Emilio Auditore (Rome , 24 May 1970) is an Italian Master Assassin and a descendant of Ezio Auditore da Firenze  and Giuseppe Auditore, an Italian Assassin lived during French Revolution that collaborated with the French-Austrian Assassin Arno Dorian. Also, he is the father of Roberto Ezio Auditore. He appears in the Italian fanfictions Sogno senza fine and Adolescenza bruciata (as in its remake, Assassin's Creed - Adolescenza bruciata) written by The Big Dreamer, also known as Great Saiyaman.


Early lifeEdit

Emilio was born in Rome on 24 May 1970, as the second and last son of Giacomo and Claretta Auditore. Giacomo was a Master Assassin and one of the most important personalities that worked during the Italians' Protests of 1968, in order to contain the growing Templars' influence over the poor classes and young people, the main proponents of the movement.

He lived alongside his older brother Davide a joyful childhood until 1978, when their father was killed in a confrontation in Vatican City with Carlo Omberti, Grand Master of Italian Templars, in a failed attempt to save pope John Paul I, a Templars' enemy. So Claretta decided to take in her hands the family's bank, securing their life style.

Induction into Assassin OrderEdit

During 1986 the Assassin Order came in contact with Davide and Emilio, offering them the possibilty to take their father's place. Although the resistance of their mother, that wanted to save her sons from their father's destiny, the two became Assassins one year later. Because Claretta hadn't approved their decision, Emilio and his brother were forced to go to live with their aunt and uncle, two Assassins too.

In 1989 Emilio began studying at the Faculty of Economics of the Università La Sapienza di Roma, in order to open an own activity, and graduated with honours in 1992. During these years he made some friends (mostly of them Assassins like him, apart Alberto and Cristina Franceschini), and met Giorgia Bianchi, that in 1995 became his wife.

Early years as an AssassinEdit

During this time he led a double life as a student in the day and an Assassin in the night, exercising strenuously in physic and mind to overcome his father, and started to kill some targets (mostly Templars and corrupt people).

In 1991 he discovered that his father's killer, Carlo Omberti, had died for cancer in 1988, so he tracked down his daughter Maria thinking she was a Templar too, but some proofs showed she wasn't aware of her father's true identity, although he remained suspect for the rest of his life (which would be confirmed years later).

Mani puliteEdit

Davide: "How could you have done such a terrible thing?!"
Claretta: "Because I wanted to revenge Giacomo. The Assassins had killed him ..."
Emilio: "No! The Assassins were his friends! They tried to protect him! The Templars killed him! And you betrayed him and us!"
Claretta: "Carlo Omberti was defending himself, what he could do? You are young, you have to learn so many things, figli miei ... addio ..."
Emilio and Davide: "Requiescat in pace, mamma ..."
―Claretta's last words

Two years later the Templars, in order to retrive their power in Italy, put on successfully the Mani pulite's scandal, reveailing the crimes committed by many politicians and industry leaders (mostly with their consent at the time). Investigating, the Assassins discovered that Claretta Auditore was one of the masterminds in the conspiracy, and that she was inducted in the Templar Order in 1985.

Furious for their mother's betrayal towards them and their father, Emilio and Davide tracked her down on Milan in 1995, and the first stabbed her in the heart with Giacomo's left hidden blade that received in heritance (as Davide with his right, because he was left handed). Before dying, Claretta confessed to her sons that she never approved Templars' ideology (because she was a fervent Christian), but that used them in order to avenge her husband's death by destroying the Assassin Order, giving it all the blame and justifing Carlo Omberti's action as self-defense.

For them great actions that contributed to save the Order, one year later Davide and Emilio were nominated Master Assassins.

Being a family manEdit

After confessed her he was an Assassin, Emilio and Giorgia married in 1995, and one year later they had their first son, Roberto. After his mother's death, Emilio became the owner of Auditore's Bank, living a rather wealthy. He continued to his life as an Assassin, mostly training new Novices, in particular Karim Abdullah, a Iranian boy which was also a direct descendant of Altair Ibn-La'Ahad. Over the years, however, he started to giving more space to his family in his life, but his contribution remained fundamental, at the point that he greatly helped to contain the damage in the Italian branch of the Order caused by the Great Purge.

Great Purge and temporary retirement from the OrderEdit

Because of this, in 2001 the Assassins nominated him the successor of the previous Mentor, but he refused the offer because he feared that becaming the worldwide leader of the Order would been a task too difficult for him, and also fearing to make his father's end and leave his wife and son alone. So he decided to give the power to his friends Karem Labah as the Mentor and William Miles has Karem's second-in-command.

Emilio continued to serve the Order until 2003, when Giorgia given to birth their daughter Sabrina. After this, he understood that he couldn't be a Master Assassin and a father at the same time, so he was forced to made a difficult decision. With the Labah and Miles' consent, he leaved the Order in 2004, becoming a normal man, although the Assassins would accept anytime him to rethink.

From then, he lived his life as a common person, managing his bank and staying close to his wife and kids.

Operation Nova Roma Edit

By 2011 Emilio had grown accustomed to his quiet life, but was about to reach a new threat of the Templars against a person close to him.


Personality and characteristics Edit

"You will never have a single penny from Alberto and Cristina Franceschini's heritage, or my name it's not anymore Emilio Auditore! And now ... out of here!"

 ―Emilio to Lucio Franceschini's grandmother.

 Emilio Auditore in his young years was truly devouted to the Assassin Order, but, like his father Giacomo and his brother Daniele, he tried at the same time to mantain his social relationships, conversely his fellow Brothers Karem Labah and William Miles. He thought being without family and friends was a totally waste of life, although in many situations he demostrated that the Order was the most important thing for him. Only after the birth of his sons Roberto and Sabrina he decided to give to his family the first place in his life.

 He demostrated a deep love for his sons, as much as, and perhaps even more than his wife Giorgia. He treats theme like friends when they asked him advice, but has repeatedly shown severity towards them, when necessary.

He deeply care about his friends, specially those who are unaware of his Assassin heritage, and, in the case of Alberto and Cristina Franceschini, he could arrived to considered their sons as his own.

He both physically and temperamentally resembles his ancestor Giovanni Auditore, although he showed sometimes a far shorter temper (just like his son Roberto), as when he stabbed repeatedly his mother to death, driven mostly by rage, or when he defended Lucio Franceschini, son of Alberto and Cristina, and an Formula One driver for Ferrari, from his paternal grandmother, which attempted to stolen legally the heritance of his parents from him and his brothers.

Equipment and skills Edit

Emilio, like all the other Italian Assassins, had some many guns and gadgets in his equipment.

By his first years in the Order, as Novice he was allowed to only use his father's left Hidden Blade, a Beretta M9 with a suppressor and some flash and smoke bombs.

In 1995, at the time of his mother's assassination, he added to his personal equipment a combat knife that he used in direct confrontations with his Hidden Blade in a similar way as the Indian-British Assassin Ratonhnhaké:ton, a Dragunov sniper rifle and in some cases an Uzi submachine gun.

He wores three different main attires in his life: his father's, a wooded 1960s' style white jacket, in his early years as a tribute for him, a second after being a Master Assassin that consisted in a normal white wooded sweater with red internal as all Assassins' attire, and the third as an outfit similar to Ezio Auditore's in his Rome's years as only a cerimonial function.

He hadn't natural combat skills, has he preferred use guns in the long distance, but years of training helped him to developed his skills to the point that he could stand to a group of 5 Abstergo's guards armed of taser batons.

Romantic life

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