that Muhammed escaped the police and is hiding somewhere in Europe. Milena and Dragoslav travelled back to their home and rest their until they were needed.

1916, The Hunt for The Eight TemplarsEdit

In January 23rd, 1916, a 25 year-old Dragoslav and a group of assassins, including Ismail and Milena are going to assassinate Nedeljko Čabrinović. They sneak into a prison with the unnamed assassins covering them by doing Arrow Storm. They stealthily freerun to get to their destination, they stabbed and killed guards that almost detect them. They hurried before he was transported to another prison (which means they failed). So when they found him in his cell they questioned where is the next templar. Čabrinović said the next one is Hugo von Pohl (A German Admiral, who wants the templars to control the sea). Dragoslav assassinate Nedeljko swiftly by stabbing him in the lungs. The left as soon as they come and went to Hugo von Pohl's residence where he is resting because of a disease he contracted during his service. In February 23rd, 1916 (A month after the death of Nedeljko) they cover Dragoslav so he can get to Hugo. He sneaks inside the templar's house without getting caught and finds the templar in his deathbed. He quickly stabs Von Pohl in the face with his trusty hidden blade and they leave without his wife or guards knowing. They later hunt for Helmuth von Moltke the Youger and Max Immelmann.

In 18th June, 1916, a 26 year old Dragoslav has planted a bomb to Max Immelmann's Bi-plane and it'll go off Immelmann flies for about 30 minutes (Dragoslav did this because in the same day Helmuth von Moltke the Younger and Max Immelmann are doing something different in different areas in Europe. Ismail later calls to say that Immelmann died with his plane, then Dragoslav said Max always wanted to die with his plane. He then continues to stalk Helmuth wno looks like he is waiting for another templar in Berlin or something. Tired Dragoslav prepares his gun for Von Moltke and aims at him. He could've shot Von Moltke the Younger but a man got in his way so he to continue following him. Helmuth the Younger then stops at an underground railway in Berlin, Germany that can be a perfect base for the coward Templars. He then aims his gun but then remembers to make the kill in incognito so he then use his Hidden Dart Gun on him. He later leaves the underground railway and signs off four templars off his list of templars to kill. He later adds Franz Josef I (Who later finds out if Archduke Otto of Austria's older brother), Ali Dinar (From Darfur) and Nikola Enver Pasha (Ottoman general with German and Bulgarian heritage), Dragoslav and Ismail prepare for War again while they bring Milena because of a promise Dragoslav made.

In September 12th, 1916, the Monastir Offensive starts, now that Dragoslav and Ismail are Lieutenant Colonels tthey can lead a battalion of soldiers (300 to 1,300 soldiers) Dragoslav recruits 1,220 best soldiers in the Serbian Army. They travel to Monastir to talk to Petar Bojović, who told them were the coward Pasha was. Now that they have 2 Battalions (2,600 soldiers) they had a easier time in battle then before. Now the Lieutenant Colonel test the Berthier Rifle in battle, the Lieutenant Colonel was hoping it doesn't turn out like the battles of 1915 (The Serbians lost all the battles in that year). Lieutenant Colonel Dragoslav Nikolić shot and killed five of the Austro-Hungarians, Bulgarians, and the Germans in the battlefield and then reloaded his Berthier rifle. Milena helped in the battlefield also by shooting artillery at the enemies wo they can't advance. In October 30th, 1916, also known as the day before Halloween. They know where Nikola is, the coward Nikola Enver is hiding behind behind his soldiers. A thousand of Lieutenant Colonel Nikolić's soldiers died because of Enver Pasha and of him being a coward. So then the Lieutenant Colonels and Milena find Enver and chase but then Enver grabbed Milena and used her as a shield so he can't die. Though Nikolić aims the Berthier rifle at Pasha, Pasha says he is crazy and will kill Milena but Nikolić perfectly killed Pasha by shooting his head. In December 11, 1916 the offensive is finished and the Serbians win and Lieutenant Colonels got promoted to full Colonels but they left in October 30th because of a hurry to kill Ali Dinar.

The three assassins travel to Sultanate of Darfur to kill Ali Dinar (A major templar). When they made it to Darfur, it was a sandy place (of course it was a desert). They saw few plants and water, that's why they brang tons of water from their trip. They made it to a campsite and they were welcomed and they ate and stopped their, they asked where is the Sultan. The refugees say he is North from their area, after they rest and slept they traveled up North from the camp and found tons of templars including Ali. Milena shot a templar with her revolver, while the other two charge at Sultan Ali, Sultan Dinar began to run away while they were chasing him. Tired of it, Nikolić shoots Dinar with his Nagant N1895 five times until he falls down and dies. They take his papers which says Franz Josef I is at Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna (Which is also his birth place) and it says that Grigori Rasputin is helping the templars. They quickly travel to Vienna to stop Otto's older brother, Franz Josef.

