"What do you think you made guy. Improved the world? To the Templars you're just a puppet open your eyes. I did my best and I also did terrible things, but do not regret it. The Templars must be stopped. Assassins will win."
―Edward Read to Eric Rackham, 1770
Edward Read
Edward Read in his field, in Africa
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April 1730


October 1770 (40 aged)

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Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Assassin's Creed: Templar (mentioned)

Edward Read was a privateer-pirate-Master Assassin in the Bahamas during the Caribbean Purge. Edward was born in Nassau by the son of the legendary pirate Mary Read. Being an Assassin her father, Edward was trained according to the customs of the Brotherhood. As her grandmother after her, Edward kept control of Nassau for the Assassin Order under the command of Claude Dimanche. He was killed by Templar-killer Eric Rackham in 1770.

He is an ancestor of Susan Drayton.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born as the grandson of Marie Read and Pirate Male, Edward was taught in the ways of the Assassins by his own father (1708-1756). Edward trained in Kingston and Nassau always hearing his father tell him that once he would be great would take the protection of Nassau as his grandmother before him. Edward had a relationship at a distance to their mother: she was always following the principles of the Creed, the Guardians learning Observatory in the ways of how the Assassins have acted in different situations.

More and more of being a man of 21, Edward performed a trip to Tulum in 1751. In Tulum the young Read was brought in front of the Assassin Mentor: Claude Dimanche. Claude Dimanche had become Mentor after the death of Ah Tabai in 1745. Edward had known Ah Tabai, and for a time he had been taught by him and Adéwalé. Claude told Edward that it was time to put to test his skills and his faithfulness. Claude handed a list to Edward the Templars to locate and kill. The work might have taken months or even years, but Edward was ready.

Edward prepared for his fighter and knew that it would take years, but he wanted to do it the same and show his loyalty to the Creed. The hunt is started.

Caribbean-affaires Edit

Hélène Brujon Edit


Hélène Brujon

The first target was Hélène Brujon. Hélène was a woman who had traveled from France to Canada, and there had come into the Brotherhood. She had served the Brotherhood for about ten years until 1750, the year when she left the order to become an assassin paid to the Templars especially Blaise family.

Edward paid informants to check on her and in December he got it. Hélène had moved away temporarily from her master Eugiène Blaise and had traveled to Montréal in Canada. Edward hired a pirate-ship affiliated to the Assassins and went along the route for which the ship would return Hélène, near the coasts of North America. On January 6, 1752, the lookout spotted another ship on the horizon. It was the White Lady – Hélène's ship. Edward maneuvered his ship, The Stone, so that impede the transition to the White Lady. When The Stone was before him, Edward did shoot a volley that went against the front of the White Lady. Read maneuvered the stone and let her pass near the left side of the White Lady firing another broadside.

In the naval battle that followed, The Stone destroyed the mast of the White Lady and prepared to board her. Read took his saber and loaded his guns quadruple. When boarded up, Read threw himself on the deck of White Lady ready for confrontation. A Templar-sailor, immediately attacked Read. Read parried and kicked the sword of his opponent forcing him to retreat. Edward's chest marianio knife. Then Edward found himself surrounded by six Templars-sailors. One of them pointed his rifle ready to fire, Edward grabbed one of them and the musketeers fired on its own mate. Edward pushed the corpse and then cut the throat of a Templar-sailor, spun around and stabbed him in the abdomen another Templar-sailor. Edward dodged the thrust of one and then throw it off the ship. Edward shot him in the head and then impaled the last enemy. Edward saw a woman in white clothes as the robe of an Assassin fighting men of Edward. Hélène Brujon.

