"I have lived long enough to learn that nothing good comes out of following your leader blind. Question them, Assassins or Templars. The Marquis did so, and I followed – and I questioned him. His right of acing is the right one. What of your Mentor? Can you trust him – or her?"
―Eugiène Blaise to his killer, 1773
Eugiène Laurence Blaise (also known as Sir Lawrence Concord) was a French Templar-scientist of the West Indies Rite of the Templar Order, even if he was born in New Orleans. Blaise was the father of Quentin and Frédéric Blaise, and the husband of Claudette Blaise. He was a close ally of Laureano de Torres y Ayla, Grandmaster of the Caribbean Templars. During the Golden Age of Piracy, Blaise was operating in the Bahamas in order to locate a certain charm formed with the technology of the First Civilization.
Eugiène Blaise
Eugiene Blaise
The Bankroller of the Caribbean
(here in his late 40s)
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November 1697
New Orleans, French Louisiana, New France


December 1773
(aged 76)
Kingston, Jamaica

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Caribbean Templars

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AC IV: Black Flag

Assassin's Creed: Purge

Assassin's Creed: Changes (mentioned)

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Christian Rodska

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born and raised in the gutter of New Orleans, Eugiène Blaise was the youngest brother of three. Blaise and his family lived on the edge of starvation. The only thing that kept the family alive was the hunting jobs Blaise's father, Pierre, was doing, and the trafficking his mother, Amélie, was a victim of (half of the money went to her boss, the rest to the family). Blaise's two older brothers, Porthos and Aramis, was working on a tanneries. Blaise wanted to be more than a man like his father, or worker as his brothers however. At the age of 13, Blaise went to the central city of New Orleans. He wanted to live!

Taking job as a errand boy for the rich families in the city, Blaise soon got a reputation of a fast runner, and to not take a sneak peek in the letters. At one point, he was adopted by an Englishman named Lord Concord. Never to look back to his poor family, Blaise was raised to act like a nobleman by Concord. Lord Concord's wife, Tessa Concord, was not happy for the boy – but she soon managed to be pleased with him.

Living as a noble, Blaise got education only noble-by-birth children would get. The Concords treated him like their own son. While he was living with the Concords, Tessa one day asked who his family was. Blaise answered that his family lived in the poor streets of the city – if they were still alive. Tessa wondered why Blaise had not told them about his family. Blaise went out of the room.

Only as a 16-year-old, Blaise went to a brothel. Here he met with a woman who called herself Claudette. She was just as old as himself. "I want a job." Claudette was about to bring him to a closet, but Blaise placed a pouch of silver coins on the table. "I want you to use you network of prostitutes-friends to eliminate a woman named Amélie." Claudette asked why Blaise wanted the woman eliminated, to which Blaise answered that he wanted the woman out of his life. He then went out of the brothel, asking for some mercenaries. He gave them another pouch of silver, telling them to eliminate two young men: Porthos and Aramis Blaise, and an old man named Pierre Blaise. The mercenaries told the job would be executed during the week. Blaise told them that 'he wanted the job done tonight!' The mercenaries asked for a location, and Blaise said: "The bayou or the tanneries."

The following week, Claudette visited the estate – telling Blaise that the woman had been killed. "How?" Blaise asked. Claudette answered: "By sending her out in the bayou – where she was served to the alligators." Blaise kissed Claudette on the cheek, thanking her for the help. The young girl went back to the brothel. Just as she left, the mercenaries also returned: "Porthos, Aramis and Pierre Blaise have been taken care of," the leader said. "In which way?" The leader answered to Blaise's question by saying: "We find the young men at the tanneries. I think red will soon become in fashion. The old man was hanged from a tree – deep in the bayou." Blaise bowed for the mercenaries, thanking them for the help.

Now with the family out of his way, Blaise would not be disturbed by the fact that they might would try to contact him – and Blaise would be sent out on the street. A worse scenario would be if the Concord-family decided to adopt the siblings and let Amélie and Pierre be one of their household.

Templar-affaires Edit

Golden Age of Piracy Edit

As a 19-year-old, Blaise was recruited into the Templar Order. Lord Concord had decided to built a plantation on the island of Tortuga – protected by the British military – and Blaise lived with him. Tessa still hold the family's residence in New Orleans, with Blaise's new-born adoptive sister: July. Blaise had been known with the fact of Lord Concord's services as Templar since the age of 15. Lord Concord had told Blaise that he had the right motives for being a real Templar. So, Eugiène Blaise was inducted at the age of 19, overseen by Grand Master Torres, Lord Concord and Master Templar Juana Puíg.

The Assassins' Golden Age Edit

Caribbean Purge Edit

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Family Edit

Eugiène had two families: his blood-relatives and his adoptive.

Blaise-family Edit

Eugiène's blood-family.

Concord-family Edit

Eugiène's adoptive family

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Trivia Edit

  1. Blaise is a personal name (from Greek Βλάσιος, the name of Saint Blaise) and surname. The meaning of Greek Blasios is unclear; it may have been a by-name of the saint, derived from Latin blaesus "lisp", thus "the lisper"; alternatively, it may just be a corruption of the name Basilius (Greek basíleios "royal; kingly").
  2. Blaise's two brothers, Porthos and Aramis, is a reference to Alexandre Dumas's The Three Musketeers.
  3. Like Lady Concord, Eugiène Blaise did not want any contact with his mother.
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