"Our lives werent worth the death of others"

Edward Steel (January 2012)


His childhoodEdit

Edward Steel was born in New York one day after his father and his two brothers died in an airplane crash in 1996. His mother worked hard to give him a good education but afterall Edward became very problematic and was arrested four times until his 10th birthday. In juvenile detention home he met Michael Burns who was a member of the Assassin order in New York. It was Michael who brought Edward to join the assassin order after he came out of prison.

Life as assassinEdit

After he joined the assassin order at his 10th birthday he trained very hard for five years. After five years of training he became the best assassin in North America and also the first assassin ever who reached the rank of a master-assassin before his 15th birthday. After he became trainer of young assassin recruits who all became almost as notorious as himself. In January 2012 his mother was murdered by Abstergo agents, that's where his desire to kill began. He killed 27.465 Abstergo agents until the end of 2012. After that, he moved to Graz (Austria) where he finally could live in peace. In Graz he recruited young assassins and funded one of the best assassin-teams ever, the "Black scorpions".



Edward is an extremely good climer and freerunner. He learned allmost everything from Daimien Walters, who is one of the best freerunners in the world. Edward is also wery good at camouflage because he is dressed like a normal person and he also acts very normal.


During his time as an assassins-novice he spezialised himself at blade weapons and pistols so that he became one of the deadliest assassins. He only uses a hidden blade, a rope-blade, two battle knifes, a short onehanded sword (sometimes a long twohanded sword) and his two pistols.


The rope-blade was designed by Edward Keane (one of Steels ancestors) but improved by Steel himself. He made it possible to shoot the hidden blade out on a thin rope so that he could use it as a grapling hook or a whip.

Black Scorpions The "Black Scorpions" were founded in Dezember 2012 by Edward Steel, Andreas ******** and Apti *******. They quickly became one of the deadliest teams in the world. Because of their excellent teamwork Edward, Andreas and Apti were able to defeat 2.000 Abstergo agents in one night. After this event Abstergo offered them peace but they delined and so they still fight against the templars.

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