The traitor. She had to die. Edward took a gun and fired at her but Hélène dodged the blow, lowering. Hélène killed, a Stone-sailor then come forward against Edward. Hélène and Edward clashed their swords for a few moments full of adrenaline. Edward froze the Hélène sword on a bulkhead of the ship and constrinse to go back leaving the sword on the bulkhead. Hélène stepped back and extended her hidden blades. She brought the hidden blade to the face of Edward but he bumped his sword with his hidden blade, diverting from the path. Edward found an open space and kicked alongside Hélène. Hélène went against a bulkhead and Edward tried to hit her in the stomach with the sword. Hélène dodged in time to run into the cabin. Edward followed her up into the cab. Hélène turned to him and shot him. Edward dodged the bullet. Edward thrust his sword into the stomach of Hélène before she could do anything. Edward drew his sword and impaled Hélène – whom fell down dead. Edward closed her eyes and gripped her body by wearing it on the deck. At the sight of their dead leader, the remaining Templars surrendered.

Jonathan Bride Edit

Jonathan Bride was an English-Irish mercenary who had arrived in the West Indies in 1745 from then on he had served for Blaise family. It had to be removed. He worked at an outpost on the Yucatan coast and had many pirates to his service as conducted their trade in weapons and contraband. He kept everything in a huge cave in the den of Yucatan'coast.

Edward could have entered the hideout in a way. He would do the diving bell so it would have entered the submarine road that would lead him in the hideout. The den was inside a cave with the entry, high above the water from which would come out of Edward 6 or 7 meters. So Edward would have to climb over a wall after. In April 1752, the Stone came off the Yucatan coast and put the diving bell. Edward stripped of his clothes and was only in shorts. He dived into the water. Edward reached the bell from which took a big breath of air and then entered again below. Edward quickly swam to the rock, and after a while, 'he found the entrance. Edward walked in the entrance and swam throughout the tunnel. At the end just as he was about to burst Edward came to the surface where air inlets. Edward saw the entrance to the den which was 7 meters in height from the water surface. There was an armed guard gun that he had noticed Edward. He swam under the entrance so the guard could not see. Edward focused and triggered his eagle eye. That way he could see the sniper who allontava to travel a corridor of rock in the cave-lair. Edward scalò the rock wall and came to the entrance of the den and positioned himself behind the wall. The sniper was coming that way again.

As soon as he was within range Edward popped out, grabbed him and brought with it the wall behind them. The man struggled but eventually Edward choked him and leaned against the wall. Edward took the rifle-armed-bayonet and planted it in the guard's chest, killing her. Edward saw a bit 'and saw a pirate down the hall. Edward decided. He would have loaded. Edward came out of his hiding place and shot the man, killing him. Edward walked down the corridor, reloading the rifle while others flocked men. By the time they were 4 but would come many more. Edward stabbed the stomach to a nimble with the bayonet after bayonet slammed in your face to another, sending him to the ground. The third swung his sword to Edward's chest. Edward raised his rifle and parried the sword, Edward struck the head of the pirate with a rifle butt. The pirate stepped back.

Edward stabbed the head with the bayonet. Edward proceeded to another hallway and entered a bigger than the room. There were very large crates near the walls and across the room. 8 men were there. Edward saw a dust gun barrel a few steps away from the group. Edward pointed his rifle. He pulled the trigger. The explosion killed the pirates and Edward tossed the gun to pick up a knife. Edward ran through another rocky corridor to get to the inner room of the hideout that was identical to the first. There were 10 pirates and none other than Jonathan Bride. Edward threw the knife to the throat of a man who fell to the ground and died. The nine others threw themselves on Edward. Edward saw that the Bride was pointing the gun to shoot him. Edward grabbed a pirate and constrinse Bride to shoot against his own soldiers. Edward grabbed another and did as the first. Edward picked up a gun and shot him in the head with a brute. They lacked 6. Edward dodged the 3 pirate attack, rolled off and picked up the ax of the brute. Edward hit him in the head a pirate and then the other stomach another.

