Ellie Blair
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Biographical information

854 BCE

Political information

Assassins Brotherhood (1st Leader)

Real-world information
Ellie Blair or earlier known as Ellie Gavan was the creator and first leader of the Assassins Brotherhood. She was the daughter of Teresa Gavan (a high ranking Templar) and Miles Blair (Random Theif). At some point, she was given a piece of the Isu's technology placed into her eye giving her the same DNA, while also allowing for the well-known abilities of the assassins.

Eventually, she had a drunken endeavor with her childhood friend that resulted in the birth of Roger Kemp and third leader of the group. Ellie's whereabouts had been unknown, it is implied that she may have had her body burned instead of buried like most assassin's would do.


Early YearsEdit

Ellie had long light brown hair that had two braided strands tied together at the back with green eyes and light almost pale-ish skin that easily burned when she went out. With her mother, she would typically wear what any child related to a person in power would and expected to have a more ladylike attitude. She was expected to wear dresses, have her hair up and play nice.

With her father, she would wear shirts, pants, and long coats with hoods (ended up as the Assassin's typical style).


When she was an assassin she wore a dark blue robe that's bottom was cut into two flaps, black pants that end up under her knee-high boots.




Ellie was born to her mother and father after they had a brief relationship not that it lasted long, unlike most parents of the time when they separated they decided that they would share custody each having a week. With Ellie's mother being a high ranking member of the Templar's she was quite well off compared to her father a thief who had a small group of helpers.

When Miles had baby Ellie for his first turn he hides a piece of technology given to him by an Isu for safekeeping inside of her eye. This resulted in sometimes her eye turning blue with almost like circuitry inside of it. During her time with her father, unknowingly to her mother, he was teaching her how to steal and fight, mainly because she found it quite fun, she spent much of that training time with her friend Victor Kemp

During her sixteenth year, there had been a murder of a high ranking member of the Templar, it had been the work of another person with the DNA of the Isu but the Templar's blamed it on her father and his group saying that they were radicals who kill anyone that went against them. This caused extreme tension between Ellie and her mother, who decided to follow the other Templars example and not fight it. He was caught a while later as he had been out buying some food and anyone in the general area as he was also arrested. Unfortunately, everyone that had been arrested was executed, causing an even bigger rift.

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