They made it to Vienna by boat and noticed how it's a beautiful city and good for a vacation, but they know they're not in Vienna for that. Dragoslav was also thinking about Konstantin Zhostov (A templar Dragoslav killed between the time of Ali Dinar and Franz Josef I, which I thought was inimportant to tell what happened) Dragoslav thinks this might be a trap so Franz Josef I of Austria can get his revenge on him. It has been 10 years since he has killed Otto and he saw the changes in him in physical appearence and psycologically. It's now November 21st, 1916 and this day will be the day Franz will the die Dragoslav thought in his head when gets closer to Schönbrunn Palace. They sneak into the back window to not get caught by his guards (Elite Templars), they sneaked their way into Josef's room without getting caught. When they went inside Franz Josef was scared but then called Dragoslav a bastard for killing his younger beloved brother. The Franz said, assassin if I one wish is that you die with me, Dragoslav then said I can't make promises then says where is Grigori Rasputin, Franz Josef said he is in Saint Petersburg Russia. Dragoslav stabbed him in the brain and said please meet your brother in peace, but then Karl I of Austria/Karl IV of Hungary(Charles I/Charles IV, the son of Otto) says die you bastards for killing his Father and Uncle, before Karl can shoot them with his pistol they escape and travel to Saint Petersburg, Russia. When they made it to Russia they were greeted by Felix Yusupov and an old friend Aleksandr Ivanovich. The five look for Grigori Rasputin. They find him leaving his house so then Aleksandr, slits his throat, but because he has the Ankh and the Staff of Eden, he survived and pushed Aleksandr in the ground. Then Felix shoots him in the abdomen, he still doesn't die, Ismail headshots him but he still doesn't die. Milena threw a grenade at him that only damaged a part of his skin, then Dragoslav lured him to a cold river and steals the Ankh and Staff of Eden from him. Then he throws him is the cold river where he drowns not before he Aleksandr in the heart. Using the Apple of Eden and Shard of Eden he found of Boltzmann's dead body, he attaches the two and uses it to heal Aleksandr before he dies, Aleksandr survives but retires and wants to start a family and Felix thanks them for helping them kill the madman. The three return to Serbia to rest until they have a new assignment.

1917, The Perilious SkiesEdit

It's January 1st, 1917, Dragoslav is asked by his father to find the Austro-Hungarian Templar Grand Admiral Anton Haus and assassinate him, it is said that he has a list of a couple of other templars. His father also talked to him about the new Bi-Planes they're starting to use to fight the war and he should try them when he the chance. Dragoslav says he will some day and went to the city of Pola, Austria-Hungary. Making it there in February 2nd, 1917, he noticed military ships in Pola and he found wanted posters of himself because of the troubles he gave the templars and Central Powers. He knew before he finds and assassinates Grand Admiral Haus he must tear them all so the Austro-Hungarian navy and army won't find him. He tore most of them in the district but made sure that nobody heard and saw so he won't look suspicious. He made it to the Grand Admiral's house just to see it almost empty, he looked inside his room just to see him going to hit him with a baton, he dodges and hits Anton in the leg with his dagger. Haus, who is bleeding, grabs his gun just to find out it's empty so he grabbed his baton again and hit Drago in the head. Six days later, Dragoslav waked up and was dizzy for a couple of seconds until his vision starts to clear. He follows the blood trail to find Haus, when he got to the streets the blood trail was gone (Probably someone cleaned it) so he used his Eagle Vision to track him down. He made it to a hotel where Haus was hiding, he went to the fourth floor and saw Haus bleeding to death. To end his suffering, he stabs Haus in the neck with his blade. He later saw the list which names the list of the templars helping him. The names in the list were Kurt Wolff, Werner Voss, Karl Allmenröder and Karl Emil Schäfer who Dragoslav noticed were young fighter aces (Even younger than Dragoslav himself). Dragoslav then thought how they don't know what they're getting into, which was true, but he also saw the name Mata Hari, who was a Dutch exotic dancer. He went back to Serbia to tell his father the news.