Bride's death

Bride's death

Edward parried two shots and then plunged the ax into the chest of another attacker, leaving the ax there. An attacker swung a knife to Edward's head. Edward dodged the knife and kicked the man in the stomach causing him to lose the knife. Edward picked up the knife and planted it in the Bride ankle. Bride screamed in pain and fell to the ground. The three remaining pirates attacked Edward. He dodged and parried all the shots to stab them all, killing them. Edward was tired of fighting. He threw the bloody knife and only then realized he was covered in blood. Edward threw up on the floor. Edward waited a few seconds to recover and then turned to Bride. He turned and was trying to take a gun. Edward reached out and took his gun. "Last wish?" Edward asked. Bride did not answer. Edward pulled the trigger. With Bride removed as Hélèn, the Blaise family could no longer rely on their assassin nor on their arms supplier.

Matilde Antonelli Edit

Matilde Antonelli was the younger sister of Carlo Antonelli killed in 1749 by Jacques de la Noire during a party. Matilde had a brothel in Nassau that served as the office and also as a place from which to obtain information as well as funding for Blaise family. Matilde was Italian but his mother was a voodoo witch so she grew up in Saint Pierre in the same tribe of Jeanne de Orpheus. She now had become too troublesome for Assassins and had to be removed for some time. If his killing would succeed in its place they would put their agent: Jackie Charlotte.

Edward for February 10, 1753 sailed to Nassau, and made a stop there along with Claude Dimanche, the mentor wanted him to accompany because he had a score to settle with Matilde. The two men were dressed in their robes of assassins and proceeded through the streets of Nassau. They came to the brothel of Matilda. Claude knocked on the door and opened a young girl in yellow robes. "The gentlemen wish?" the girl asked. Claude had the hood down while Edward was in his robes as a pirate. "We need to talk business with Lady Antonelli" said Claude smiling. The girl introduced herself as Rose and accompanied them to the office of Matilde. Claude and Edward entered the room while Rose first came to Matilda saying that they were there. The woman was sitting at a table counting money while his right was a brute. Matilde looked up and immediately recognized Claude. Matilde took a gun from the table and fired.

Claude grabbed Rose, using it as a human shield and constrinse Matilde to shoot him. Edward in turn threw a knife which sank in the throat of the beast before it could do anything. Another guard came by Claude hallway and shot him. Edward extended his hidden blade and went to Matilda to kill her but she jumped out the window. Edward jumped after him. Matilda threw to the ground a few smoke bombs to slow Edward but he climbed on a roof and continued the pursuit. Edward jumped off the roof and reached Matilde throwing it to the ground. Matilde unsheathed a knife and collided in the handle face to Edward, stunning. Edward stood up to recover. Claude joined them and began dueling with Matilde. Even three British soldiers arrived. Edward took his sword and killed a soldier. Another swung the sword for Edward's stomach, he parried and then cut her throat to the soldier. Claude had managed to hurt Matilda left arm but the last guard had attacked him. While Claude was killing the guard Edward reached Matilde and attacked. In the clash, Edward saw an opening and brought his blade concealed at Matilde stomach. Matilde fell to the ground dead. Now that Matilda had been removed in its place they put Jackie Charlotte and now cut funding to the Blaise family and removed their only contact in Nassau.

Ivan Koritarev Edit

William Molineux Render

Ivan Koritarev

Ivan Koritarev was a Russian scientist who had traveled from Siberia to America and had lent his knowledges for the Templar Order in particular Blaise family. Ivan was a scholar of the pieces of Eden and was working to find one in the Caribbean in a hidden place. It had to be removed before he could find out the location of any piece of Eden. His fighter is brought up to May of 1754.

Edward patrolled the Caribbean islands and hired informants but for several months did not know anything about anything. Then in May 1754 came a piece of news. Edward found that his target had gone to Danemark for important state affairs and war. In fact there were large tensions between France and England which had started a war and who would win would take the colonies. The Assassins would have fielded by the French. Edward was more than a year he was relentlessly hunting down Ivan and had become more an obsession. He sailed on a merchant ship for Denmark and arrived there on June 1, 1754, went down in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark. Edward walked in the city visiting and exploring it immediately noticing the big difference between colonies and Europe. He tried for about a week about Ivan and he stayed in a hotel with no contact with the local Assassins. That now was a personal matter and he had to do it alone.

