Ellie: "Why do I do this sir? Let me please!"
Francis: "No you are my Ellie and will not leave you to go from here, I WANT A FAMILY!"
―A dialogue between Ellie and Francis
Ellie Bottom
Suzanne René
Ellie in street of New York
Biographical information

September 1708
Albany, New York


July 1750
(41 aged)

Political information

Templars (hostage)

Real-world information
Appears in

Francis White's journal

Ellie White Bottom was a seamstress in New York during the 18th century. In 1747, a priest named Francis White made many times visit to Ellie's house and she was very suspicious. Some months later, Ellie had reported disappeared. Her neighbors had seen a man approaching her house several times, but had noe thought much of it: she was a lonely woman, and needed comfort and company.

But when she had not left her house for a week, Mrs. Patmore – one of Ellie's neighbors came into the house. The house seemed to be ransacked, there was noe Ellie and Mrs. Patmore reported her missing. While the New York guards did as little as they could trying to find her, Ellie was placed in a cage out in the Frontier.

One night, Francis went to the basement of his house in the Frontier – where Ellie was laying. Francis abused her all night, against her will. This repeated for several years: kill approaching people, selling the food on the black market, abusing Ellie. When Ellie became pregnant in late 1747, Francis still abused her – though, less violently. Francis' twinsons, Thaddeus and Kenneth, was born in June 1748. Ellie survived the childbirth, but wished she was dead. Ellie died after stop eating or drinking by Francis in 1750.

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