Eudemus Demetris

Eudemus Demetris was a Cypriote nobleman-turned-farmer. He was the father of future Master Assassin Stylianos.

Born by in the noble Demetris-family to Cyril and Fabiola Demetris, Eudemeus were the older twin-brother of Markos Demetris – whom in his later years would parenting a boy named Cato. Eudemeus and his brother grew up in safe conditions; being the older one, however, Eudemeus outwitted Markos in grace and importance to the family. When Eudemus was revealed to be sexually involved with one of the Demetris' servants, Markos took action. In order to not bring disgrace on their family, Markos advised Eudemus to leave Cyprus to live on the mainland of Greece.

Marrying the servant, Calpurnia, Eudemus and she lived as farmers in the outskirts of Athen. They had the son Stylianos – after Eudemus' grandfather on the maternal line. Markos were not done with Eudemus however. He hired a group of mercenaries to track him down and kill him by setting the farm ablaze.

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