"The ruling body of our society is the Templar Order. They have visions and knowledge of the future. I am a Templar, and I will pledge my life to not fail my faction. I will not fail you again. "
―Eddie to himself after failing finding the Black Temple
Eddie Bennun
Eddie Bennun
Eddie Bennun as 31-years-old
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September 1720
Eidsvoll, Kingdom of Denmark–Norway


June 1769
(aged 48)
Eidsvoll, Norway (Danish province)

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Assassin's Creeed: Ashes

Assassin's Creed: Templar (mentioned)

Edvard "Eddie" Bennun was an alcoholic, heavy smoker and an informant for Dane-Norwegian Templars during the 18th century in Denmark-Norway at the service of Grand Master André Lindanger. He was recruited in 1751 by Dame Lindanger because he knew so many things in the county of Eidsvoll. He served for many years following the Templars faithfully in Eidsvoll. He was killed by Vendela Magdalene and her husband Gudbrand Aarhus.

He is an ancestor of unidentified american grand master.

Biography Edit

Early life  Edit

Eddie Bennun was born in Eidsvoll by a humble family from England in 1720. His father worked in a library while his mother worked as a housekeeper in the Fredrikson-Royal Danish-Norway home. With the money earned by his mother and father Eddie and his 5 brothers all managed to attend school and received good education. When Eddie was 20-year-old, it was time for him to settle down as his older brothers had done. So Eddie found work on the Old Fox, where he was employed as a barman.

Induction Edit

In 1750, Eddie accidentally came to know about a secret war between two factions. Assassins and Templars. The war had begun before the story and still fought between them. Eddie, in the bartender years, had access to a lot of information about the city as well as Templars and Assassins. He decided to join the Templars, who sent their agent in the 1751 to collaborate with Eddie in order to kill the Master Assassin Thomas Waldemar.

In October, Tessa Roberts the Templar's contact walked into the bar and approached the bartender and asked if he was Eddie Bennun, and he said he was. Tessa asked Eddie for Thomas Waldemar's position. Eddie said he often went to a gang headquarters in the west of the city, always coming out of black smoke from there. Tessa thanked Bennun and said that if Waldemar was dead they would have accepted him as a Templar.

Bennun happy with that news greeted Tessa, who left the bar and headed to the neighborhood where Waldemar was. The next day Eddie came to know from Tessa that she had managed to kill Thomas, and that the presence of the Assassins had greatly weakened by the death of Waldemar. This was due to Eddie, who was officially introduced into the Order in November 1751, serving for the Grand Master of the Dane-Norwegian Templars, André Lindanger.

Templar-affaires Edit

Andrew Oneco

Hans Sigurdsson

In the years that followed, Eddie served as an informant for the Templars at Eidsvoll, so the Templars were always able to creep into the city and take control of them. After Tessa's departure for the Caribbean in 1755, Eddie worked with Frey Furaha a lesbian Templar and Tessa's lover. Eddie was faithful to Grand Master André Lindanger and soon his loyalty would be tested. In 1758, Eddie received a mission that went higher than his skills but that André wanted to do the same. According to a book written by Templar Offares, there was a place known as the Black Temple in the Black Sea.

Eddie had to find the temple. Not alone, of course, but with the help of another Templar, Hans Sigurdsson, a Dane-Norwegian Templar-seeker. Eddie and Hans immediately sought out the Black Temple and traveled to the Black Sea. The Byzantine Templar Seraffo, active during the 16th century, had discovered the Black Temple, but this was also recorded in the diary of Yusuf Tazim, who had learned it in the last moments of Seraffo's life. That discovered by Seraffo had been handed down by Offares, who had also sought the Black Temple during the 17th century.

Eddie and Hans traveled for the city of Ordu to the Black Sea. The two Templars inspected all of the Black Sea coasts and the sea itself, for about six months and eventually found something. This stage was not well described in Eddie's diary, except that they through an underwater cave managed to find only the entrance but could not get in. During his failed return to Norway, Hans was killed by an ambush while Eddie was able to return to Norway. In the 11 years following the failure Eddie continued to work for Grand Master André Lindanger.

Death Edit

Eddie and Lindanger were the only ones to know about the existence of the Black Temple and this knowledge would later be lost. Tessa Roberts was murdered in 1760 by Assassin Claude Gaultier de la Vérendrye. To pay respects to Tessa, Eddie, Frey and André traveled to the Caribbean in May 1760, participating in the funeral. In June all three returned to Denmark-Norway. Eddie continued to work at the Old Fox as a Templar-informant, and later had a daughter with a woman. In June 1769, Frey as a 47-year-old had been killed by Vendela Magdalene and Gudbrand Aarhus, opponents of André. Soon it would have touched Eddie and he felt it. In June 1769, Eddie was at his place at Eidsvoll every day and at that time the restaurant was empty because it was already late.

Eddie left the room and closed and then set off at his home. During the journey he felt tired and prepared his two pistols and flint. Eddie came to a secluded spot and heard behind him rumors of footsteps running toward him. Eddie flipped to the side, turning at the same time, fired at the shape, which lowered off the stroke. Eddie gripped the other gun, loaded, pointed. A second shape, Eddie's attack, shooting him empty. Eddie knocked the second shape in his face, pulling it away. Eddie could see them clearly. Vendela Magdalene and Gudbrand Aarhus. Eddie had to wait for him to be there to kill him. Gudbrand snatched his sword while Vendela did the same.

Eddie took his dirk in turn. Gudbrand swung his sword to Eddie's chest as Vendela swung his sword to Eddie's head. Eddie raised his dagger as he shot Gudbrand and avoided Vendela's sword. Eddie pushed Gudbrand away, so he could face Vendela. Eddie struck a sword between his arm and shoulder. Vendela screamed with pain. Before Eddie could finish it, Gudbrand swept Eddie's legs with his sword, severely wounding her. Eddie surrendered and fell to the ground. Vendela approached Eddie and planted her sword in his chest, delivering the deathblow.

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