"My life changed the moment I was born. Correction: It changed the day my uncle betrayed my father and mother. My parents were Assassins and I was raised in the ways of the deadly arts. The goal: to take down the Templars. My whole life has seen death, committed by me, or by my enemies. I don't regret a moment of it. I was born an Assassin, and I will die as an Assassin."
―Edward Gonzalez on his role as an Assassin.
Edward Gonzalez
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December 25, 1499 Great Britain, London


May 19, 1580 Spain, Barcelona (age 80)

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English Assassins (until 1575)
Spanish Assassins

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Edward Gonzalez was a English-Spanish born member of the English Brotherhood of Assassins. Born to an English father, Alfred Dunsworth, and a Spanish mother, Maria Gonzalez. Edward was raised in a middle-class lifestyle, while being trained as an Assassin under the tutelage of his father, while his mom was in charge of his early studies. Later in life, he became the Mentor of the English Assassins from 1536 until 1575, and led the Spanish Assassins from 1576 until his death in 1580. Through his works, Edward managed to ease the tensions and constant war between his rivaling bloodlines. Through out his life, Edward was responsible for the Deaths of numerous Templar Agents and played a prominent role in the collapse of the Spanish Templars and the English Templars.

A member of the House of Gonzalez and House of Dunsworth, Edward was highly aware of his Assassin heritage, and the fact that he had a Spanish mother. Edward lived in the middle-class society until the age of twelve, when his uncle betrayed his parents and sold them out to the Templars. Picking up his father's hidden blade, Edward killed his uncle and fled his home. While wandering through the streets of London, a young Assassin, and close friend to Edward's parents discovered him and brought him to the English Assassins Guild. Noticed on appearance by the Assassin Mentor, Edward told him that he wanted to continue living on the legacy his parents couldn't. Agreeing, the Mentor took Edward into his custody and continued his training as an Assassin. Advanced beyond his years, Edward quickly rose through the Assassin ranks until reaching the Master Assassin at the age of 22.

During his travels, Edward managed to expand the English Brotherhood of Assassins, covering all of Great Britain and several towns in England. He also managed to fix the Spanish Assassins guild after a small collapse a few years before. At some point after his 37th birthday, Edward was made Mentor of the English Assassins, by the former Mentor, who had been dying. Once the mentor died, Edward fully took the title and led his Assassins on numerous mission across Europe, aiding several other Assassin Guilds.

Through his works, Edward managed to free both England and Spain from Templar rule. Edward was also responsible for the death of Henry VIII, who led the English Templars from 1509 until 1547 as Grand Master. Although the English Templars would rise again, Edward's works were always honored by Assassins of later generations who vowed to end Templar rule. Prior to the first fall of the English Templars, Edward came into possession with a Apple of Eden in 1532, which he kept until 1565 after deciding to lock it up in a vault beneath Stonehenge.


Early LifeEdit

Maria: "Él es un buen chico. Nuestro hijo."
Alfred: "Yes he is. He is a fast learner. I believe he will end up becoming better than us."
Maria: "I also believe that."
-Maria and Alfred on Edward's abilities

Edward was born in Great Britain on 25 December 1499, to notable Assassins Maria Gonzalezand Alfred Dunsworth. He was the only child of the Assassin couple, being born with both English and Spanish blood. This led him to be attacked by his fellow Englishmen, mostly children. Because of the attacks on his Spanish heritage, Edward was forced to be home-schooled. However, Edward managed to make a couple of friends, many of which would later join the Assassins.

Up until the age of twelve, Edward lived a comfortable life of luxury, while being trained to free-run and scale buildings by his father. His mother was in charge of teaching him in hand-to-hand combat. Although it was rare, Edward's mom was a master at Chinese martial arts, which she learned during her stay in China when she was just a child. Aside from this, Edward was raised as a Roman Catholic.

Uncle's BetrayalEdit

"That night I saw death for the first time. Was I scared? I'll admit that I was, but it was the first time I ever killed someone. Blood stains are forever, like scars. Still, I won't rest until the Templars all fall by my blade."
-Edward shortly after his parents death

In the year of 1511, Edward encountered his first Templar while at mass. Although abrupt, Edward quickly recognized him as a threat but took no action because his parents were just behind him. Later that evening, while he was at dinner his uncle, named Keith Dunsworth, came in barging at his home with guards. Ordering the arrest of his parents, Edward charged in on his uncle, but was quickly thrown away. Enraged at this action, Alfred and Maria fought back against the guards, managing to kill of five of them until they were shot in the back by Kieth. In tears and feeling nothing but hatred and anger, Edward found a hidden blade that belonged to his father, which he would use to kill his uncle by stabbing him ten times in the heart. Surrounded by guards, using what he knew, Edward fought back against the Templar guards, critically injuring two on the knee and killing the rest with their own weapons. Taking his father's and mother's hidden blades (one each), Edward ran out of his home and disappeared into the streets of Great Britain.