It's February 3rd, 1917, the young assassin talks to his father about the list of templars. His father told him that he should send his assassins to assassinate one of the targets. Then his father told him to learn how to fly a plane also. Dragan send his assassins for Mata Hari and also get some help from the French Assassins. Ten days later the French Assassins and the Serbian Assassins found Mata Hari but she was arrested by the French Army. So Dragoslav later tells them to plan and he tells them he is going after Karl Schäfer. First he studied how to use a Bi-Plane, after he saw how they were great for travelling and fighting he thought it would be good for the Assassin Order but he knew the Order wasn't ready for it. Four months and 2 days later, in June 5th, 1917 (Drago's birthday) he thought this day was his only chance to get Karl so he started up the Bi-Plane and flew to Becelaere-Zandvoorde with the help of two British Assassins which were Lieutenant Thomas Lewis and Harold Satchell. He saw tons of enemy German/Templar planes and shot at them. He shot three of them with his mounted dual machine guns, his allies shot five of them who were on Dragoslav's tail, Dragoslav flies toward Emil and try to ram him but misses. Emil Schäfer shoots at him and hits one of the machine guns so Dragoslav shoots down a regular templar and Schäfer's Bi-Plane with his one mounted machine gun, which kills both of them. When the three assassins return to ground they search the wreckage to see if Schäfer is still alive, the templar had all bones in his body broken so he didn't survive. Dragoslav noticed that even though he hates killing those young men he needs to. He later hunts for Karl Allmenröder before going back to Serbia.

In June 8th, 1917, a 27 year old Dragoslav assigns informants which battle Karl will participate in. He just waits and sees if his assassins mission to kill Mata Hari is successful or not yet. He receives a letter from Ismail that he and the Assassins are trying to find a way to get in the prison, but he also says that Paris is a beautiful place though and the French Assassins also shows them nice landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. Ismail also tells him that Mata Hari is a Courtesan and they also had a time when Assassins and Courtesans worked together. Interested, Dragoslav researches more about the Order and finds out that the Order was founded by Adam and Eve. He also finds out that that Cain, the oldest son of Adam and Eve created the Templars and killed Abel for the Apple of Eden. Shocked with this new information, he now knows the Assassins inadvertently created the Templars. So know Dragoslav thinks it's his duty to rid the templars, and inpatiently waited until the informants arrive. In June 16th, 1917, the informants arrive to tell him he is going to fight in Zillebeke, Belgium, Dragoslav rushes out of the apartment he rented to go to Zillebeke. On 12:00 AM, June 27th, 1917, he arrives to Belgium to be greeted by the Belgian Assassins, they talk about Allmenröder and delivers Dragoslav a Bi-Plane. Dragan prepares the plane for combat and then starts the engine, when he flew he thought he saw the whole Belgian countryside but tries to find Allmenröder in the skies. Searching for him for 9 hours and 45 minutes he finally found him, he shoots down two German Bi-Planes but the two fighter aces use the parachute to get out of this jam. Luckily, their parachutes get hit by flaming pieces of their Bi Planes which burns the parachutes and kill the fighter aces. He then shoots the third German Bi-Plane which crashes down to a German trench which kills tons of German soldiers. Tired of Allmenröder's games, Dragoslav shoots at his left wing and his Bi-Plane goes spiraling, and then Dragoslav shoots at the wing which makes Allmenröder's Bi-Plane crashes into no man's land (Which is a territory that is between trenches and not captured by either forces in World War I), as Dragoslav saw it he called one of his assassins to check the body. When Dragoslav returned to his house in Serbia, he got a letter from one of his assassins that Allmenröder's is decayed and he is permanently dead. Dragoslav later asks for his father's approval to assassinate Kurt Wolff.

