"I was once a Templar-puppet. I used to kill the enemies of my masters with no questions or requests did the dirty work and they paid me. So I did until you open your eyes. Induced by deception into a false belief. Eleonora I mistake eyes. It made me realize that we had it all wrong and I, we had helped the wrong side of these Templars of which I was part. But when he realized I knew what to do. Entering the Brotherhood and take back what belongs to men. Freedom. After the purge he lost. All my comrades they left. The sweat and the blood put it back up the Brotherhood and managed to liberate the Caribbean from the Templars. I was a Templar. I am now and I will be an Assassin. Nothing true, everything is permitted. Everything we do begins and ends with us."
―Eric Rackham about his life, in 1829
Eric Rackham
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May 19, 1750


October 25, 1829 (79 aged)

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Caribbean Templars

Caribbean Assassins

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Assassin's Creed: Purge

Assassin's Creed: Changes

Assassin's Creed: Ashes (mentioned)

Assassin's Creed: Revenge

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Steven Piovesan

Eric Rackham, aka Mr Rackham was a Templar-turned-Assassin from The Bahamas during the Caribbean Purge. He was the son of a Kingston's fisherman named John and an Italian woman named Veronica. Eric was introduced into the Templar Order for which took place a few murders and then passed to the West Indies Brotherhood of Assassins.

He is a descendant of Jack Rackham, and an ancestor direct of Jennifer Croft from father line and Simon Benkowski from mother line.

Early life Edit

Eric Rackham was born to an English fisherman named John Rackham (1720 - 1767) and an Italian woman named Veronica who died giving birth to Eric. Eric grew up in the town of Kingston and he often spent time at get drunk in taverns and get into fights with other local customers. This made Eric a favorite target for guards who often beat him after having thrown in jail for a few skirmishes. Eric hated more than anything else his work as a fisherman and he tried in every way not to do it even though it was the only way to get by. John's father tired Eric, Eric always give the problems we often quarreled. In 1767, Eric's father died in a fall from the pier into the sea and drowning. Eric sorry for his father's death, but not that much and one day in 1768 everything would change.

Joining at the Templars Edit

Eric was in a tavern as usual and was getting drunk. At one point Eric saw him enter a man dressed as a French military into the pub of the guards who did the military space on a table where they were drinking fishermen. Eric does not like at all the military and as attracted by force the girls of the tavern. One point Eric got up and marched to the soldier who was holding a girl, Eric put his hand on the man's shoulder and threw a punch in the face. A guard pulled his sword and Eric grabbed a stool and slammed with on guard force, the second guard pointed his gun Eric and the boy grabbed the tip of sending her gun up and kicked him in the chest after the guard. The soldier stood up behind Eric and was about to cut it, but Eric grabbed a bottle and fell dodging the blow. Eric got up and knocked violently the bottle on the man's skull.

Eric noticed an elderly man who had seen the whole scene and was intrigued by Eric. The man went on Eric and told him she wanted to talk to him for a special job offer. Eric asked him what he meant and the man told him to go to the back of the inn to talk quietly because there were too many prying ears. The man said his name was Mr. Charles, and who was a member of a group of persons who wanted peace and order in the whole world. Eric confused by those words asked what could be useful to the group someone like him. Charles said he had the potential to fight and that if that potential was exploited then it would not have lived in vain. The group was called Templar Order and Eric feeling their principles was impressed and somehow knew that their ideologies were right to peace. Eric was led by Charles to the city of Boston in North America where he was trained in combat, sabotage, stealth and other things. Eric made the acquaintance of other members of high social rank of the Order such as the Grand Master Haytham Kenway or the traitor assassin became a Templar Shay Cormac. In 1770 Eric ready to start its missions and together with Charles, Shay and Christopher Gist returned to the Bahamas.

Templar-missions Edit

As a assassin for the Templar Order, Eric was instructed to identify five Assassins and kill them. As soon as five of them would be dead assassins killed, Eric would be granted the rank of Master Templar. His first victim was the governor of Portobello, Philliphe de Bullion - the brother of the Templar Quintina François de Bullion. Philliphe was the governor of Portobello for which he had become a regular haunt of assassins Caribbean.

Philliphe de Bullion Edit


Philliphe de Bullion

Philippe François de Bullion was the brother of Quintina François de Bullion wife of Master Assassin Andrés François. Unlike Phillipe sister he had become an ally of the Assassins, and allowed him to go to Portobello making it one of their hideouts. Once in the ground, Eric and Shay noticed many gang-member annoy the population and Shay told Eric that they would begin their work immediately. Eric and Shay came to the streets of the city and saw Phillipe make a public speech in which he said how he was prospering their city and new treaties ant-pirates. Eric grabbed his dagger but Shay stopped my arm and said that a murder in broad daylight would have aroused confusion and that it was better to act in secret from the people. Eric apologized Shay saying that he was right and that they would kill Phillipe when he would have the opportunity arose. Shay and Eric went for a road when Eric saw suspicious movements on the roofs. A moment later Eric saw five hooded figures down from the roofs in the street: Assassins!

Shay killed an assassin with his air rifle while Eric shot in the head to another. Another assassin went against Eric with sword and tried to cut it, Eric dropped immediately and given punch in the stomach to the assassin. Shay instead dueled with the other two assassins managing to kill one. Eric pulled his sword and turning on assassin struck him in the shoulder blade. Assassin fell to the ground and Eric stabbed in the head and killing Shay reached after the other assassin. After battle for street Shay and Eric I knew that Bullion had discovered their presence in the city and was entrenched in his manor. Shay and Eric designed a plan to enter the manor and posing as the British officers to talk to the governor for a meeting. Shay and Eric put the hood and were welcomed by the Secretary of Gambais that Bullion asked what they wanted. Eric said they were members of Bullion for a meeting. Bullion Gambais led by Eric and Shay saw that he was in the company of two real killers. Eric stabbed Gambais and Shay shot to Bullion's leg. An assassin attacked Shay stabbing him in the shoulder, Shay cried out in pain and shot assassin and then ended up stabbing him in the throat. Second assassin dropped the blade hidden on the head of Eric, but Eric stopped her arm after bringing it to the killer's head. Eric stood up and saw Bullion crawling down the hall, Shay handed the dagger to Eric who took it and went to Bullion....