Quest for RevengeEdit

"I will live and continue my parents legacy. I will become the Assassin I was born to be."
-Edward shortly after his initiation into the Assassin Order

Spending a week on the streets, Edward was forced to live of the needs of others, in which he often stole food from numerous food stands and euros from wealthy clients who had been passing by. That following week, a young Assassin was passing by the streets of London, while in search for a Templar herald who was leaking information on the deaths of Maria Gonzalez and Alfred Dunsworth, including the death of Keith at the hands of Edward. Wanting to help out the Assassin, Edward climb up the nearest home and began running across the rooftops while killing several guards who were in his way. From afar, the Assassin noticed Edward's presence and was amazed by his skills. Upon reaching the target, Edward instantly lunged himself at the Edward and stabbed him in the neck with his two hidden blades, to only then stabbed him ten times in the heart. Seeing his target had been killed, the Assassin ran to Edward and threw a smoke bomb to help him escape.

After escaping, Edward was taken the headquarters of the English Assassins and was quickly initiated into the Order after the Mentor, who was named Lionel, was told of Edward's skills. Edward would spend the next decade training with other Assassins, while devising a plan to avenge his parents deaths.

Early Years as Master AssassinEdit

Imperial TargetsEdit

"I see no point to this war. One side desires power, and we desire peace. Several men have fallen to my blade and many more will."
"So you are gonna live your life killing?"
"Yes. I was born into this order. You chose to come to the order. Do you regret your descision.?"
"No, not at all."
-Edward and Theodora

A few days after becoming a Master Assassin, Edward was assigned to his first assassination, and through his mind, it would be the first of his vengence. However, before he could, Edward ran into his childhood friends while freerunning across the rooftops of nearby homes. Noticing them on appearance, Edward greeted his friends, of all which did the same but were surprised on his new attire and the fact that he carried so many weapons. Informing them that he could not tell them, Edward prepared to leave until a group of Templar guards came and arrested his friends for stealing food and money. Not wanting his friends to be hurt or killed, Edward pulled out his cutlasses and killed of all the guards and took his friends to the Assassins headquarters. Upon seeing how he fought, they all decided to join them, in the hopes of catching up lost time and the fact they wanted to fight beside Edward. Granting permission, the Mentor assigned Edward to train his own friends because he knew the street of London more than anyone and had one of the best training methods.

As the weeks passed, Edward started to grow impatient onthe slow movement the Assassins made from the Templars and demanded on why they hadn't taken out any important templar agents. Disappointed with Edward's anger, the Mentor surprised him by giving him a list of important Templars spread across the English Empire. Taking his friends (called recruits), Edward began his hunt on those who planned his parents deaths, including those of his freinds who took the same path of vengenace.

Truth DiscoveredEdit

Massacre at Buckingham PalaceEdit

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

"Why is he like that?"
"What do you mean Theodora?"
Why is Edward always so cold? I don't remember him being like that at all."
"Oh! Childhood tragedy. He spent ten years isolating himself while planning on how to root out the Templars."
-Theodora asks about Edward's personality

Edward was raised as a young English-Spanish nobleman. Brought up with the existence of both the Assassins and Templars, he was often serious, but always showed a kind side. Even for his young age, Edward displayed advanced acrobatic and fighting abilities. A strong minded and smart individual, Edward was mature beyond his years, even for a 12 year old.

Due to his Spanish heritage, Edward had very few friends, of which always defended him when he would respond with violence in aggression. Upon the death of his parents, Edward lost contact with his friends for almost a decade and became ruthlessly cold, sadistic, cruelly sarcastic, and a malicious individual. The only time Edward showed compassion was when he went to church, or when he was in prayer. Also, he showed compassion towards his friends, especially towards Theodora, whom was his childhood crush. When Edward was 26 years old, he married his childhood love Theodora. In 1520, Theodora gave birth to a son, who was named John Gonzalez, and later gave birth to a daughter in 1527 who was named Sofia Gonzalez.

Equipment and SkillsEdit

"For a fifteen year old, he wields his weapons like if he had been doing it for a lifetime."
-The Mentor on Edward's progress

Edward was a highly skilled Master Assassin and exceptional Mentor. He learned a vast variety of skills, most from his parents. Such skills were picking pocketing, blending into crowds, freerunning, armed and unarmed combat. While under the tutelage of his newfound parent, the Mentor taught him alternative or multiple weapon attacks, stealth and public assassination techniques, and long-range combat.

A master at dual-wielding, Edward showed impressive skills with two swords, of which many said he was unbeatable in sparring matches. He also used a variety of weapons, and many of them were two hidden blades, two pistols, throwing knives (with incredible accuracy), and many more. Edward was also born with the ability of Eagle Vision, in which allowed him to distinguish friend from foe. When he was initiated into the Assassin Order, Edward wore standardized apprentice attire, of which he self-customized. Later, shortly after receiving the title of Master Assassin, Edward wore Assassin robes resembling designs from that of his father and mothers robes. On his right hand bracer he wore his father's hidden blade, while on his left hand he wore his mother's hidden blade, which each bore the insigma of the English and Spanish Assassins. As he got older he upgraded his weaponry, to which he even made his own cutlass swords, daggers, throwing knives, and pistols.

Ezio's first Assassin garment as a Master Assassin was a set of black robes, as not the traditional white. It had a black coloring inside as well. Due to his black robes, Edward was able to run pass his enemies unseen and was always called "The Shadow" amongst his fellow Assasssins, friends and Templar enemies.

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