In June 30th, 1917, Dragoslav was searching for Wolff after getting his permission from his father. He also found out that the United States is joining the War after the Germans were helping the Mexicans in the Border War. This also meant that the American Assassins will help the European, African and Asian Assassin's with World War I. He then contacted the American Assassins, for their ressources to help find Wolff. They agreed, but they say they owe him a favor if the templars control the American Government. Dragoslav agreed to this also and waited until he gets some information in Wolff's location. He also send a letter to the French Assassins, so that Ismail and Milena can get it about if they killed Mata Hari yet. Two months later he got two letters, one about Mata Hari and another about Kurt Wolff. Dragoslav opened the one with Mata Hari first and they said how they transferred her to another prison right when they were going to assassinate her, and they continue to say how Mata Hari probably did something to go to another prison to avoid death. Dragoslav then opened the second letter which tells them that Kurt Wolff is arriving at Greifswald, Pomerania, Prussia with his Bi-Plane. Dragoslav finally got good news that day and calls for some help by a British Assassin named Norman MacGregor. Dragoslav then arrives to a small airbase near Greifswald to meet Norman MacGregor and prepare their Bi-Planes. When they flew off in September 15th, 1917, they search for Kurt around the airs of Greifswald. When they saw a battle raging on in the skies, they knew Kurt would be there. When they made it to battlezone they saw tons of Bi-Planes getting torn to pieces, blown up, and burned until they had no more pieces to see. Dragoslav shot eight men down with his mounted dual heavy machine guns, one of the men being Leutnant (Lieutenant) Carl von Schoenebeck. Seeing all eight planes blow up, MacGregor shoots two other Bi-Planes and then Wolff shoots down MacGregor's Bi-Plane. Dragoslav, seeing all of this shoots at Wolff and directly hits him in his body which makes giant wholes in his body. Then Dragoslav continues the job by blowing his Bi-Plane up for revenge, when Dragoslav landed, he searched for MacGregor's and Wolff's body. He finds MacGregor, who died with blood everywhere in his body, the assassin closes MacGregor's eye and says he earned his rest. Then he scavenged Wolff's destroyed Bi-Plane to see if he is dead. He saw Wolff dead and then forgives him knowing that it was the Templars choice not his. He later hunts for Werner Voss (Pronounced Verner) before going back to his home.

In September 16th, 1917, after finding out where Voss is he goes to North of Frezenberg, West Flanders, Flemish Region, Belgium. He drove to Belgium as fast as he can but notices how he made a big mistake not calling for help. He drives to the nearest town to stop for gas, some change and to call some Assassins to aide him in shooting down and killing Werner Voss. He stops at an unknown town out of the map, he gets some gas from a man who had plenty enough gas already. He then steals some change from some guards and sends a letter to British Assassin/ Captain James McCudden to bring his British, Australian and Canadian Assassins with him to kill Werner Voss. Then he travels towards Frezenberg with no stops. In September 22nd, 1917, he arrived at Frezenberg and meets the Assassins who were Captain James McCudden, Lieutenant Richard Maybery, Lieutenant Geoffrey Hilton Bowman, Captain Reginald Hoidge (Canadian), Lieutenant Arthur Rhys-Davids, Captain Keith Muspratt, Lieutenant V.P. Cronyn, Lieutenant Harold A. Hamersley (Australian) and Lieutenant Robert L. Chidlaw-Roberts. They get prepared for the battle and got inside their Bi-Planes and flew to find Werner, they finally found Voss the next day (Which is September 23rd, 1917) and shot at him and his fellow flying aces. Dragoslav shot eight Bi-Planes which went up in flames when he shot them, the other Assassins covered his back and each others so they don't get shot down. Dragoslav then shot down six Bi-Planes (Including Carl Menckhoff, who survived and died 31 years later. Also Carl is one of the phew Flying Aces older than Dragoslav) after they all fell down they all went for Voss who was trying to blow all of them out of the sky. Dragoslav, who was underneath Voss, shot at him. A smart Dragoslav got out of Voss' way and saw Voss crash into Plum Farm. When the Assassins landed, McCudden said that his flying was wonderful, his courage magnificent and in my opinion he was the bravest German airman whom it has been my privilege to see fight. While Rhys-Davies replied by saying if I could only have brought him down alive. Dragoslav then said if he didn't need to kill young men like him then this lifestyle would be easier. Dragoslav returns to his father to ask him if he can go to France to see if the Assassins are doing alright tracking down Mata Hari. His father accepted and he went to Paris, France in a hurry to help them kill Mata Hari.