Claude Chevalier Edit


Claude Gaultier, Chevalier de la Vérandrye

The second target Eric was a captain named Claude Chevalier French navy who was the eldest son of Louis Joseph Chevalier de La Vérendrye killed by Shay many years before. Claude as his father was a violent man who followed the principles of belief and which also operated as a pirate raiding the ships of the Templars and the British merchant. Chevalier had put a price on his head from the Government of Jamaica for his crimes. Eric and Shay traveled to Two Curves looking for information about him. When they got there Eric and Shay had to look for a man named Aiden Gorm was the second in command of Chevalier. They found him in a tavern at night and saw that Eric was sober enough to fight. Eric and Shay sat at the table and under the table Eric pointed his gun at Gorm. Eric Chevalier wondered where he was and said Gorm afraid that Chevalier was in New Orleans to recruit slaves to train them as Assassins. Eric thanked Gorm and said he could go on. Gorm said that he had said these things to make him bring them into the grave. Gorm toppled the table sending both Templars ground, Eric turned right and stood up. Gorm sliced through the air with his sword aper kill Eric, the guy rolled sideways and rapped hard on the side of Gorm. Gorm doubled and Eric took the knife and put it in the chest killing him Gorm. Eric saw all eyes fixed on him and Shay took him by the shoulders taking him away on Morrigan. Eric Shay and traveled quickly to New Orleans and landed going for plantations. Eric asked a slave if he knew where Chevalier and the slave replied that he did not know. Walking around the city and Shay Eric Chevalier went to the shelter. It looked all quiet but apparently knew Eric and prepared with their swords and guns for the clash that would follow. Once you emerge from the corners and assassins they attacked the two. Eric killed three assassins with his sword and saw Chevalier escape to the port. Shay shouted Eric to follow him and Eric have it without fault ran after Chevalier. Eric Chevalier followed her to the beach there lost sight of his target. Chevalier came out of nowhere and stormed Eric punches until he dropped to the ground. Chevalier stepped on Eric with raised sword in hand, Eric thinking quickly took the gun and fired on Chevalier. Chevalier injured shoulder screamed in pain and Eric got up quickly with the sword. Eric stabbed Chevalier in the chest and after a few moments Chevalier succumbed to injuries and died.

Edward Read Edit

Luzia Neves

Marie Flint

The next target Eric was an assassin named Edward Read grandson of Mary Read and kept the Nassau control for Assassin Order. Eric knew that if Edward had died would be a great victory for the Templars and that would finally was one of them. Shay temporarily abandoned Eric to return to North America to train a new apprentice recently joined the Order his name was Callum Kerr. So Eric was assigned a new partner for its mission: the young pirate Marie Flint who was the granddaughter of the Templar Hilary Flint deceased. In the meeting with Marie, Eric was fascinated by the great beauty and her body that looked a lot for the trip to Nassau. Once in Nassau, Eric and Marie came ashore disguised, Eric as a simple sailor with a jacket that contained his two pistol and the dagger and the sword to his belt while Marie as a courtesan taking four knives and two guns in the suit. The two went to a tavern and asking the owner discovered that Edward was not there recently but had gone into the jungle forest to look for something precious. Eric and Marie ran for jungle and found it full of pirates and murderers, went for the stealthy running for the trees. At last they reached a camp and saw Edward consult maps. Marie told Eric that were to take those maps and kill Edward, Marie said she would be bait to Edward and so Eric would take the maps and then would kill Edward behind. Eric said it was too risky for her, but Marie silenced him with a kiss, when he finished he told Eric not to die before throwing on enemies. Eric went to the tent of Edward and saw on the table the cards seeing that marked an island that identified it as The Island of Sacrifice. Eric saw that there was a hidden fruit of Eden and took the paper, Eric came out of the tent and he faced a murderess. Eric took the gun and shot him in the face to Murderess then running toward the fray. Eric killed three pirates and a murderess and he and Marie went to the cliff where it ended the camp. Marie told Eric to do like her and after he fell off the cliff spreading his arms like an eagle that stood out the flight. Eric doubting turned and saw Edward Read with swords go to her, Eric jumped as did Marie ...


