Edward Stoddard
Edward Stoddard
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Febraury 1747


March 1776 (29 aged)

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Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Edward "Takanetla" Stoddard was an Assassin that obeyed the Templar-turncoat Lady Concord. As a lieutenant, Edward was the overseer of the islands in the Caribbean sea as Condor Apito when the Assassins regained power in 1773 – after they lost them in 1770. But they lost them again to the Templars' influence in 1776 when he was killed by Agnes Lootbox.

Early life Edit

Edward Stoddard was born of an English man and a Native American in 1747 at the Indian reservation at the River Valley, Orenda's forest. The mother kept for himself by naming his son Takanetla that in his language meant "Hardened by war". Takanetla grew up in River Valley with other children of the tribes who accepted him even though he was half British. Takanetla learned the free running and also to follow the tracks.

Induction to the Order Edit

Roland Napule2

Francis White, The Exorcist

When he was 10 years, Takanetla he saw one day in his village a group of soldiers led old man who knew how to be called Francis White and was accompanied as man named Oxide and something else that Takanetla did not understand very well. They would later acted slowly and hard to get them to turn the natives to Christianity. Takanetla did not understand what it meant to pray in front of a strange cross in a building of which Takanetla not understand none of it. The Takanetla's mother assured me the child knew that nothing would ever be the same again. One day Takanetla was playing in the village when they heard screams of his mother at one point. Takanetla course to that point and saw three men annoy her mother, who was on the ground. Takanetla course for the men and tried to beat them without success to defend his mother. A soldier threw Takanetla ground and the child saw his mother revile against the soldier. The soldier beat him with the woman and Takanetla torn in her heart screamed to stop but it was not done. Takanetla when it was over went to his mother and with the help of other natives brought in their tent. Takanetla helped and assisted his mother for two days later but she died later to wound infections. Takanetla much hated the soldiers and wished that they die or somehow wanted revenge. One day Francis White was killed by two hooded men and the tribes did released by British soldiers. Takanetla personally thanked the two and saw that they were brothers. The boy said his name Condor Apito and sister Yasmin Apito. Condor explained that he was a good man and vowed to defend the human race. Takanetla amazed by his words and decided to enter in some way in his order. For the day of departure Takanetla made his bags and left for Albany with his two brothers with new expectations for the future. In the following months Takanetla renamed "Edward Stoddard" mainly studied the principles of the Creed and the story of Assassin-Templar war.

Training an Assassin Edit


Condor Apito, The Guardian

One day Edward asked Condor when they would begin the real training and Condor said that from January 1758 would begin the real training. Edward excited and waited for the day. Arrived the day which was January 6, Edward was in his quarters in the neighborhood of the gang when he entered Albany Condor who she told him to take his stuff and go with him. Edward was quick to Condor and followed in the forest. Condor over there among the trees, and Edward, despite his age was able to keep up for long and eventually dropped from a meter and a half high. condor reached quickly and asked if he was okay to which Edward said yes. Condor congratulated for what he was able to do and then they continued to fight. The following days passed so including pickpocketing, stealth, combat, parkour and sabotage. On the evening of March 18 in the evening to reach Edward saw Condor covered a little 'blood, and asked him what had happened. Condor revealed that the head of the local guild had betrayed the Brotherhood along with a sister named Viviane Vault. Edward asked if they had removed them he and Yasmin and Condor nodded. "The betrayal you can not accept the Brotherhood" Condor said calmly: "They had to die," he added at the end. Condor left the room and Edward went to sleep. He spent a week and after left Yasmin, Condor and Edward to the West Indies. Come ashore in the Caribbean at Tulum as Condor and Yasmin reunited to Opia mother. Condor presented his young apprentice Edward to Mentor of Caribbean Assassins Claude Dimanche. Edward was impressed and admired by Claude and continued training for the next five years in which Edward also learned to read and write as well as to fight as an assassin. The relationship between Edward and Condor became no longer the master-pupil relationship, but Edward saw Condor as the father he'd never had. 1766 therefore came as Edward was 19-years-old and was now ready for his first mission that would have officially started in brotherhood and would be an assassin in all respects to be equipped with a hidden blade and the clothes to be assassin.