In October 2rd, 1917, Dragoslav arrived to Paris, France and saw how beautiful the city is. He saw the Eiffel Tower and walk around being attracted to the amazing city. He wanted to live there all he cared, but when he was daydreaming a shady figure pickpocketed him, so Dragoslav chased him all around the city. They knocked down civilians and then took to the rooftops. The civilians saw them and were amazed of what they can do in the buildings. About when the thief was about to do a leap of faith he was tackled by Dragoslav, both of them fell in the haycart without getting injured. The thief revealed himself to be Ismail and wanted to surprise Dragoslav. Dragoslav and Ismail hugged each other happy to see to see each other. They went to the French Assassins' hideout where he met there mentor and his lover, Milena, who he kissed later. He later tells them the story of what happened when they were in France. After the story the continue trying to find where is the Mata Hari, they later found out that she was in the eastern suburb Vincennes. They also found out that she'll get executed by firing squad, netherless Dragoslav still wanted to see if anything will happen. So in October 15th, 1917, the Serbian and French Assassins made it to see the execution of Mata Hari (Real name is said to be Margaretha Geertruida 'M'greet" Zelle MacLeod. MacLeod was the name she got from her ex-husband Rudolf John MacLeod), they saw nothing wrong yet until they saw a mysterious looking figure looking at her and pass her. When the firing squad prepared to shoot, the guns were jammed and the lock in Mata Hari's handcuffs was broken. She tried to escape with a group of templars who saw the assassins and shot at them. The chased the group and shot back at the templars, most of the templars died except Mata Hari until Milena shoots her. They later find a sheet of paper that she is holding, it reveals that they have another templar named Heinrich Gottermann (Who was a Flying Ace). So Dragoslav and the Serbian Assassins race to Marle, La Neuville, France. In October 30th, 1917 when they made it, they saw him in the skies shooting French pilots so the assassin gets in his Bi-Plane and flies. He shoots at Heinrich and the other German pilots, he gunned down five of the German Templars/pilots (Not including Gottermann), the five of the Bi-Planes dive to the ground and explode. He later shoots at Gottermann's Bi-Plane it goes down but Gottermann was surviving the fall, so his Co-Pilot took control of his Bi-Plane and Dragoslav jumps in Gottermann's Bi-Plane and assassinates him. The assassins hide verything to seem like Gottermann died in a Bi-Plane incident. They return back to Serbia to get a break from being an Assassin.

1918, End of a NightmareEdit

In January 1st, 1918, Dragoslav noticed how the war is going to end soon and that the Central Powers will lose and owe several billions after the war. He knew after this, that Austria-Hungary will cease to exist and so will the other kingdoms and empires, even the Kingdom of Serbia. He later prepares to kill Trifun (Who was Trifko Grabež actual first name). So with the help with Milena and Ismail, they head to the prison Trifun "Trifko" Grabež was in. When they were arriving the Austria-Hungary, Dragoslav felt that this era is ending and soon will begin a new one. He embraced this though, now people can livelonger to see even their Great Grandchildren. He knew Trifun Grabež, was up to no good in his prison cell, he was probably planning an escape plan, to leave Europe and go to the Americas or Africa, either way he'll die by Dragoslav's blade. When they made it to Austria-Hungary, they saw the prison and scaled it without getting caught. The date was February 10th, 1918, the day when Trifko gets what he deserves, they then found him in his cell, dying because of tuberculosis, not knowing that Grabež had tuberculosis, he questioned wanted to know where is Manfred von Richthofen. Grabež said in April 21st, 1918, Richthofen will fly over Morlancourt Ridge, near Vaux-sur-Somme, France. Dragoslav stabs Grabež in his lungs, and blood squirts everywhere. The assassins leave the prison carefully without alerting a alarm, they return to Serbia to ask if his father (The new mentor after the previous mentor died) if he can go after Manfred von Richthofen.

In April 1st, 1918, Dragoslav was driving down to Morlancourt Ridge, near Vaux-sur-Somme, France thinking he was forgetting something or someone. Richthofen was the organizer for the Templar Fighter Aces, he knew if he killed him, they'll have no more air battles and less men in the war will die. He stops at a town near Morlancourt Ridge and sends a letter to a Canadian Assassin for backup, his name is Captain Arthur "Roy" Brown and he'll bring another Canadian Assassin and an Australian Assassin. He then leaves the apartment he rented and drove to his final destination of Morlancourt Ridge, when he made it to his destination he found Captain Arthur "Roy" Brown (Canadian) and his apprentices Lieutenant Wilfrid "Mop" May (Canadian) and Seargent Edward David "Ted" Smout (Australian). In April 21st, 1918, Dragoslav, May and Brown prepare their Bi-Planes for to hunt for Manfred. They found him around with 26 other Fighter Aces, so May and Brown shot down 18 of the 26 Bi-Planes while covering Dragoslav, then Dragan shoots down six Bi-Planes with his dual mounted machine guns, they all go crashing down to the ground. He then shot down another two fighter aces which their planes crash in a river and now he shot down von Richthofen, but he survived when Smout said he is still living so the assassins land to the ground. He then asks Richthofen what is happening, Richthofen said that Gavrilo Princip is going to escape his prison in seven days and he asks Dragoslav to give this letter to his love, Käte Otersdorf. Respecting Richthofen's wishes, he sends the letter to her and drove to Terezín, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary.