Edward he found by his spies that Ivan would meet with the Danish royal court, named Fridtjof I Fredrikson. Edward went an hour before the meeting in the appointed place: a park. Edward studied the area and eventually awaited the arrival of the two Templars from within a bush. On June 8, at about 19:00 PM, Edward saw Ivan and Fredrikson meet and start talking, Edward saw that Fredrikson had left on one side the 14-year-old daughter with a guard. Edward stepped out from his bush with knives hidden reached out to stab the two men. Edward plunged the knife into the chest but Ivan Fredrikson stopped his arm before Edward could hit him. Fredrikson swung a knee in Edward's chest and then dodged away. Edward was stunned by the blow and then he faced the guard who was pointing the sword. Edward drew his sword and began to duel with the guard while Fredrikson gave assistance to Ivan. Edward could not see what he was doing Fredrikson and Ivan. Edward stabbed the guard in the chest with his sword. Edward saw the carriage Fredrikson inside with Ivan and Fredrikson's daughter running off the road.

A Last Drink for the Road 3

The battle

Too late. Edward could only hope that Ivan died bled. Edward for the next two weeks could not find out where he was hiding Ivan. In the early days of July, Edward returned to the Caribbean and continued his life as Assassin. On September 4, 1754, Edward was discovered by a letter from an informant that Ivan was back in the Caribbean and who had managed to survive the attack of Edward. Edward studied a plan to kill him and put in place 18 September 1754. From New Orleans, Ivan would travel on a ship and would have to land in Kingston. Edward would hit at that time during the trip. The September 18, 1754, Edward commanding the Stone managed to dismast the ship where traveling Ivan and board her. Edward boarded the ship and killed six sailors then go into the cabin. Along the corridor a Dutch soldier swung his sword to Edward's head. Edward ducked, dodging the blow and affonò the blade hidden in the side of the soldier, killing him. Edward continued on his way and came into the cabin. There was no Ivan. "No, wait a minute, please," begged Ivan. Edward did not stay to hear it. He grabbed it. He threw it on the ground. He sat on him. He began to give him punched in the face. When Ivan's face was full of blood, Edward paused and took off from him. Ivan was beaten. Edward took the gun. He pointed to Ivan. "This time not will escape," he said. And he pulled the trigger.

Death Edit


Eric Rackham

Following the death of Ivan, Edward continued to live his life as a pirate Assassin for the following years. Edward over the age of 26 he married a woman and had one son and two daughters. In this period of life of Edward you do not know almost nothing.

In October 1770, Edward attacked a merchant ship and brutally killed his captain. Rummaging in his cabin he found some maps that showed an unknown location to Edward. Edward found that indicated a piece of Eden. He built a camp in Nassau Pirate forest and a few men knew of this. Two Templars, Eric Rackham, and Marie Flint discovered this and went to the Edward's field. The Templars created disorder and stole the Edward maps. But Edward had already made transcribing and was not worried. Edward traveled with his pirate ship to the Isle of Sacrifice. Here were the Mayan ruins where there was the alleged piece of Eden. Edward had set up a camp and made a perimeter with his men and many top-ranked assassins. After a few hours, a pirate-diggers had found an Apple of Eden.

Edward went straight at the point and took the apple from the hand of the pirate. Edward heard footsteps, a man coming down the hill and then saw Eric Rackham that killed two of his men. Eric was suddenly frozen and could not do all the movement and saw that Read was using apple over him to block it. Read against Eric stepped forward and began to hit him in the face and stomach with his fists, Read was about to kill Eric. A knife whistled through the air and sank into the belly Read. The knife was small but Read fell to the ground and lost his apple. Eric was a more affordable time and took the apple of Eden use it on killers in the camp of them all over the block. Eric saw Marie behind him and smiled, and then use the apple to commit suicide most of the killers. Eric has other weak killers and then concentrated to Read. Eric used the apple. Edward's sword was taken from its sheath by Read's hand. Eric was controlling him. The sword slowly sank in the Read throat. In the throat he gushed blood and Read died horribly. Eric put the Apple of Eden in his bag and then threw the body of Read off the cliff.

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