Edward Read

Eric went in contact with the water and along with Marie swam for their ship. The two Templar ran a hurry to the Isle of Sacrifice. I went down on the beach Eric triggering his sixth sense spotted an Assassin and told Marie that would take them straight from their target. They followed by a few hours the assassin who took them to a kind of camp where they were making an excavation going to try the alleged piece of Eden nearby Mayan ruins. Eric saw from behind a bush that the excavation was filled with pirates and assassins guards looked everywhere. They needed a diversion. Marie said that they could bring down the stone blocks to gain time and reach the point of excavation Edward kill him and retrieve the piece of Eden. At one point Eric felt great exclamations as if something important had been found. Eric and Marie ran to the place and saw he was holding a Read Eden apple. Eric without thinking descended from the hill against Read with hand swords. With the surprise killed two pirates and went to Read with raised sword. Eric suddenly felt frozen and he could not make any movement and saw that Read was using the apple over him to block it. Read on Eric stepped forward and began to beat him in the face and stomach. Eric at one point he thought he was dying when he saw a knife on the stomach go to Read and make him lose his apple. Eric was once more accessible and took the apple of Eden using it on the assassins present in the camp blocking them all. Eric saw Marie behind him and smiled at him and then use the apple to commit suicide most of the assassins. Eric did faint other assassins and then concentrated on Read. He had humiliated him in front of Marie, and therefore had to die before the Order. Eric forced him to stab himself in the throat slowly with his sword. When the assassin was killed Eric taken from his corpse concealed blades and if you put them. Eric put his Eden apple in her bag and then threw the body Read off the cliff. Eric and Marie kissed each other for a moment and then go down to the ship. The same evening Eric and Marie met with Grand Master Madeleine François de Bullion which officially introduced the Order and no longer as a puppet. The same evening Eric went to his apartment in Kingston where he found Marie waiting for him. Eric said to Marie that he was in love with and the Marie said she felt the same for him. That night the two made love.

Mr. Thomas Edit

They spent many months and at the end 1770 passed. Eric also knew that the Templars Caribbean ritual and that of the New Orleans ritual had begun a purge on the Assassins in the Caribbean. Eric knew that the same year was also entered in the Order of the Templars, a former puppet: Lady Concord. Eric was a bit 'Concord attracted to a little' for his fighting talent and how he had killed Victor Jensen, Jackie Charlotte and Mr. Prudence and also for its beauty ined. In 1771, Eric heard about the Mentor of the Assassins who was Claude Dimanche by the death of Ah Tabai. A man known as Mr. Thomas had worked with the Knights Templar and later with the Assassins in particular with Dimanche and Eric deserved his death. Marie traveled to England for the missions in London for the British Grand Master Eric and left alone for a little 'time to find and kill Mr. Thomas. Eric sought help from Concord who accepted the proposal and sought Mr. Thomas in the small village of Port Royal. Arrived in the village with the Concord's ship The Watchman, asking for information to find their target. By the inhabitants discovered that had settled in Fort Charles and from there annoyed citizens of the village and controlled them and robbed them. So he kept in check the small village and also Kingston. Eric knew of the presence of the assassins in Kingston and decided it was time to put an end once and for all. Eric asked if he had ever been in Concord Fort Charles and she said yes to kill Victor Jensen, adding that the assassins were still able to put their agents in the city despite the Jensen's death.
AC4 Fort Charles

Fort Charles

The two studied a plan and put in place in May 1771. Eric would pretend to be a slave with other African Templar who would personified the slaves and even Concord, guarded by mercenaries they also Templars. The group entered the strong undisturbed and were greeted by Mr. Thomas. The man stood on the porch a few meters from Eric to smoke his pipe. Eric saw that Mr. Thomas had just noticed the ring temple that he had on his finger. "Now!" he shouted and all the Templars mercenaries and slaves attacked the soldiers of the fort to engage them. Concord went for Mr. Thomas to the walls of the fort with which he began to duel, Eric reached Concord. Mr. Thomas was able to slam Concord on the walls and Eric shot on his right arm. Concord raised again and impaled Mr. Thomas with his sword. The group conquered Fort Charles and after another Templar took entirely the place of the soldiers. in the following months brought other Templars in the city by killing all criminals murderers in the city is that of Port Royal in Kingston. Eric spent some 'time with Concord who told him that he would kill sequentially Claude Dimanche. Eric also was reached by Marie and together they were able to rest a bit '.

Carlos Blanc and Jacques de la Noire Edit

Troy Verenona

Jacques de la Noire

Carlos held under the fist of assassins the city of Port-au-Prince after the Assassin Adewale had killed Pierre de Fayet. Eric traveled to the city along with Marie and Concord to liberate the city. Eric took to the country was able to notice the slavery that was there even though Adewale had reduced a lot in 1735. Eric said in Concord that they could find many allies in slaves and went into the brothel La Dame en Rose to find information. Eric saw that Bastienne Josèphe despite his advanced age was still able to maintain the brothel for assassins. Eric was stopped by a guard and asked him what he wanted he and Marie and Concord. Eric said he wanted to talk to Bastienne. The guard glared at him with contempt and Eric and took him immediately to the office of Bastienne. once inside Eric, Marie and Concord found themselves surrounded by guards who were pointing their weapons. Eric saw the old Bastienne sitting at the table and asked what they wanted from her.

Eric said they wanted information for Carlos Blanc. Bastienne said only that held wield the city by the governor. The Templars was immediately expelled from the brothel and Eric told Marie and Concord that were supposed to kill the governor Carlos and then put in place an agent of theirs. Marie wrote a letter to their agent Templar Edmund Denzel (a presumed ancestor of Robert Denzel, Ezechiel Denzel's master). Concord assured that Denzel would go to the place of the governor but they were finding and way to kill him. Marie said that they could infiltrate and poison the governor so it seemed that he had died of natural causes and would later taken to put Carlos. In November 1771, Eric infiltrated in sealing the governor over the wall of the estate.

Mansion - hot environment

The Masion's governator

Eric went to the garden from bush to bush without being seen by the four guards who were talking on the porch. Eric went up on a wall of the house up to the roof. From above the roof Eric assassinated a sniper and after burglarized the bedroom window from the governor's bed. Eric saw that there was nobody in the room and walked down the halls. Eric killed a guard down the hall and came into the room. There he saw the governor talk to a black man in white robes. Eric recognized it was the Master Assassin Jacques de la Noire. Eric saw them go out and followed them in the garden. Eric was about to kill them both but was seen by Jacques. Eric fired uponthe governor but de la Noire threw him to the ground saving it. Eric grabbed his second gun and fired a guard who was coming. Jacques extended the blade hidden on Eric and Eric was able to lock it in time for the wrist. Eric wished she have there the apple of Eden and knocked hard on the Jacques's chest.