In April 28th, 1918, Gavrilo Princip is about to escape prison in midnight, but luckily Dragoslav made it to Terezin and saw the prison. He asked the guards if he can see Gavrilo Princip but the guards replied by yelling no at him and tells him if he asks again he'll be arrested for conspiring against Austria-Hungary. Dragoslav left as fast as he can and waits until the night until to infiltrate Terezin Fortress (Which is a military prison for the Austro-Hungarians). He prepares his weapons and scales the buildings to see the layout of the fortress and to see all the guards with his eagle vision. He then infiltrates the fortress and sneaks through the fortress so he won't get caught, he then sees the same guards who insulted him, so he knockes them out and strips them out of their clothes (They get fired from their duty after this), he later continues to find the cell and finds that he is not inside but he is escaping already, so he chases Gavrilo Princip around the fortress while he sets off explosives in the fortress which alert the guards. So when Gavrilo stops for a second to catch his breath he finds Dragoslav in front of them and Princip wants to duel him with their swords so they do. Dragoslav blocks Princip's attacks and then attacks him with a kick, then he disarms Princip and grabs him. Princip tells him that Mehmed V is a templar and is planning a plot with his fellow templars Mehmed VI, Karl I, Wilhelm II and Ferdinand I to destroy the German, Bulgarian, Austro-Hungarian and Turkish Assassins. He then stabs Princip in the lungs and throws him off the top of Terezin Fortress, he then plans to only kill Mehmed V first so he'll prevent the plot faster. He then goes back to Serbia to tell his father about the plot, his father then called the mentor of each of the Assassin Guilds and convince them that they'll have to work together to defeat the Central Powers/Templars plot. They then devise a plan to assassinate Mehmed V.

In June 28th, 1918, a 28 year old Dragoslav sends a letter to the Turkish Assassins about when he is going to strike Mehmed V in Topkapı Palace, Constantinople, Ottoman Empire. He even is excited to go their because of his father stories which he said that in 1511, Ezio Auditore da Firenze left Rome, Italy for Constantinople to find the Masyaf Keys to see Altaïr Ibn La' Ahad's memories. So he then travels to Constantinople by air because of the distance between Belgrade, Serbia and Constantinople, Ottoman Empire. Three days later (In July 1st, 1918) when he landed outside Constantinople he continued travelling by horse and later by boat. When he made it to the beautiful city of Constantinople he was greeted by the Turkish Assassins, one them named Ibrahim Acar (Who was born in March 2nd, 1895 and was a decendant of Yusuf Tazim). They then went inside Topkapı Palace, to find that Mehmed V wasn't there but tons of officers of the Ottoman Military, the officers weren't pleased and called for the guards. The asassins escaped in time and hid in haycarts, benches, crowds, underwater, tents, balconies and wells. After they were old news, they found out he was in Yıldız Palace, so then in July 3rd, 1918 they made their way to Yıldız Palace. They sneaked in the Palace to find his room where he is dying at the age of 73, They asked him who is their next target, he replied by saying Ivan Kamorov and Adolf Hitler (They were both Corporals in the German and Bulgarian Army). So Dragoslav stabbed Mehmed V in the face while Mehmed VI camed in the room seeing his brother dying yells at the assassins and shoots his pistol at them but they escaped in time to not get shot by the pistol. Dragoslav then goes to Macedonia to fight his latest battle.

