I shudder to think what my enemies have planned for me if I am captured - but I must remain strong, for this war is not won yet.” ~An extract from Ethan’s journal.

Ethan Davies (1827-1898) was an English Assassin during the 19th century. He was born in to the order, becoming a Master Assassin at the age of 25.

Biography Edit

Early Life Ethan Davies was born in 1827 in London to an Assassin father, Geoffrey, and a seamstress mother, Katherine, who died giving birth to him. Geoffrey, trying to forget his wife’s death, turned his attention to Ethan, explaining the order to him as soon as possible. To go along with this he trained Ethan in the ways of the Brotherhood (Fighting with a hidden blade, sword, fists and rifle), and introduced him to his colleagues at the guild.

Becoming a Master Assassin

I am proud of you, my son. I am sure you will bring honour to the Brotherhood.” ~Geoffrey to Ethan, after receiving his robes and weapons.

In 1852, Ethan was called in to the Mentor’s office where the Mentor and Geoffrey were waiting. “Ethan,” his father began, “You have worked hard all your life and here is your reward.” Geoffrey turned to a chest in a corner of the room, which he opened. Inside were white Assassin robes, a hidden blade, a dagger and a Sicilian Rapier sword. Ethan equipped these with astonished eyes. “Now,” His mentor said “It is time for your ceremony”. At the ceremony, people who he’d grown up with and known were present. His finger was branded and he took his leap of faith into a haystack.

The First Target

I am sure, at one point or another, I felt sorry for him, or even regret.” ~ An extract from Ethan’s Journal

For his first assassination as a Master Assassin, Ethan had to assassinate a Guard Captain who had been corrupted by the Templars. He was sending guards to protect Templar projects in the area. As Ethan gave him his last rites, he was discovered and had to flee, but successfully completing his mission.

The Second Target

This man had to die. He was a threat to us.” ~An extract from Ethan’s journal

His second assassination contract was to assassinate Lord Arthur Smith, an influential noble who had a place in Queen Victoria’s court. He was a Templar who convinced others in the court to join the organisation as well. Sneaking in to his home Ethan quietly slit his throat with a dagger, and escaped.

Attack on the Guild

"My father. Gone, gone." ~Ethan at the scene

One week later, the Templars laid siege to the Guild in revenge for Lord Arthur Smith's death, telling the people conspirators lived here. At one point they managed to break in, but were forced back by the will and strength of the assassins, and so it went on like this, back and forth.

Eventually though, seeing how strong the assassins were the Templars turned and fled. The assassins (and Ethan) were celebrating the victory, though they too were not without casualties. A novice came in, went up to Ethan and told him the news he hadn't known. Geoffrey was among those dead.

Fight With Jack The Ripper

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