Carlos Blanc

Jacques de la Noire rolled on the ground and went against Eric de la Noire with his hidden blade ready. Jacques leaped on Eric, sending him to the ground before he could kill the governor. Jacques is straddled by Eric ready to kill him, Eric at all sad to die took the knife and stabbed him in the stomach. Eric got up quickly and saw other guards arrive from all sides. Eric saw Concord and Marie attacking the guards and gave him a nod of thanks. Eric stabbed in the chest of de la Noire with the sword and turned to see where it was governor and saw that he was fleeing the city. Eric ran for the governor and reached ground. Eric with his knife opened the throat of the governor and left him there on the ground to die and then rush to retire with Concord and Marie. After the attack on the house of the governor Eric hid together in Concord and Marie because there was a bounty on their head. Also in January 1772 came Denzel which took the place of de la Noire. Eric made sure that Denzel became protected, with many agents and high templar guards classified.

Eric knew that instead Blanc Carlos had gone to Saint Pierre for Martinique. Having taken its apple of Eden, Eric and Marie went to Saint Pierre and concord went to Great Inagua in April. He took to the city knew that Eric Blanc was its warehouses. Disguising themselves as mere civilians Eric and Marie went into the shed and saw a co Blanc talk his publicist. Eric used the apple of Eden to lock all the guards present and forced her to kill herself going toward Blanc. Marie Blanc stabbed in the chest deeply enough so that he would die bled. Once this was done the two sailed from Saint Pierre.

Passed at the Brotherhood Edit

Concord - Assassin

Concord, The Young Mentor

A long time passed and Eric and Marie had a son in 1773. Eric sent Marie in France so that he could take care beautiful baby whom they named Charlie as he would be left to operate in the Caribbean for Madeleine de Bullion. In 1772 Concord lady had betrayed the Templars and became the Mentor of the Assassins, but Eric will delude the reason for this decision and wanted to know how. So in July 1773, Eric looked for a way to get to Great Inagua headquarters of assassins and talk to Concord. Eric went into the den with a simple raft, and when moored was immediately surrounded by assassins who pointed swords and rifles. Eric said he wanted only speaking with their boss that is Concord. A man who looked like a Mayan or Taino came forward and said his name Condor Apito saying that Concord had spoken to him and he said that would take him to Concord.

Eric was brought to room in the manor Kenway before Concord. Eric smiled "And for a while 'we speak you and me" he said and Concord "Yes we have to explain many things." Eric asked why that Concord had left the Order. Concord said he had found in the house of Edward Kenway cards in which you were talking about the real purpose of the Templars and the Assassins' Creed. "What the Templars do is wrong" shouted Concord "To impose obedience and control is wrong to reach peace," he continued. Eric asked what they wanted the assassins instead. Concord said that the assassins wanted freedom for all individuals and that they wanted to protect the freedom of the people by the Templars who wanted to control. Eric thought for a bit 'of what he had said Concord and knew he was right in still even if that meant denying the Templars, Marie and consequently his son Charlie. Eric stood up and said he wanted to repair the damage he had done and become a murderess. Concord Eric looked into his eyes and he was happy and told him to get up brother. Later that night Eric was initiated into the Brotherhood.

Decline of Caribbean Brotherhood Edit

But following the union assassins to all the work we had done to remedy Concord and went to bad results in the death of Condor Apito for hand Jeanne de Orpheus and an outcast from the Havana of Delaware Dinsmore. Eric had given his Eden apple Condor for a while 'to him had been killed by Jeanne de Orpheus who had stolen the Apple of Eden. state of mind of Eric wavered constantly because of the imminent destruction of the Order and the death of all the members that Concord had made in those years. Eric and Concord had a relationship from which a baby was born in March of 1776: Jean. Eric lived in secret, and managed to kill any man or woman who suppressed the Assassins. Although, this was until a Templar named Madeleine François de Bullion has begun to be enthroned at his side, and began to kill all its employees throughout the Caribbean with the help of a Scotsman named Callum Kerr.

Callum Kerr 2

Callum Kerr, The Assassin Templar

One day, Concord, Eric and his fellow Assassins saw a fleet of ships entering the bay - one of them was the famous ship La Grande Gazelle, sailing under the flag of France and the Templars. Concord was armed with Assassins-clothing and his arsenal. The Gazelle destroyed all the Assassins had built, and when the French Navy anchored in the harbor, they killed each pirate who still lived there. Madeleine and Callum ran to the palace, where he found Mrs. Concord - with many Assassins. Concord told Eric that s would come and killed all he would have to save their son Jean. Callum wanted Madeleine waiting for the soldiers, she did not accept. Callum has followed in the gardens of the palace Assassin - he had seen it's better days. Callum knew where the Assassins hidden - with the help of Eagle Vision - Madeleine and shot them.

Inside the manor, Madeleine and Callum was attacked by Ms. Concord and three qualified Killers including Eric. While Callum fought against the Assassins, Ms. Concord escaped - Madeleine followed. Callum cut an assassin and fired facing each other then dueled with Eric for a while '. Eric respected the Callum skills but then was thrown from the window from contributor Madelaine. Eric was able to experience the impact and ran inside the castle where Jean took his son and brought him out. Eric ran away to the island where there was hell with the soldiers of the navy killed the pirates and assassins in the village and Madeleine and Callum took possession of Great Inagua.

