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"Let's make it quick"
―A taunt preformed by The Diplomat

Enok Jytte was a Danish Master Templar who worked as an ambassador and diplomat for the kingdom of Denmark–Norway during the French Revolution. At some point, Enok became a member of the Saint Vierge group and became the key financier for them and the Templars.

At some point during the production of "Behind the Revolution" (a codename for Assassin's Creed: Changes), Enok Jytte's genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar. The purpose was to influence the general public via the different game consoles, under the pseudonym The Diplomat.

He is an ancestor of Betty Clark.

Enok Jytte
Enok at the palace of Louvre
Biographical information

April 1749
Copenhagen, Denmark–Norway


January 1794 (aged 44)
Paris, First French Republic

Political information
Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Templar

Assassin's Creed: Purge

Assassin's Creed: Changes

Voice actor

Mads Mikkelsen


Early life[]

Born to a noble family in the city of Copenhagen, Enok and his sister – Olivia Jytte – was raised under the roof of their father alone, Klaus. Their mother, Esther, died when she born Olivia. Although, their father had bought a slave from Caribbean that was to serve as their governess. Passing the years, Enok and Olivia soon learned that the reason their mother died was not because of blood-loss, but since their father had tried to poison her. The first attempt failed, whilst the second ended with success. Why? Why had his father tried to kill her?

Passing a few more years, one of Enok's friends, Vincent Polonius, presented himself as a Templar – and told him that Esther also had been one; Klaus was an Assassin. The reason of his mother's death was that the mother had married the Assassin in an attempt to stop the way by influencing the Assassin Order with the Templars' ideology. When her husband discovered this however, he tried to kill her – with the success on his second attempt. With these facts, Enok, Vincent and Olivia lay a plan to kill Klaus.

6th March 1772, the three youths waited for Klaus to return to the estate. He had went on a travel to West Indies to meet with some contacts. Vincent doubted that; he had went there to help the Caribbean Assassins. The Templars had started a purge for Assassins, and Klaus – blinded by the Creed – would help his brothers and sisters in need. He arrived with the family carriage, and when the door opened to the great hall, the servants was the first to enter. Vincent waited by the door, ready to surprise Klaus. Soon the latter entered the room. He was dressed in leather – with the familycolors: brown and yellow – and with a sword and pistol in his belt. A cape was placed over his one shoulder, hiding his right shoulder. When he saw his children standing by the stairs he was shocked by their feelingless faces. Before they had always smiled, but not now. "Children?" The siblings said in choir: "Father." The Assassin was opening his arms, trying to get a hug from his daughter, Olivia – but his eyes was on guard: "May I ask why you are acting so strangely?" Olivia answered – still standing at her spot – that they wondered why he acted so strangely at her birth. Klaus lowered his arms, realizing the truth. "You know I did it of a reason." Enok answered: "Indeed, because of something you belive in." Then he pulled out his sword: "And now, we are going to do what we should've done for many years ago." Olivia pulled out her dagger. "Children, I love you. Join me. We are the same: we seek to help other people. We want peace, no corruption. Please, do not cross my path." Vincent stepped out of the shadows and threw a knife into Klaus' back. The Assassin yelled – more of the shock than the weapon itself. "Damn you!" he screamed. Klaus took the knife and threw it back on Vincent. The Templar lost the balance when the knife went into his knee, and fell to the ground. Klaus turned around, dodging the sword and the dagger by his children. He ejected his hidden blades and wounded both of his children. This repeated itself several times. That was until the governess told Enok to stop. Enok had not noticed her, but he noticed the gun she pointed to the head of Olivia. Olivia had dropped her weapon and stood with her hands behind her head. Klaus pointed his sword at Enok's chest. "Drop your weapon, son – please."

Affairs in Norway[]

The Bureau[]

Being too weak – or too sentimental – for his children, Klaus could not kill them, neither Mr. Polonius. But still, he could not get over the betrayal they had executed. With the help of governess Zidane, Klaus sent his daughter to Egypt; Polonius was being transferred to the island of Príncipe, Africa; his son was sent to Norway, a colony of Denmark since 1380. They were all sent to contacts of Klaus: Olivia to Ojeda Al-Jahad – an infiltrator in The Turk – Polonius to Duha al Din – mother of Tariq al Din – Enok to Tanja Andersen in Christiania. Klaus and the governess lived together at the Jytte-estate back in Copenhagen.

