"The Templars have sought control for too long. Now we need a rebuilding. François Germain was a glorious future for France, but he is a fortune hunter. His visions of cities as pure as silver is the seed of madness. I, on the other hand, will bring peace out of this revolution – and I will make sure the Templars returning to their shadows: be the secret masters of the society that we were meant to be."
―Walmart discussing the meaning of the Templars to Frédéric Treville, 1796
Edward Walmart
Walmart was a high-ranked member of the English Rite of the Templar Order, and the successor of Germain
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31 October 1732


5 May 1796 (aged 64)

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Assassin's Creed: Changes (DLC: Time)

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Callum Joice

Lord Edward Osrichius Walmart was a British aristocrat and Templar the operated in London, and Paris during the French Revolution. He was the son of two Templars: Suzanne and Richard Walmart. He was trained in martial arts by his father, and in French by his mother. He had a brother, Cornelius, whom he lived long with – and loved as no siblings did to each other.

Also, he was very found of Shakespeare 's play Hamlet.

During the American Revolution, Walmart served as a commandant under John Pitcairn and his fellowmen of Templars. After the revolution, he sought returned to England and his wife: Eveline Haddock. The two had a son, Robert – whom joined the British militia. When Walmart left for France, he swore his allegiance to Germain. He worked with sir Downcastle and the duke of Orlénas – though himself operated in Paris from the city of Saint-Denis. In Paris, Walmart had four contacts:

In Saint-Denis, Walmart had a group of soldiers to locate something the Templars had called the Hourglass of Eden: who had power to slow down time. With this weapon, the Templars could control the time itself – and could therefore win wars, battles and any military action. This would make one nation of all. This would create the lasted peace the Templars wanted. He would deliver it to Napoleon – the Templars' puppet. He would lead France into a glorious future. He was a traitor of England, but the British Empire suppressed men and women who deserved to be free – and the Templars would give freedom to the people by taking down the suppressors.

In 1796, Walmart was on his way to the Abbey of Saint-Denis, accompanied by his associate: the young Belle Dau-Crème. They discussed their work for the Hourglass, but was soon attacked by a group of mercenaries and Assassins of Matthew Finnegan. Belle, a well-trained sword-woman, killed every man who tried to take down her mentor. Belle and the soldiers fought off the aggressors, and managed to approach the Abbey. The old man told Belle and her troops to spread across the whole abbey: an Assassin was surly on the way. Walmart walked into the building, grabbing a musket, and hiding in a spot where he could see everything in courtyard.

After half an hour of fighting and hunting the courtyard, Walmart was killed by the Assassins Marie Anne Étienne and Angélique Ingur. The two Assassins took a key that was in the belongings of Walmart. The key was to open the vault where the Hourglass was to be located: Françoise had managed to locate other piece in a gang stronghold, guarded by raiders that worked for a former Jacobin. Upon his deathbed, Walmart cursed the Brotherhood and that someday the Assassins would pay.

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  1. Edward is an English given name. It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon form Éadweard, composed of the elements ead "wealth, fortune; prosperous" and weard "guardian, protector" Giving this description, meaning Edward's given name be the "Protector of wealth".
  2. Edward's middle name Osrichius is adapted form the character in Hamlet: Osiric. Osric is a courtier in the Danish court and in Act 5, sc. 2, he is the one who comes to Prince Hamlet with the challenge, put forth by Laertes.
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