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Edith d'Elbeuf
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Biographical information

31 October, 1487
Tuscany, Monteriggioni


24 June, 1565
Versailles, Kingdom of France

Political information


  • Italian Brotherhood
    (1502 - 1523)
  • British Brotherhood of Assassins
    (1523 until death)
Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Order

"My mother was an assassin, so am I."
―Edith to James Dorian, 1522

Edith d'Elbeuf (1487 - 1565) was a master assassin and also Mentor of the British Brotherhood of Assassins. She is the daughter of Amara A L'Espee. She is the older sister of Agnes and Alexander d'Elbeuf and she is the wife of Samuel Dorian and the grandmother of Charles Dorian and the grandaunt Emily Cortese and also the great-grandmother of Arno Dorian and Madeleine Dorian. She is also the ancestor of Amelia and Charles Campbell, through their maternal line, and the descendant of Phoenix Charpentier.