Assassins Dens.jpg

Arriving in the city of Christiania, Enok was escorted to the docks by some mercenaries Klaus had paid in order to not let Enok escape. The mercenaries was lead by a Swedish man, so it was a bit difficult for the Danes to understand the man. But he lead them to a tower of stone at the old city wall. It carried an orange banner with a white Assassin insignia. Three men was already outside, guarding the entrance. At the top of the tower, Enok could see a dark figure. The men stopped the mercenaries, and soon they were being searched over their body for hidden weapons. When it seemed to be "good-to-go", the figure at the tower was jumping from the point, down to the wall, grabbing the ledge, dropping down to the ground. An Assassin! Why would his father send him right in the arms of an Assassin like this? The Assassin told the mercenaries to step aside. The Assassin inspected Enok. Enok was surprised to see the Assassin was a woman. She looked on him from top to bottom. When she was satisfied, she let them all inside the tower. What next?

Tanja Andersen

The woman pulled down her hood and presented herself as Tanja Andersen. She told Enok that she had received a letter from Enok's father, Klaus, and that he wanted Enok to be trained as an Assassin. He meant that Polonius had poisoned Enok's mind with lies about the Assassin Order. Now it would be up to Tanja to heal him. She accepted the task, and she delivere a list of what Enok was to do the following months – or even years.

The Bishop … and his nephew[]

Enok's first task was to kill a Norwigean bishop named Johan Ernst Gunnerus. Johan had been traveled around in the northern part of Europe in many years. In 1758, Johan had became bishop of the city of Trondheim with environs. The Assassin Council was proud of the work Johan had done for the people. He could be a useful ally, but his ties with the Templar Order was far more closer than he knew. His nephew, Taran Gunnarson, was a high-ranked Templar – and he influenced Johan by acting on behalf of the Dane-Norwegian Rite of the Templar Order. However, Enok knew about the nephew from what Polonius had told him some months ago about members of the local Rite. The Assassins believed Johan was a man who operated for the Templars, but in real life it was Taran who controlled him.

Leaving the city of Christiania, Enok was accompanied by a Master Assassin of the Norwegian Brotherhood. The Assassin was sent to not make Enok do some bad moves: such as not killing Johan, or maybe killing an innocent in the attempt. They were both on the horseback when on the travel. A week later, they arrived in Trondheim. The city was much like Christiania, Enok noticed. The only difference was the amount of rich men and women and the big houses. The Master Assassin, a woman named Ingrid Dermasdatter, told that the Brotherhood owned a bureau in the city – and they was both to meet the leader: Ulrikke Olavsdatter. When they approached the building – which had the visual of an abandoned brothel – the bureau-leader shook the hand of Ingrid, but did not even looked on Enok.

Olga Kosygina

The following nights and days were spent on planning how they would kill the bishop. Enok did not bother to tell about the nephew. If the Assassins wanted to kill a man that was innocent – bishop Johan – and go against their own Creed, so be it. Enok spent the days to locate Taran. He did not wanted to kill him, but to warn him. If Taran got out of the city, then maybe he could be spared for the Assassins' bloodlust. But he needed to get slipped past the Assassins – who watched over him like crows. They changed on staying on post each night. One night on, guarding the bureau; one night off, sleeping and resting. Enok told the two women that he wanted to stay out on post one night. They had been living at the bureau for a month – and despite the fact the Assassins still not trusted Enok – they granted his wish. It was this night Enok went out in the streets of Trondheim. With the month they had been living here, Enok had learned of a meeting point for many of the city's "dancers". Here, he had been known with a woman named Olga Kosygina – a Russian fugitive who now served as a prostitute. But the thing that really was catching Enok's interest was the cross she wore around her neck.

Enok met Olga at the meeting point: some ruins of a church. Olga was just done with a customer when she saw Enok. The two hugge each other before Olga drew Enok to a cottage. Olga was about to pull down her dress when Enok stopped her: "Where did you get the necklace from, Olga?" The woman took herself to it before telling him that it was symbol of a group she belonged in. They communicated through Russian – a language Enok had learned by his scholars. "The Templar Order?" Enok asked. Olga looked in his eyes: "How did you -" Enok told her to be silent before he showed her a Templar ring. Olga asked which rank he was in. Enok stated that he would most likely be a high-ranked member already if his father not had sent him to Norway – working for the Assassin Order. "Let us get back to my master's house … Not my brothel-master, but my Templar-boss. It will be safely to talk there." Enok and Olga went out of the cottage and walked through the dark city.

