Edward Keane

Edward Keane

Edward Keane (1822 - unknown) was an Irish assassin of the 19th century and was raised to become an assassin from an early age. His parents, Mason and Catherine Keane, trained his assassin skills depending on the knowledge of their grand-parents, who knew Connor Kenway, that's why his combat style and equipment resemble Connor.

Similar to Connor Kenway, he's able to wield weapons with both hands, independent of which range or type the weapon has. He was able to combine them all in combat. Also, his hood and movement resembles Connor, whose symbol is the wolf.



Edward was born into the Assassin order in 1822 in Dublin. He was given birth by Catherine Keane in his parent's house. His father started teaching him free-running when he turned four. He was taught combat with five years, and was able to dual-wield until the age of seven. Since he was three years old, he knew how to craft weapons and tools made out of stone and wood.


Like the three most powerful assassins before him, Connor Kenway, Altair Ibn La-Ahad and Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, Edward is heavily armed and has a large amount of weapons, including guns, blades and a battle axe, similar to Connor. He is able to use all the weapons with each other, independent which ones are used.

- The Hidden Blade: Like every Assassin, Edward Keane wields a dual hidden blade, which can be shot and used as a grapple hook. Edward is able to build extensions to it because of his crafting ability.

- Tomahawk: It's almost the same axe that Connor has, except the axe's blades are now on both sides of the handle. With the time, Edward will learn to build a second Tomahawk, in order to dual-wield both of them. He couldn't craft one earlier, because the Tomahawk he had first, was given to him by his father, who died shortly after giving Edward the axe because of the Templar Troops invading Dublin.

- Pistol: Edward is able to wield two pistols in dual-mode, they work the same as Ezio's hidden pistol, just with a longer range and higher capacity of bullets.

- Shotgun: Edward also wields a shotgun, which has twice the same range as the normal pistol for one hand. Two barrels make it possible to kill to enemies at the same time by using the shotgun. This gun is also compatible with poison capsules and explosive bullets.

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