In September 15th, 1918, the Vardar Offensive starts, and Colonel Dragoslav Nikolić (Who was 28 at the time, which was young at the time) with his friend Ismail hunt for Kamorov and Hitler (Hitler is a year older than Dragoslav) during the battle. This time Nikolić wasn't wearing his Army uniform because of him getting tired of wearing the uniform. Now that Nikolić is a Colonel he can command a brigade/regiment (Normally a Brigadier General controls a brigade but because of Nikolić's victories, they made him command a brigade earlier and a brigade is made up of 3,000 to 5,000 soldiers. So before the battle he recruits 4,700 of the best soldiers of the Serbian Army and combines his brigade with Ismail's which makes a division of 10,000 (A division is controlled by a Major General and has 10,000 to 15,000 men). So then he asks his friend, Vojvoda Petar Bojović what happened to Vojvoda Radomir Putnik (Another friend of the army), he replies by saying he died from natural causes. Dragoslav says may he rest in peace, and then leads his troops to battle. The Battle of Dobro Pole was fierce and violent, Dragoslav knew this will be the last battle that Serbia will fight in the Great War, he shot six men in no man's land with his Mosin Nagant rifle, they died violently and Dragoslav started to feel sorry for them. He then command his troops to the German/Bulgarian trench, there he saw Ivan and Adolf. When he ran after Adolf Hitler and Ivan Kamorov, four soldiers from the opposition got in front of Dragoslav, he killed them all in a swift killstreak with his hidden blades, but he saw one of the young men he killed wasn't even in his twenties, then he checked a letter that the young soldier got, he got if from his fiancée and mother to make it out of the war alive. After reading it, Dragoslav wanted to stop being a soldier after the battle, he continued chasing the two corporal templars until they stopped. Kamorov grabbed out a sticky grenade to kill Dragoslav but Dragoslav sliced Kamorov's hand with his dagger and stabs him with his hidden blade in the leg while the sticky grenade landed next to Hitler which obscured his vision a little when it exploded. He then asks the two templars who is the next templar to kill, Kamorov said that it's none of his business and then later gets stabbed by Dragoslav while Hitler said it was István Tisza just before he was going to attack Dragoslav blindly but Dragoslav dodged and stabbed him in the abdomen, Hitler tried to grab another grenade but it was knocked off his hand by Dragoslav and it exploded which blinded Hitler. Hitler was covered with blood from the explosion and stab to the abdomen, he then left Hitler to die thinking he wouldn't heal. He then finds out he lossed 300 men during the battle and he talked to Petar that he'll take his promotion to Brigadier General but won't serve the Army anymore because of what he saw. He returned home to see his father and he talked about what happened during the battlefield.

It's October 1st, 1918, Dragoslav talks to his father about István Tisza, his father said that he wants revenge because the brotherhood killed his father, Kálmán Tisza and his mentor Otto von Bismarck. He also tells that Tisza is the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, the reason why they didn't send any assassins because they thought that if they keep trying he'll launch an assault at the Assassin's hideout, but they were dead wrong. His father then tells him that Tisza was subject to two previous assassinations which all failed. His father also said to call the Austro-Hungarian Assassins, so Dragoslav went off to Budapest, Hungary to stop the madman. In October 15th, 1918, he made it to Budapest to be welcomed by the Austro-Hungarian Assassins. The assassin who is leading the assassination is called János Lékai, they then hid at a building close to the Hungarian Parliament building. The next day, October 16th, 1918 they saw him leave the Hungarian Parliament building and freerun down to the ground to kill István, János Lékai and Dragoslav shot Tisza with their Nagant 1895's but János' revolver jammed while Dragoslav barely shot him in the arm. They then get knocked out by a soldier and sent to a jail to be executed for crimes against Hungary. The soldier that knocked them out tell them they'll get killed fifteen days from now (Which is October 31st, 1918/Halloween). Four days later (October 20th), they plan an escape plan to steal they key and escape the prison, they started the plan one day later (October 21st). When they stole the key to unlock both cells, they then kill the only guards necessary to get out including the one that knocked them out. They then made it out and contacted by the Austro-Hungarian Assassins, Lékai was going to make another plan but Dragoslav interrupted and said to kill Tisza in Halloween wearing masks. Ten days later (October 31st/Halloween) Tisza was celebrating Halloween, while the assassins are disguised with masks so the templars won't notice, Tisza then went to his house to greet his wife. They followed him stealthily and silently until they made in his house, they kicked down the door and searched for Tisza, they found him and Dragoslav shot him with his rifle before Tisza can escape and they did that in front of his wife. He later checked Tisza's body to find a paper of a German Templar named Erich Marx, he was the templar who helped Young Bosnia to start the Great War and it says he is hiding in Paris, France. He then brings his fiancée Milena to assassinate Marx with the help with some German Assassins who were trying to find him for the four years of the war.

In November 1st, 1918, the leader of the German Assassins, Lukas Becker, Dragoslav and Milena are in Paris, France to find Erich Marx, first they find the French Assassins to find all the information about the templar. They said that he is nowhere to be found, so then they look around the city to see. Dragoslav then gets a cigar from Lukas and a lighter so Dragoslav smoked, it tasted terrible to him and didn't want one anymore. He then tells Becker that Templars won't kill him, the cigars will. They then looked at an unusual man walking down the streets looking panicked, they followed him just to find out he was late for work. They then went to a bar to ask a bartender if he has met anyone suspicious but the bartender said no and gave them a drink. After drinking the beer, Dragoslav remembered he had eagle vision and used it to find the templar, they followed the trail that led to a factory, they looked inside to find templars. The templars shot at them, while Dragoslav got his mini grenade launcher and shot them, one of them survived and told him that Marx will go to the Eiffel Tower to get something. In November 11th, 1918, the trio go to the Eiffel Tower to kill him, when they made it and saw contact with the templar, Erich started running/freerunning away, the three assassins chased him, while Marx shot at them they dodged and made it. Dragoslav tackled Erich in the top of the Eiffel Tower, they were fighting their hidden blades but Nikolić disarmed them and said that Erich was a coward and a pathetic worm and may nobody remember his name (Nobody does remember him except for some templars), he then stabs Erich in the face and throws him out of the Eiffel Tower which he then plummeted down to the ground. After he was done, he thinks he should stop being an assassin and marry Milena, he then proposes to her and she accepts, they kiss after that and walk away enjoying their vacation in Paris. Dragoslav then sees some news that the war ended and his life started to into heaven.