Eric came to the beach totally destroyed in seeing his brother die like dogs and swore absolute revenge against the Templars for a new battle. Eric got into small boat with Jean is 5 months and went to the island under the cliff. Among the wrecks Eric saw the body floating Concord. Breathless with Eric despair would not believe that his beloved friend and loving companion was really dead. Eric took the body of saw boat despite huge wounds that Concord had was still alive but not for long. Eric wept desperately and said in Concord he was sorry and that he loved her. "Grow our son well for me, survive and rebuild the brotherhood, I love Eric," she said Concord dying.

Rebuilding the Brotherhood Edit

New Caribbean Brothers

The New Council of the Caribbean Assassins

Eric went to the city of Andres Island. Eric was completely destroyed by the death of his mistress Concord and see the Brotherhood destroyed that way. He knew that if he wanted to rebuild the brotherhood now it would take much more time than before, and they should do it in a very secret and silent in the eyes of the Templars. But first he had to find a house to his son because it was too dangerous. Eric from New York took a ship for France and a few months after we arrived. There Eric was amazed by the life and bustle of cities like how different it was from the colonies and made his way to the city with little Jean. Eric came to the door of Marie's house and knocked. Eric was greeted by a butler who introduced himself as Jacques, Eric said he wanted to quickly see Marie. Immediately She saw Eric after nearly six years and was speechless. Eric showed Marie's son he had with Concord and told him all he had done over the years with the assassins. Marie said at the end that was very happy to see him and that he had abandoned the Order some years ago. Eric said he would rebuild the Brotherhood had put all his life, but he would do it and asked him to be able to hold for him Jean and Charlie making them grow together and that when they had the right age, they would come to take them to get them to fight Templars. Marie said yes, and the two that night had a passionate relationship after almost five years.

Eric spent the next five months there to know his son Charlie, and to explain what would have been also studied a plan to rebuild the fraternity from scratch. On 4 February 1777, Eric greeted his family and left for the Bahamas. Arrived in the islands Eric knew he had to completely start from scratch, and for the following four years it passed them to recruit soldiers for the cause to find weapons and shelter. Eric settled in Ocracoke in a former pirate and there started a base of the main assassins. Eric also recruited and trained personally many assassins among the pirates, sailors and the natives of the area. Among them Eric trained the former slave Brendan Laurence, the Dutch pirate captain Frits Jonathan, the thief Lucia Rocio. Eric knew in 1777 that the Order of the Templars was a conspiracy and decided to kill some to cause a schism and designated as targets Francis Malfetti and Shalin Yangming.

Francesco Malfetti Edit

Francesco Malfetti

Franscesco Malfetti

Eric traveled to Havana for revenge with Jonathan and Lucia while Brendan would remain to haunt. As they walked through the streets of the city saw Eric as the influence of the Templars were there in very large cities. Francesco Malfetti was an Italian merchant who lived in the Castillo de San Salvador de la Punta and controlled all of the city militia to the governor that it was only a Templar puppet. Shalin Yangming was an Assassin-Turncoats who became a Templar and controlled the rest of the Havana is the market that crime with his mercenaries. Eric decided not to kill the governor, and that with the death of Shalin and Malfetti, the assassins would take him on their side. Eric brought with him many assassins and pirates Frits trained to use as fighters against the Templars. In the two months, the assassins killed men Shalin and created reprisals by civilians on Malfetti soldiers while Lucia created a thieves guild for the Brotherhood to gather information. Eric knew that Shalin had settled in the old haunt of Delaware Dinsmore and decided to deal first of Francesco. Therefore made a plan to get into strong Francesco to kill him. The plan included that men with pirates Frits created a diversion at the doors while Eric and Lucy would enter strong side street and killed Francesco.

The plan went into action September 30, 1777 with the Frits ship that destroyed the defenses of the fort and then let him in the door of the fort assassins and pirates who attacked and killed many soldiers and managed to enter. Eric and Lucy scaled the walls of the fort with cannons that constantly destroyed. Arrived in the walls were attacked by five soldiers. Lucia first soldier stabbed in the throat and then according to side and then firing into the stomach, finishing it. Eric pulled his sword and cut off the soldier's chest and then give hard kick to the soldier's face. Another soldier Eric attacked and stabbed in the stomach and then in the face. Eric knocked down by a brute and then Eric took dagger hitting the brute to the foot and causing him to lose the ax. Lucia came from behind and stabbed the brute in the chest.

Eric thanked Lucia and then made their way to Francesco. Eric saw Malfetti go bastion because wherever his dying men killed. Eric saw great victory for the Brotherhood and hurried up the bastion with Lucia. At the top Eric attacked Malfetti who defended his dagger. Lucia killed agile Malfetti cutting his throat and then shot the other guard. Eric knelt to stroke Malfetti stomach, Malfetti come forward with the dagger on Eric's head. Eric locked his arm and stabbed Malfetti arm causing him to lose the knife. Malfetti taken gun and tried to shoot Eric, Eric took the barrel of the gun and aimed at the throat of Malfetti who fired shooting himself roofs lean against. Eric to suffer Malfetti grabbed him to dress and thrown into the sea, where the smell of blood sharks ate him alive. With the death of Malfetti was great victory for the Brotherhood and was now waiting to Shalin. Eric knew that to regain control over the Caribbean had to first get rid of the agents with whom Madeleine de Bullion controlled.

