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Sverrir Eiríkr Was An Assassin From The Old Scandinavia From 612 A.C to 682 A.C,He Became Mentor At His 67 Years Old And Died At His 72 Years Old By Natural Causes.He Was Born In a Little Village In Scandinavia And He Was Educated As a Warrior.When He Was Just 12 Years Old His Parents Were Killed By An Unknown Team Of Warriors Who Burned His Village.Steinn Escaped And He Was Found By Magni,Son Of Thor.And He Was Recruited By The Scandinavian Assassins Order.


Sverrir Eiríkr Was A Cold Man,He Don't Liked To Spare His Enemies,He Was An Expert Interrogating People And Getting Information,He Don't Cared For Nobody More Than His Own Order And He Followed His Rules Nobly.


Esverrir Eiríkr Was The Holder Of The "Kharas Hammer",A Powerful Eden Artifact That Just Obey Those Who Haves A Strong Honor,He Had Two Cold Hidden Blades To Assassinate His Enemies,He Had An Powerful Viking Axe That Haved The Symbol Of His Order,A Viking Sword And The "Gungnir",The Legendary Odin's Spear,He Got Her By Defeating Him.


  • Magni - Mentor
  • Móoi - Master
  • Vali - Trainer



Sverrir Eiríkr Had An Large Brown Bear,A Gray And Red Robe,Paintings In His Face And Arms,A Small Skin Cape And A Gray Hood.