Ethan Homecome
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24 September 1996


August 2017

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Caribbean Assassins

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge
(modern day)
Assassin's Creed: Changes
(modern day)

Ethan Homecome was the lover of Assassin Neon Oneco. He was an American from Boston, and the son of school teachers; he was also the older brother of two other siblings. He is a descendant of the French Assassin Angélique Ingur on the maternal line, and a descendant of the Colonial Assassin Duncan McGill on the paternal.

Ethan was a part of the Project Omega, that was arranged by Templar Guardian Angelica Concord. He escaped the facility of Abstergo Medical where the operation was going on however, and Ethan's lover joined the Assassin forces with his lover. The latter operated as a hacker for the group, and later framing Abstergo Medical as terrible place. The Governements needed to shut it down!

At some point, Ethan and the Neon-gang traveled to the Black Sea in order to locate a Temple left behind by the First Civilization.

Later, Ethan was killed by Master Templar Kendrick Godwine and a member of the Sigma Team, leaving Oneco devastated.

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The Homecome-family.

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The staff-members on the Medical were all Templars.

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The Caribbean Assassins.

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Zachariah and his friends was named the Neon-gang by the Assassins – since they were always operating together on missions for the Order. The gang had taken the name after One told them he was sometime nicknamed Neon.

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