Shalin Yangming Edit

Shalin Yangming

The Loyalist

Shalin Yangming was a former assassin and fought as an assassin for the Templars who had helped to conquer Havana in 1774 with Jeanne de Orpheus. Eric so he knew what to expect as skill Shalin then asked Lucia to administer instead of Malfetti military things while Frits would help him to kill Shalin in his lair. Eric and Jonathan Transformed their way to the Shalin den with their assassins and pirates. Eric saw that everything was quiet but he knew that there were the templars cautioned. Eric saw emerge soldiers everywhere and attacked the group. Putting everyone back to back in a circle and were able to counter the Templar soldiers. Eric shot two soldiers and then took his sword and cut the face of a soldier and the stomach to another soldier. Frits killed a soldier with the sword impaling and then shot in the chest to another. Shalin fell from the roof and killed two pirates with his katana, Eric saw the scene and pulled his sword from the corpse of a soldier and came under Shalin. Shalin fanned katana on Eric's head, who parried each blow with his double saber. Shalin knocked hard on the stomach of Eric, hardened abs and heard nothing and then kicked the Shalin leg. Eric hit of Shalin arm smear and whose kept his hand on the wound with the sword. Eric stepped forward with swords and Shalin swerved aside and knocked hard at Eric's side. Eric gasped and Frits seeing his mentor troubled attacked in turn Shalin. A brute raised ax on Eric and Eric pulled the brute and then broke the neck to him. a swordsman templar tried to stab Eric, but Eric deflected the sword with his Hidden Blade and then skewered the swordsman's neck your hidden blades. Eric turned to Shalin and stabbed her in the left shoulder as she turned to the side. Shalin screamed in pain and moved away to the side. Frits made his way with his sword to the side of Shalin. Eric Shalin stabbed in the chest with his hidden blade and saw in his eyes the fear and disillusionment of death.

  • Eric: That the father of understanding to guide you on this journey

Eric stabbed in the face Shalin killing her immediately and then closed his eyes, his face bloody. Another Templar died liberation of Havana was full. For the next three years, assassins prospered throughout the Caribbean with the Templars who retreated without knowing why since all their informers had been made to kill Eric. Eric had put a band of thieves-criminals led by Lucia Rocìo Havana to protect the city from the Templars as he had done Rhona Dinsmore nearly a century ago. Eric knew that to regain control over the Caribbean had to first get rid of the agents with whom Madeleine de Bullion controlled. In 1782, Madeleine returned to France and left the command to Augustin Rouen and with the American Revolution was positive in Assassin Connor Kenway, Eric was hoping for a reconquest of the Bahamas. Eric in the following 10 years with the death of Malfetti and Shalin in Havana and the city came under the Assassins, who with the departure of Madeleine de Bullion in France and with the new Grand Master was Charlotte LeFay a woman considered weak from Eric, in 1782 the year of revenge for the Brotherhood of the Caribbean has begun. For the following 10 years Eric fact that the assassins were expanded in all the Bahamas, killing any man or woman who worked for the Templars.

The Revolution Edit

Eric let go another 3 years and in 1792 he traveled to France with the intention to take his two sons Charlie and Jean who had respectively 19 and 16 years. Eric left to Frits and Branden killing the Templars in Kingston while on his return would have thought of Nassau. Eric was very happy that the Brotherhood themselves flourishing again in the Caribbean and that represented by the Templars still a major danger and problem. Eric arrived in Paris he saw how things had changed since the revolution in which the men were walking around the streets to fight with the soldiers of the National Guard and where the guillotine was working night and day. Eric knew by the Council of the French Assassins Madeleine de Bullion had been killed by rioters during a civil uprising while his brother had been killed by Pierre Étienne d'Le Louroux. Eric could see how much they had grown his children as assassins trained by Sophie Trenet and Herve Quemar. Eric spent a lot of time with her family, Marie, Edward "Charlie" and Jean clenching his father son relationship. Also met Arno Dorian and Master Assassin of Swedish origins Arne Otsberg. In October 1792, Eric was sent by the board on a mission to kill a Templar general

Screenshot-Original (2)

Arne Otsberg

of the National Guard named Marcus Lafay accompanied by his son Edward Arne and Arno. The Assassins team went from the area where it would be passed Lafay. From above a roof Edward saw that the place was guarded by many guards and directly clash perhaps would prevail with the element of surprise. Arne said that he was right and jumped in the air killing two guards. Arno fell rapidly and in turn killed two other guards quickly while Edward was killing the snipers on the roofs. Eric fell from the roof and simultaneously fought three guards. Eric cut breast of a guard with his sword and then stabbed the other in the leg. Shot on himself parried the thrust of the last guard and some broken his defense. Eric returned to the wounded guard and stabbed her in the head. Immediately he reached his ears from the noise of weapons and went toward them. Eric found Arno, Arne and Edward fighting almost twenty-eight guards alone. Eric took his twin pistols and fired and then thrown into the fray with their swords. Eric appointed his sword everywhere bringing death to seven soldiers alone. When all guardians were on the ground dead, Eric said he could preparings the ambush. Edward and Arno would be stationed beside the road behind the crates while Arne and Eric would be positioned on the roofs. When the group arrived Eric saw Lafay among other 15 well-trained soldiers. Eric threw on the group and its extended blades and murdered in air two guards. Arne did the same thing while Edward and Arno popped out from their hiding places and shot at the soldiers. Eric took his sword and stabbed a guard and fired from his corpse to another soldier. Arne killed three soldiers and four Arno while Edward was fighting the other two. Eric saw Lafay run away to street with his captain and Eric followed them. At one point Eric picked the his gun and fired a powder barrel gun in the street. Boom! The explosion killed him while he sent the captain Lafay was left only wounded. Lafay crawled away like a worm and Eric put his foot on his back and the gun to his head. It was time that the French Templars knew his name and feared as the Templars Caribbean. Eric joined by his team and told his son that he was ready to join the Brotherhood. That night Edward was initiated into the Brotherhood with the ceremony witnesses: Arne Otsberg, Arno Dorian, Jean Rackham, Edward's mother that Marie Flint and Eric Rackham. At the end of the ceremony Eric told the council that the Assassins were ready now to get back in the Caribbean.