The AftermathEdit

In November 19th, 1918, a married Dragoslav told his father that he is leaving the brotherhood, which his father agreed with because of the event that had thirteen years ago when his father got captured by the templars. Now that he is retired, he had millions of krones (The currency of the Kingdom of Serbia) from the pickpocketing and stealing money from the templars banks. So he then he bought a mansion in the Serbian countryside, that's where his wife and he will live. In December 1st, 1918, Dragoslav read a newspaper that said that the Kingdom of Serbia turned into the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, it was declared by Alexander I, the son of Peter I (Who was the third and last king of the Kingdom of Serbia and the first king of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia). He then went to rested and took this time to explore the city and start a new life. In December 26th, 1918, Dragoslav is walking down the streets after Christmas (Which they enjoyed), then a mysterious car with passengers past them and shot at them with their MP18's (A submachine gun used by Germany in 1918 in the Great War. It also stands for MaschinenPistole/MachinePistol 1918). Milena and Dragoslav dodge and cover behind a flipped table, the unknown gunmen get out of the car and continued to shoot at the couple. Dragoslav looked at them saw that they had four gunmen, and then he snaps one gunman's neck, steals his MP18 and shoots the at the other gunmen. Now, all of the gunmen dead, Dragoslav checks their pockets to find out they were German Templars/soldiers who were assigned to kill the former assassins because of Central Powers failure in the Great War. Now knowing this, Dragoslav know hunts for the templars who try to kill him and Milena. He returned to the base of the Assassins to tell his father that what happened to him and he wants to continue his life as an assassin. His father accepts and is given his previous rank of Master Assassin, and he hunts the templars who tried to kill him. The name of the Templars is Georg von Hertling, Hermann von Spaun, John Strutt and Martin Savage. After knowing there names he hunts for his pray.

After the Great War, the German, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian empires cease to exist. Germany now needs to pay billions of dollars for reperations of the war. Dragoslav is now married with his lover and leaves the brotherhood but is there something sinister going on?


  • Dragoslav knows ten languages which are Serbian, English, French, Turkish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Russian, German, Greek and Bosnian. Serbian being his main language, using German to talk to his fallen German adversaries and assassins, Greek to talk to his Greek allies in the wars, Bosnian to talk to the Bosnian Assassins, Russian to talk to Felix Yusupov, French to the French Assassins, Turkish to the Turkish Assassins, Bulgarian to the Bulgarian Assassins, Hungarian to the Austro-Hungarian Assassins and English when he went to the US and talk to the British Assassins (Including the whole British Empire) and American Assassins.
  • He is known by his fellow soldiers "The Hero of the Balkans" and "The Dragon of the Trenches".
  • Dragoslav's actual first name was going to be Aleksandar until the creator changed it thinking it wiould be better with a Russian character, that's how Aleksandr Ivanovich was created.
  • When World War II broke out the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Which was the Kingdom of Serbia) and Nazi controlled Serbia fought eachother so that Dragoslav will choose one side, Dragoslav declined until 1944 which he got convincing from his son to Communist Yugoslavia (Which was Kingdom of Yugoslavia)/Allies.
  • When he was young he was violent and stressed because of the capture of his father and etc. but when he grew up he became calm and less ruthless.
  • He was interested in planes when he heard news of the Wright Brothers created the first plane and he got to control some planes in the year of 1917.

Description and EquipmentEdit

He was 6ft 2 and weighed about 195 pounds, since 1914 he grew a beard and had Brownish Black hair. He had scars in his lip and a giant one in his abdomen where he got shot until they got healed by the Pieces of Eden. He was an athiest and thought the belief of Christianity and other religions nonsence. He used multiple weapons over the years and he himself made a cane that has a hidden blade for his older years.

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