Tracey Jameson Edit

Anne Bonny

Jackie Charlotte, The Bounty-Hunter

The mission consisted of Edward killing a target that was a smuggler Andreas Island who had entered into business Templars cones. He had to be removed and his name was Tracey Jameson. Tracey had also activities in Nassau and had to be removed even there. Edward traveled to Nassau to destroy Tracey activities there. Edward saw how the Templars were present in the city and he was told that if he wanted information could have them by a certain Jackie Charlotte. Jackie Charlotte ran a brothel-Office on behalf of Caribbean brotherhood in Nassau with whom he had control of affairs there and also a lot of information. Edward knocked on the door of the brothel and opened a Mr. elder named Pee who asked him what he wanted. Edward said he was there to get information from Jackie and Charlotte did see his hidden blades. Pee did give to the office of Jackie Charlotte. On the way Edward saw many men sitting on sofas with legs of prostitutes or courtesans. Many of them whistled to Edward telling him to stay with them but Edward continued smiling his way. Jackie walked into Charlotte asked what it could be useful. Edward was impressed right away by the beauty of the woman, Edward asked if he had to give him information about Tracey Jameson activities. Jackie smiled and said yes. Tracey Jameson directed its activities in a small fort on the other side of the city that was first used by pirates in the past but now had his properties and guarded by mercenaries. Jackie said she could find there Tracey and had to destroy everything, or at least the people who were there with the goods. Edward thanked very Jackie and she said that when she had finished if he could go there for a matter of her and Edward. Edward thanked him, saying that after the past and it would be understood that Jackie wanted to go to bed with him. Before he saw two men went in front of Edward and presented as the brothers Andrew and Marcus Red who agreed to help. Edward left the brothel and went to the fort of Tracey. The group arrived in front of the entrance of the fort and Edward immediately had an idea to say to the brothers Red. "I kill the guard and I affixed to the backs of others. You two are coming from the front. When I open fire on them, you enter. We'll have the element of surprise. Half of them will die before they even realize what's happening." Said Edward . The Red brothers said it was fine. Edward took his gun and shot the guard beside fort. While Edward entered the hideout climbing the slope on which stood the watchman, Andrew and Marcus approached the front door. Once inside, Edward took a rifle from a rack and shot one of the men guarding the door. The two brothers went against sentinels and quickly killed with their swords.

The Group continued the strong killing the resistance he encountered Edward cut 8 men with his sword and his tomahawk. Finally reached the door of the most fortified inside, the last mercenary saw they were all dying withdrawn inside the fort and closed the door right away. Edward thought quickly and blew up the fort's gate with a bomb. The group broke into loud with Marcus and Andrew who cut with their swords 5 mercenaries while Edward kills six of them with his sword, and tomahawk. One point Edward pointed the gun at the last hired and asked "Where is your boss?". "Tracey went to Cumberland Bay for a meeting," said the man scared. "Thank you very much and now GO!" Edward yelled to the man who ran like hell. Andrew Marcus and brought him into the stronger their men who were members of a gang affiliated with the Assassins taking control of Nassau. Edward on a ship of the Brotherhood called the Royal Phoenix accompanied by brother Josiah Advisor, traveled to the Cumberland Bay. Edward arrived in the area from the ship saw another much smaller ship and a brig across the bay as in the middle of the bay there were about 20 people talking like a meeting. Among the people she saw Edward Tracey and soon he and other members of the Royal Phoenix dropped for the clash. Edward impact killed 3 men Tracey with his tomahawk and then take his sword cutting another man Tracey. There were also British soldiers as Edward killed 2 of them with his guns for the rest thought for members of the Royal Phoenix. As Edward killed a mercenary saw Tracey kill a member of the Royal Phoenix. Edward took the tomahawk and the sword, and did acrobatic race to reach the Templar. Tracey had his rifle and with it tried several times to shoot at Edward without success. Finally Edward fell down and dealt with Tracey duel. Edward dropped his sword on the leg of Tracey, Tracey parried the lunge as Edward made his way with the tomahawk for Tracey chest. Tracey fall to the ground as advanced wound Edward to her with the tomahawk......Towards evening Edward landed again to Nassau and thanked Josiah Advisor that it returned to Tulum. Edward had given him a letter in which he said the success of the mission and that the next day would go back to Tulum for initiation. Edward made his way to the city by going to the Jackie Charlotte brothel-office. Edward came back and went to the office of Jackie. Jackie was asked how did the mission, and Edward said he had gone well. Jackie slowly approached Edward and put a hand to his chest. Edward slowly said what he felt the first time to see Jackie and she silenced him, kissing him. That night the two consummated their love passionately. The morning after Edward left a rose in bed and went away from Nassau. Arriving in Tulum, Edward did go in room of ceremonies where on a table along with other members of the Order including Condor Apito, Songui, Delaware Dinsmore, Josiah Advisor, Edward was officially indicted in the Assassin Order.