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AC4 Great Inagua Manor

The Kenway manor

Back in the Bahamas, Eric placed immediately Marie on his manor in Ocracoke and was informed by his three lieutenants that the Grand Master Charlotte Lafay had died as a result of complications in childbirth to give birth to a girl. Eric also learned that Frits and Branden was able to kill any Templars who controlled Nassau and now Frits protected the city of Nassau as Lucia made with Havana. Eric greatly relieved by this news, and although now Grand Master was Augostin Rouen the assassins had more opportunities to expand. So more and more they expanded assassins in the following five years in the Caribbean since 1792 with Eric Training Edward and Jean as his children and students. Also in 1797, Eric decided to bounce Great Inagua. They staged a great battle for the conquest of the island that was at that time still a French colony where have put a plant. Eric prepared a large shipment of privateers and pirates among whom was the ship of his son Edward - the Phoenix. The fleet made their entrance into the bay and bombed the French outpost with guns and mortars destroying everything that the Templars had put there and also that of the French navy. The pirates landed in the village of Great Inagua - as did the Templars in 1776 - and the pirates and assassins massacred the remaining French soldiers. Eric fell to the ground with Edward, Jean and Branden. Group fcero their way to the manor Kenway and Eric killed four French soldiers in the street defended by Branden. Once in the porch of the manor Kenway, Branden broke through the door with his ax and killed the three soldiers there in the room. Continuing Eric arrived for the former Concord room that was his office, and there sat the Master Templar holding Great Inagua Rouen. Edward killed a guard and Jean kill the French brute behind while Eric made his way to the Templar Master. Master Templar barricaded himself in the office. Eric kicked the door and finally broke through. Eric came into the room and saw Master Templar take his gun to fire. Eric deflected the blow and then broke through the Master's breast Templar and broke some ribs. Master Templar collapsed on the ground with broken bones and Eric pulled his dagger and raising the Templar master arm the that to expose the healthy side. Eric stabbed Master Templar, and left the dagger in the side so that Master Templar died in great pain. After the battle the Assassins resumed control of the rest of the islands of the Bahamas, now it was only in Kingston.

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Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson, The Attorney

Eric traveled to summer in Kingston with Branden while Jean and Edward administered Grat Inagua. While they walked Branden road asked Eric if he were tired of all those years as a mentor, but Eric said that to guide the Caribbean branch needed strong men like him indeed. One point the two arrived at a secluded spot and popped out a Templar brute who dropped his weapon on Eric, Branden did forward blocking the shot your hidden blades. Eric took the gun and shot him in the stomach to the brute. The brute fell to the ground, Eric asked who sent him, but the brute did not say a word. Eric repeated the question, and the brute opened his mouth but a gunshot went to hit his face. Eric went to see who had shot and saw a sniper on the roof go away. Eric Branden sent to pick him up and after a while 'saw Branden bring the sniper hidden from him with the blade pointed at his throat. Eric took the man's face and wondered if it was a Templar and the man said yes. Eric asked who was in command there and the man replied that he was to command a man who fought during the purge of the Caribbean rite of brotherhood: Eric Johnson! Eric knew that name, lady Concord her former lover had tried to kill him in Nassau in 1773 but instead had found Carlos Vazquez.

AC4 Antó render


Johnson had gone to fight in the American war of independence for colonial ritual but had lost and he returned to the Caribbean to serve under Augostin Rouen. Johnson had to die badly because it was one of the few Templars still alive and that Eric hated most of all. Johnson controlled Kingston with his British soldiers in the Kingston area. Eric killed the Templar. Eric and Branden went the place of Maroon into the city that their leader was a member of the Assassins: the son of Songuii, Ranner. Ranner was an experienced man of color in the art of voodoo and poisons except that in combat. Ranner received well Branden and Eric and one point frowned and drew his sword. He said they were going to get the British soldiers and shouted to prepare to fight the battle to his maroon. Many English soldier Once they emerge everywhere and attacked the hideout. Ranner cut quickly 5 soldiers with his sword and knife concealed and Branden with his ax killed four soldiers one after another. Eric took his gun and fired, and then threw the swords taken. Eric ripped stomach to an agile, turned on himself and stabbed in the back regular. Eric gave a kick to the captain who led the assault causing it to bend forward, Eric cut his throat at the captain who fell to the ground with blood gushing from the wound. British soldiers fled and Eric returned from Ranner. Ranner did hold an English soldier pointing his knife at her throat. Eric congratulated Ranner saying that the prisoner would take them straight to Johnson. Eric was able to convince the soldier to bring him and Branden from his boss. The three went to a military area of ​​Kingston where he was well guarded by soldiers but in the company of the prisoner, Eric and Branden passed without problems. Eric and Branden got to the point dovc'era a fire for the night and there was around 6 soldiers and Eric Johnson. Eric did hold their prisoner by the arm and pushed him against Johnson. Branden took the ax and struck two soldiers and then fought the rest. Eric at the same time he drew his sword and sank into Johnson's stomach. His former prisoner in the face Eric beat him away. Eric shot in the face at a soldier and then he saw that Johnson was running away. Eric said to Branden to cover his retreat and Branden did so with his head. Eric ran on Johnson extended his blades hidden in the back of Johnson. Johnson fell tumbling to the ground and Eric left to die in his wounds and later escaped with Branden through the narrow streets of the city under cover of darkness. In the months following the assassins took Kingston under their protection and their men who went around to protect people and Eric put Branden in Kingston protection as Lucia in Havana and Frits in Nassau while Eric returned to Great Inagua from his family.

