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Emily Cortese
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Biographical information

25 May, 1589
Manchester, United Kingdom


12 December, 1740
(aged 150)
London, England, Kingdom of Great Britain

Political information


  • British Brotherhood of Assassins
    (1600 unitl death)
Real-world information
"I woke up to only find out that my family is dead, the only thing I have left... is you, Edward."
―Emily to Edward Kenway, 1718

Emily Kenway (nee Cortese) (1589 - 1740) was a master assassins and later on mentor of the British Brotherhood of Assassins. She is also the wife of Edward Kenway. She is the granddaughter of the legendary assassin, Agnes d'Elbeuf and August Cortese. She is the mother of Haytham and Eveleen Kenway, and also the step-mother of Jennifer Scott and the grandmother of Ratonhnhaké:ton and Catherine Kenway and ancestor of Desmond Miles through the paternal line, and the descendant of Phoenix Charpentier.


Early Life[]

Emily was born Manchester, United Kingdom, to her parents, after her birth her mother died of child birth this brings her father to raised her most of her life. Her father being a assassin taught her the ways of an assassin at the age of 7 and she joined the brotherhood at the age of 10.

Guarding Anne of Austria the Queen of France[]

In 1612, the order assigned Emily with a mission guarding the Queen of France while she makes her way to London.

Fighting in the Thirty Years' War[]

The year 1618, Emily was promoted a Master Assassin of the Brotherhood and had given a mission to take part of the Thirty Years' War.

The Coma[]

The next year, still fighting in the war, Emily had fell into a coma and been asleep for 125 years until she woke up by Edward Kenway.