Edward Ceni
Edward Ceni
Edward Ceni as 32-years-old
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June 5, 1985

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Edward M. Ceni is Marcelo Ceni's relative in 2012.

Life up to 17Edit

on june 5, 1985 Edward M. Ceni was born in Detroit, Michigan.his father Kevin Ceni was assassin but Edward learned this when he was 13.on christmas night of 1995 Edwards father returned home witn blood on himself Edward saw this while waiting for his father.Edward would remeber this for the Rest of his life.when Edward turned 13 his father made Edward join The assassin's.he trained until the age of 17 when his family was murdered by Jhonathan Gray a high ranking Templar.

inside the Animus E.XEdit

3 years later when Edward was 20 he met another assassin, Kyle Lambert.Kyle and Edward left U.S and went to italy.there they met another assassin named "barns"."barns" was a smart historion and knew about Edward's Great-Great Grandfather Marcelo Ceni.Barn's made an animus called "Animus E.X" and Edward went in started a simulation of Marcelo being born."you have to find Marcelo's history and why at his last moments he had the apple of Eden" Barns said.Edward made it to the Edward holding the apple then he fell down and died. the assassin who handed Marcelo the Aplle was accutally Francesco Murelo, Jonathan Gray's Grandfather.

"Operation Sosali"Edit

Edward wanted revenge so he made a plan"Operation Sosali".there was a secret templar wherehouse called Sosali inc.Edward's plan was to get into the wherehouse and kill Jonathan and get the apple of eden.Barn's and Kyle got a helicopter and Edward jumped out with a parachute and landed on the building next to Sosali.he then jumed into Sosali but he was then captured by the templars.

The Apple of EdenEdit

on the night before Edward was to be brought to the Abstergo headquarters he was brought out by two guards beacuase Jonathan Gray wanted to test the apple of eden on Edward.luckily Edward made a hidden blade in his jail cell.he killed the two guards and then made his way to Jonathan Office. he busted in the office and said" show me the apple " Edward said."Damn, how did you get in"Jonathan Gray said."I made a blade, my creed makes them best"Edward said."Guards, Guards"Jonathan yelled.Edward jumped and assassinated Jonathan. the apple of eden fell out of his hand.Edward grabbed it.he used it to kill anybody in his way.he went to the lockers and Edward got his gear back, his robes/jacket, his blade, and his silenced pistol.he went to the top of the building and preformed a leap of faith in the nearrby ocean.the apple was still safe.he swam to the safehouse him, Kyle, and Barns were he entered he shouted for them, there was no awnser.all of a sudden a person jumped was Kyle."Edward, Barns is dead"Kyle said as he told Edward the shocking news.

Back inside E.XEdit

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