Assassination of a Grand Master Edit

"Finally now you pay"
―Eric Rackham to Rouen, 17th July 1807

Eric continued to live in Kenway manor with her two sons and Marie until 1804. In that year, Eric knew that his Haitian brothers had failed with the Haitian revolution and that their Mentor Eseosa had gone to Davenport Homestad to get help from Connor Kenway. Also in Europe with the coming to power of Napoleon Bonaparte had just begun the Napoleonic wars. Eric was informed in a letter from Arne Otsberg addressed to him in which specified that Napoleon had an Apple of Eden. Eric spent the next three years studying a plan to remove once and for all the Grand Master Rouen and continued to kill every man or woman who worked for the last Templars in the Caribbean. In 1800, Eric had 5 grandchildren in total from his two sons that both were married. Eric was very happy for the way he had taken his life from now touched kill to Rouen force. Rouen was the second in command of Madeleine de Bullion in the Caribbean during the purges of the Assassins and the primary responsible for Rockmail brothers' s death: Edward Rockmail and Marcus Rockmail. Rouen was stationed in Port-au-Prince the only city that was still on the Templars: Eric could not ask them to do Frits, Branden, Lucia because they were intent on protecting the city entrusted to him and could not leave them at all. As well as Jean and Edward islands of the Bahamas, Marie was Kenway manor. Eric traveled to the city and undercover dressed as an old sailor. Eric was now 57 years old and was as old as Ezio Auditore in his time, but Eric was fighting for 37 years. Eric fell to the ground, in his coat contained two pistols his swords and the knife. Eric made its way through the city and noticed the strange they looked like soldiers. Eric presented the villa of Rouen as an old friend of Rouen that he wanted to talk to important business. Eric was brought inside the house and showed from Rouen. At Rouen the sight of man grabbed his gun and fired once on Eric. Eric grabbed the soldier who had brought him by using human shields coma. Rouen pulled his sword and fell on Eric.

Eric shifted on time and Rouen destroyed the table with his sword. Eric heavily beaten the Rouen arm causing him to lose his sword. Eric took the dagger and made its way out of Rouen. Rouen blocked the knife and made him lose to Eric. Eric launched football in Rouen, Rouen grabbed in the air football when he arrived and then pushed Eric to making him break the window. Rouen took a dagger and dropped in the face of Eric, Eric out of the way took Rouen and threw it to the ground. Rouen got up quickly and went out the window just as they entered two guards. Eric took his gun and shot quickly on the guards, then rushes out of the house to see where he ran away Rouen. Eric seen Rouen running away in the village and Eric ran after him for the roofs of the city. Eric saw Rouen to go to a military command on the beach as did Pierre de Fayet in 1737 to escape Adewale. Eric reached the place and saw that there were at least 15 guards. Eric fell from the roof and killed three soldiers with the surprise effect and after he drew his swords. Eric cut several guards and dodged or parried their shots and then strike back. Eric cut into the stomach to a soldier then leveraged and beaten hard in the stomach to another soldier and then stabbed him in the head. Eric coupling on two other soldiers impaled both and then thrown to the ground. Rouen was alone and another soldier, Rouen fired on Eric, Eric grabbed the guard and used as a human shield. Eric knocked the soldier's corpse and found himself in front of Rouen. Both of them were standing a few meters from each other, holding his sword. Rouen advanced on Eric raising his sword Eric raised his sword and parried the blow and then kicked him on the chest in Rouen. Rouen went back out of breath in the chest and Eric made his way to his chest. Rouen rolled away and then raised in pain but in defense. Eric swept the earth in the eyes of Rouen which blinded moves the sword on all sides. Eric kept at a distance and then hung up. After a few minutes Eric managed to break the defense of Rouen and stuck the blade hidden in his chest. Rouen dropped his weapon and left hanging with Eric that kept him through the hidden blades.

  • Rouen: You'll be satisfied now traitor?
  • Eric: I would not allow you to keep the Caribbean under your comfortable. I swore in Concord and with your death I hold promise to my oath.
  • Rouen: TRAITOR! despite you knew the truth you had to turn His back and follow a false Creed.
  • Eric: Not a traitor but a revelation. Bastard could die in peace!

Rouen succumbs to wounds. Eric took his body and turned him on his stomach under. Eric made its way to the port and went straight back to Great Inagua. The Order was dead this time as a century ago by Edward Kenway. The Assassins had won.

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Eric spent the rest of his life to lead the brotherhood as best he could and to train his two sons to continue his work in his place after he would die always assisted by Frits, Branden and Lucia. Eric allocated to Great Inagua with Marie and in 1812 learned of the outbreak of a war in America between British and Americans. Eric sent a contingent of soldiers assassins in North America to support American Assassins of Connor Kenway against the Templars of Callum Kerr. Eric in 1814 he learned that Callum Kerr had died following an illness, and he was very relieved the news. With the end of the war, the assassins won the Templars and prevented them from taking power over the nation. Eric focused to lead the Brotherhood and below them the Caribbean flourished as never before and prospered without the means Templars. In 1816, they arrived in the Caribbean two brothers, William and Travis Frye. The two brothers stayed with Eric and another Assassin came from the United Kingdom Hunter Porter. These three were the assassins held responsible of Assassin Purge that went from 1817 to 1824. The period that all Templars who were resurrected were hunted down and killed without any mercy. In 1829, Eric had to decide a successor and had in mind who. Hunter. October 25, Eric reported that he had decided to Hunter and Hunter honored hugged Eric telling him that since he had come had been like a father and a guide for him. Hunter left after only Eric, Eric thought about everything he had done and thought to have lived well and thanks to him the world would be a better place. Were he breathed his last and passed to the other world.

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