Caribbean Brotherhood Edit

First Clash Against Concord Edit


Eric Rackham

Edward served the brotherhood as best was traveling to the Bahamas Islands and checking them and defending them from the Templars. Edward had a romantic relationship with a blonde haired woman with whom he had also three children later. Edward was a little 'to Nassau protecting the city from the Templars as best he could already that they were very outnumbered thanks to Edward Kenway who had killed them all in the early 1700s. Edward in 1770 knew of Jackie Charlotte's death and how the Templars had taken the Nassau control taking over from Jackie a Templar-brute administering what was before Jackie. Edward very sorry for the death of his lover and decided to hunt down the manager. After months of investigations followed by the deaths of other members of the Order as Victor Jensen, Philipphe de Bullion, Mr. Thomas, Edward Read, Edward found out they were two killers of Templars Order called: Lady Concord and Eric Rackham. Edward wanted to kill at all costs Concord as its new sister company Ruby Travers who was Jackie's daughter wanted. In 1772, Edward knew Concord went to Havana to kill the sister of Edward, Delaware Dinsmore. In April 1772, Edward learned of the Mentor Claude Dimanche for Concord hand death. Edward wanted dead Concord as Eric Rackahm. Identified both in Kingston in May and went there to kill them. Edward walked the street of the city and eventually saw a woman and a man dressed all in black and two talk to each other. He had no doubt, Concord and Rackham. Edward extended concealed blades and fell on the Rackham neck. Concord beaten on the arm of Edward moving as Edward moved his right arm but raised the left of Concord. Concord took the dagger and parried the blow while Rackahm took the gun to shoot on Edward. Edward grabbed the barrel of the gun as it fired into the air. Edward beat up alongside Eric knocking him to the wall of the house while Concord punched him in the face with Edward. Edward recovered quickly and took his sword as a fashion show at the Concord body. Concord immediately lowered as Edward kicked to her by sending her to the ground. Edward was going to give her the final blow but Eric extended its blade hidden and locked Edward's sword. Edward grabbed the wrist of Eric remained so for a while 'and then send him away as Concord went against him with his sword. Edward dueled simultaneously with the two Templars. Eventually Edward Eric wounded in the leg as Concord Edward wounded in the shoulder. One point Concord pointed his gun on Edward. "I do not kill with a gun vulgar" he said. Soldiers arrived from the sides and Concord distracted but returned his gaze to where Edward was. Disappeared! Edward saw the scene of how the soldiers attacked Concord and Eric and he ran away from the area.

The New Mentor Edit

In 1772, Edward heard the news of the death of Concord Dimanche hand, and the Templars had also taken Great Inagua. But Edward continued his work along with the other brother as Louis Auverlot, in 1770 that was to protect the Apple of Eden by three Templar: Jean-Baptiste de Orpheus, Agnes Lootbox and Quentin Blaise. Then the piece of Eden was entrusted to the same Condor Apito. In the months final of 1772, Edward learned from Delaware Dinsmore Lady Concord had become an Assassin and the new Mentor's Order. Edward could not accept this. The assault on the strongest of 1773 organized by Concord, however, persuaded Edward and other assassins of Concord loyalty to their cause. Edward continued to serve the Brotherhood also from Concord and his right arm Eric Rackham he became an assassin in 1773. In 1774, the assassins lost Havana and possession of the Apple of Eden all because of a Templar named Jeanne de Orpheus, Orpheus's wife. In 1775, Edward was charged with killing a Templar-killer known Mr. Charles. Charles was responsible for the entry of Eric Rackham Templar Order and had to be removed. Edward traveled to the Isle of Juventud. In fact Charles was on the island for an excursion to the native people who had returned to the ruins. Charles wanted to make slaves and Edward should have killed him. Landed on the island June 3, 1775, Edward made his way through the jungle to get to the ruins. Using Eagle Vision saw some snipers in the trees, Edward went and killed them all one by one with his hidden blade. Edward saw a native woman who was running away from a guard, but this guard had resumed. Edward murdered in flight guard saving the woman. Edward thanked the woman. Edward told him to run away from the island and then he proceeded on his way. Among the ruins he saw an English camp in huts that were holding captive natives. Edward saw Mr. Thomas standing with other officers during a discussion. Thomas went and climbed the stairs to a kind of temple. Edward ran after him without being seen. Edward extended his hidden knives and inflicted to the Thomas back. Edward grabbed him by the shoulder and deposited him on the ground. "It 's time to close your eyes Templar" Edward said. "I sent Eric true that traitor!" Thomas said to Edward. "Not a traitor has just chosen the right way." Edward said. Edward stabbed the throat's Thomas and then closed his eyes. Edward ran away in a hurry from the area.

Death Edit

Black Cross

Agnes Lootbox

In 1776, Edward knew of some losses in the Order but did not bother because it was very normal that happens to leak. He had heard that the new Grand Master Madeleine François de Bullion and his apprentice Callum Kerr had begun a second part of purges from 1770. In March 1776, Edward was at the village of Saint Lucia when he was blocked up by some mercenaries led by a woman dressed all in black with a mask and a sharp knife. Agnes was Lootbox. Edward took his sword and his tomahawk. The Templars attacked. Edward parried the blows as best he could and then hit in turn. Edward was able to kill all the mercenaries but had some minor injuries. Agnes attacked Edward with his dagger. Edward inflicted a blow on the side of Agnes, Agnes parried the blow with a dagger took another and stabbed to Edward's shoulder. Edward lost his tomahawk. Edward violently collided on his sword dagger Agnes do lose and then wounded in the leg. Edward performed a series of lunges creating hardships Agnes and in the end threw a punch in the face. Agnes lowered turning on itself and Edward stabbed in the back. Edward knelt to the ground mortally wounded. "You fought well deserved more Edward Stoddard" Agnes said. "You too," said Edward. Edward closed his eyes and fell to the ground. The instant he passed to the other world.

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