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I hope whoever finds this, reads it and knows what we gave up for them.

21st November 2015, Juno has killed million's in her quest for world domination, and many more enslaved by the Pieces of Eden, when Juno was released in 2012, in a flush of panic Abstergo funded a new company, Cyberdyne. Two years ago they had done it, Crafted the ultimate killing machine; the perfect AI; Well, Almost perfect. The machines went crazy; apparently Cyberdyne skipped one of the data entry processes to meets a deadline! A fucking deadline! They had become fully self-aware, attacking every threat like an Anti-Virus on a PC, and the threat and Oh, it wasn't Juno, oh no, it wouldn't be would it. It was us. Now, now there are around Ten thousand of us left, no assassin's, no Templars, their ideals have been long forgotten.

So we hid any way we could, it took us over a year to slip under their radar and i want to keep it that way, and now they have begun to attack Juno, finally. They're killing her workforce, making her weak. Now she grows weary, and i think this is the best time to strike, but who to send? I could never perform such a task. I can barely lead the thousand's that i do. But, but there is a rumour that there is one. The late Desmond Miles fathered a child when he was only 16, his name is Jake Koronicle, and I’m not surprised due his troubled past. This child could contain First-Civilisation DNA, 2 weeks in the animus should give him enough skill's to take Juno and the machines on, and now all we have to do is find him. I am Erudito and this, this is Operation Endgame.

Chapter One: Steps[]

Jake was lying on a broken deck chair next to his friend, underneath the powerful sun, beating down on them, he let out a breath of air, relaxing for once. His head turned, he heard something, he already knew what it was, a faint rubbing of metal could be heard suddenly he shouted "Run Lisa, RUN!"

Lisa jumped up and ran, launching her to the next building, her slightly uncontrolled jump caused her to land with a firm foot, Jake was now on the roof on his own, and still the rubbing of metal could be heard. He sniffed, lifting his nostrils up as he did, "Rust!" he mumbled to himself, quicker than you could say shit, an old model T-600 burst through the floor; an old model to be sure, Jake rushed to a grenade, he pulled the pin, waited two seconds and rolled it, it exploded; mangling the machine and sending Jake tumbling off the edge of the roof, he gripped the edge clinging for his life, a shadow covered his face, albeit not that of a machine, still not trusting anything, he ejected backwards using the full capacity of his legs landing safely to the next building, he looked up, but there was nothing there, he and Lisa made their way downstairs, Lisa stopped and broke down in tears.

"I can't take this any more Jake! Every day we do this and then what huh? What do we do now? I’m sick of it." she stood up and looked at Jake angrily "Use that gift of yours. It must do something?"

He rolled his eyes, "I'm sorry Lisa, but you know this already!" He looked at her softly, "We got to hurry Lisa, time's short, and the HK's will be here soon." "They will have heard that blast. We have to GO!" She jumped up in a fright; she knew he was right, so they kept moving.

Chapter Two: Stars[]

It was dark now, lights everywhere. Well. He’s. They had stopped, hunkered down for the night, the Hunter killers are much more efficient at night than they are day, they see with infra-red vision, better to hunt with. A HK rumbled overhead, shaking the ground beneath it as it went by. He spoke with concern,

"Stay inside Lisa, this building has lead inlays, their infra-red can't see through lead."

"Don't you just miss the days when we could go outside, and just look up at the stars?" She looked at him for an answer. He was gripping a grenade tight, remembering the silhouette that he saw. Who was he? Why was he there? How did he get there? So many questions clouded his mind. He set his mind on other things and replied, "Only thing I remember seeing in the sky is flying death machines."

"Don't be so cynical." she replied quickly.

"Nah, just kidding i remember the sound's, smells, everything. It's what keeps me going. In the hope that one day after this is all over that we can get that back." He said deeply.

"Tell me about it Jake." she sat next to him and got closer to him for warmth.

he said, "When i was little i used to sit outside and take in my surroundings it was beautiful, the smell of freshly cooked bacon in the air, sounding of cars as the went by, the shooting stars in the sky, what I’d give for a day back there." he sighed at the memory of the world and the vision of today’s one.

Then they slept, maybe for 4 or 6 hours and woke to the ashen world before and continued on, but they didn't have their destination.

Chapter 3: Cracks[]

Jake stopped for a minute and took a deep breath, revelling in the first lung full of fresh air he had respirator in in a long while, but then the foul stench of the foreboding wasteland once again invaded his nostrils, causing him to scrunch his face up in disgust and began to walk again. He walked past a tall derelict building, it read on the front "Kenway’s Clobber"; smashed windows, missing and scorched walls, everything the building needs to tumble down to the earth. A few birds and dust flew up into the air, scared most likely. "Something’s coming." whispered Jake. In the distance the slow sound of marching could be heard, "Metal and gravel." He said, suddenly the ground began to shake under their feet, buildings came crashing down to the ground, cracks split the earth beneath them, one huge crack unsettled the building they were in, sending them (and the building) into the chasm below, they were thrown from it landing on a small golden balcony.

There were figurines around it, ones that Jake recognized, Roman gods and goddesses, Jupiter, Minerva and Juno. The balcony had a tunnel behind it leading into a much larger chamber, once Jake stood in the room glowed a bright teal, with strange patterns and symbols, all ones he recognised but didn't understand, a pedestal rose from the ground with a golden ball resting on it, it too had patterns on it. Jake heard banging, from a door that he had only just noticed.

Machines came bursting through, pouring in by the hundreds, Jake ran for the pedestal and claimed the Golden ball, Lisa was also running to Jake, a Terminator spotted her turned and shot, the plasma blast clipped her shoulder and sent her frail body flying, Jake looked on in terror, fear and anger. The Ball glowed bright, shooting out golden lines that struck the Terminator's, Jake's eyes were also glowing gold, he gripped the ball tighter, the lines that were once gold now turned blood red, all the machines began to explode, their nuclear cores overloading, which should have killed him, but the golden ball contained the blast, extruding the energy and storing it within itself, Jake dropped to the floor unconscious.