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“I''ve been here the whole time. Protecting him from danger he refuses to understand.”

- Ethan talking to Lucy Stillman about watching over Desmond.

Ethan Deschain
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Biographical information

July 7, 1983 Columbus OH, USA



Political information

New Brotherhood (2014 - Present)

Initiates (2014 - Present)

Assassin Order (1992 - 2013)

Miles Family (1992 - 2012)

Desmond Miles' Son (2005 - present)

Real-world information
Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Requiem

Assassin's Creed: Redemption

Assassin's Creed: Revolution

Ethan Deschain is a member of the Initiates, and a co-leader of the New Brotherhood. He was secretly chosen to protect the late Desmond Miles, and is now the self-selected protector of Desmond Miles' son. It is presumed that Ethan is a descendant of Assassin turned Templar Shay Cormac.

After Desmond Miles fled the farm on his sixteenth birthday, Natalia Miles, Ethan's instructor and Desmond's mother, convinced Ethan that he had completed his training, and sent him out to find Desmond, in hopes of protecting him from the Templars and any other threats that would eventually surface. After some time of searching, Ethan found Desmond in New York City, which allowed Ethan to keep on Desmond's trail, and often having to throw both members of the Order, and their rival group the Templars off his scent, which, surprisingly, he left rarely.

Ethan's mission had been successful until around September of 2012 when he had failed to realise how close the Templars had gotten. Desmond had unknowingly allowed them to find him after giving a fingerprint for his motorcyle license, which Ethan was unaware of. During Desmond's capture, Ethan had been preocupied with his former lover, Lucy Stillman, who at the time, he believed was there for him, rather than as a distraction.


Early Life[]

Ethan is the oldest child of retired assassin Everett Deschain and redacted Templar agent Anne Deschain (nee' Worthing). Because of their backgrounds, Both Everett and Anne, thought it a good idea to move to a relatively unthought of place, to raise live a normal life in Columbus OH, Ethan had been unaware of the Assassin-Templar war for the first ten years of his life. It wasn't until he discovered a group of letters, which were threats to his mother, that stated that him and his younger sister Kayla were to be taken for training within The Order. Not being old enough to understand what The Order was, and what dangers they had posed, Ethan wrote off the letters, and continued to live his childhood.