Taran Gunnarson

Soon they entered the more richer part of the city, and stood in front of a great and enormous house. Olga opened the gate and they walked up to the door. She knocked. A servant opened, and the two Templars entered. From the second floor, a male voice was calling out: "Who goes there?" Olga answered: "The Father of Understanding." The voice replied: "What are you doing here, Olga?" The man that soon showed himself at the top of the stairs, was dressed in red clothes: everything was red, from the hat to the shoes. Olga curtseyed before telling the Templar: "This man claims to be a Templar. I have talked with him on the way to your estate, and he shares our ideals through and through." The man studied Enok from bottom to top before saying: "Well, you don't seem to be an Assassin. Olga seems to trust you – although I don't value her words so much – and believe you to be a man that we can trust on. What's your name?" Enok told hm his name, and then the Templar told him his name: "Taran Gunnarson, Templar leader in the Dane-Norwegian Templar Rite. I'm not a Master Templar yet, but I will be." The three Templars – Enok, Olga and Taran – all went up to the second floor, where Taran showed Enok a wall. The wall – as well as the room – was covered with red threads and paintings.

Taran told Enok to find a chair. Enok did so, and Olga followed shortly after. "With my research I have done for quite some time, I have reason to belive that an Assassin that lived here in Norway sometime found an ancient artifact – possibly an Apple – and hid it. My uncle, bishop Gunnerus, have got some artifact himself from the Sami people." Taran found a rock-plate, where the engraving showed an octant with several different symbols and drawings. "I don't know what it is for, but every time I concentrate – trying to acknowledge my thoughts – I just relive the same memory. The Sami-people don't have another plate, but I need one more if I want to become a Master Templar." Olga explained: "Well, if we look on the Templar-archives, what do we find that is much like this?" Taran understood at the same time: "The Byzantine Templars wanted to get their hands on the library of the legendary Assassin Altaïr. In order to do this, they needed a set of keys that belonged to the latter. Of course, the keys was taken by the Italian Assassin da Firenze – and the Templars lost the battle to gain knowledge from Altaïr's library." Enok did not understand the context; keys to a library? Altaïr? Byzantine Templars? Da Firenze? Who were they all? The two Templars could see on Enok that he was lost. They began to explain: Altaïr had been a great Levantine Assassin during the Middle Ages, and he had a library with knowledge – after what the Templars knew. The Byzantine Templars – men and women who operated in the Ottoman Empire – had tried to locate five keys to open the library, but Ezio da Firenze – an Italian Assassin, whom also had brought down the Roman Rite of the Templar Order – had killed each Templar and regained the keys from tombs hidden under the city of Constantinople.

Later that night, Olga and Taran learned from Enok of the two Assassins that was to kill Taran's uncle, Johan Gunnerus. After discovering this fact, the three Templars planned a way to stop the Assassins. Enok knew that the Assassins was to execute their plan three days from now: 23rd September. If the Templars was to influence the northern part of Norway, the Sami people, and publish books to influence the people, they needed to stop the Assassins. Taran did not have a seat close to bishop Gunnerus, and Gunnerus' friends never wanted to have something to do with the first. Olga suggested a public gathering for the prostitutes at the given date, during which Gunnerus might come. The Assassins would follow, and the other women that worked that night would kill the attackers when the time came. Taran pointed out that his uncle would never meet a prostitute – rooted to the Clergy and it's religion as he was. Enok told Taran that a public gathering was a clever thought however. But the Templar leader refused, stating 'a social gathering was too risky'. Olga asked Enok which plans the attackers had created for the assassination.

The Assassins had hired some members of the Sami people to "do their stuff" in front of bishop Gunnerus. During this, Ulrikke would take the books and the intellectual work while Ingrid – disguised as a Sami – would kill him by giving him some poisoned flowers. The poison would cover the hand, and it would get into his body through the skin. Hours later, the poison would get to the heart and make it stop beating.

Enok and the two other Templars knew that it was up to them to prevent the attack.

Search for friends[]

Finding Olivia[]

Finding Vincent[]

The French Revolution []

Templar-affaires []

Ghosts of the past []


Death []



The Jytte-family

Templars []

The Templars that Enok became known with and had ties with throughout his life

Assassins []

The Assassins are all enemies of Enok


Men and women who died by the hand of Enok.


Weapons []

Enok Jytte wielded several weapons during her life. Abstergo Relics have manage to obtain all of his collection.

  1. Død og pine (Death and pain)
  2. Stalker's friend
  3. Guillotine-Axe
  4. Double-Death


Enok wore several outfits during his life. Abstergo Relics have manage to obtain these

  1. Dark negotiations
  2. Seatraveller
  3. Tough politics
  4. Master Templar


  1. From the Hebrew name חֲנוֹך (Chanokh) meaning "dedicated".
  2. Jytte is a Danish form of the German name Jutta.
    • Jutta is probably a medieval Low German form of Judith – from the Hebrew name יְהוּדִית (Yehudit) meaning "woman from Judea", Judea being an ancient region in Israel.
  3. In 2014, the Abstergo Medical published a book telling the story of Enok entitled: Assassin's Creed: Templar.
  4. In 1770, Enok is mentioned in a letter of his father to Edward Read.