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Eve Laurence
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Eve Laurence at 20
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9th of September 1995


14th of Feburary 2081

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Bow Down

ACFanon: Operation Vengeance

ACFanon: Point Blank

"This war has been raging since the dawn of time and because of it, our friends, our parents and all those we love are dead" -Eve recounting the war with Jesse Vernado.

Eve Laurence is the younger sister of Benjamin Laurence and she was born in 1995 in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia. She didn't know much of her elder brother as he had left to Oklahoma in 1997 where he died in The Great Purge. When Eve was 5 news reached her of her brother's death and to take off the pain she was told stories of the Assassins and Templars by her grandfather who they would visit occasionaly. She admired these stories and when she reached the age of 13 her grandfather used his connections to have her inducted into the Brotherhood.

During her time she met her team consisting of Jesse Vernado, Mason Stephano and a strange boy named James. She later found herself with her team in a Templar Plot which sent them around Australia. As they went to the Greensborough Training Camp where they were ambushed and James was captured, after that the group split up and Jesse and Eve went after James. After 'rescuing' James they go the Mentor and discover that the Templars are after a Piece of Eden in a First Civilization Temple in Tasmania. So after searching into the dawn of 2014, they find the Temple where they are followed by Abstergo Agents which following is James destroying the Piece of Eden and sacrificing himself to save the others which then escape the Temple. After this the Templars retreat from Australia no longer having any reason to take it from the Assassins.

Early Life[]

"Tell me more!" -A young Eve asking to learn more about the Brotherhood.

Eve was born in 1995 in the town of Kilmore. In her infancy her older brother, Benjamin Laurence, interacted with her before 1997, where he traveled to Oklahoma and died in the Great Purge. While growing up she was told stories of the Assassins and Templars by her grandfather who they would visit on the weekends. With this she began to admire her deceased brother and wished to become an Assassin like himself.

When she was 13 she began to spend more visting time with her now dying grandfather at the age of 95. His last wishes to his grandaughter was for her to be inducted into the creed and having once been a Master Assassin it was done and she was inducted into the creed in 2008.

In the Brotherhood[]

Meeting the Team[]

"What's with the hood?" -Eve asking James why he wore his hood all the time.

When she first arrived she met her team consisting of Jesse Varnado, Mason Stephano and a boy who didn't seem to have a surname called James. Not only did James not appear to have a surname, who always wore his hood to drench his face in shadows. Eve asked him why he wore the hood, but he only replied saying "Don't touch the hood". Later rumors spread that James had been trained by Benjamin Laurence in Oklahoma which made Eve pester him on many occasions where he would tend to reply with climbing up onto the freerunning course which Eve struggled with.

Eve bonded mostly with those inside her own team, becoming good friends with Jesse and Mason, which made them tend to joke around on missions while James remained silent.

Templar Plot[]

"I said run!" -James demanding Eve and Jesse escape the Temple, also remembering when Benjamin said the same to him.

In 2013 a Templar Plot hatched as the Templars began to attack Southern Australian Assassins on an alarming scale. This lead to the team of Assassins escaping Kilmore and going to the Greensborough Training Camp where they requested help but were not granted with any. As the team made their leave the camp was ambushed similiar to how it would've been during the Great Purge, but unlike the Great Purge Abstero began to put their Animi Training Program subjects to the test. These Abstergo agents that were subject to the Animi Training Program were dubbed Abstergo Assassins by the Brotherhood.

After Mason interrogated one of the Abstergo Assassins they were countered which caused the team to be knocked out and James to be captured. When the team awoke Mason argued with Jesse and Eve how they had to go after William Miles to seek help as he had just arrived in Sydney, but Jessse and Eve argued that they had to first rescue James. After the arguement Mason split from the group to search for the Mentor on his own.

When Jesse and Eve arrived at the Abstergo building they had tracked down in Epping, they mentioned that it felt empty from the outside. After further investigating they saw the corpses of Abstergo Agents and Doctors brutally mrudered with a Hidden Blade. When they found James he sat on a chair surrounded by corpses where Eve said that she was disturbed and wanted to leave now.

When the team began to look for Mason they found him ambushed being attacked by Abstergo Assassins, after fighting them off Mason died in Eve's arms from a bullet wound. After Eve mourned his death they continued for the Mentor.

When they reach William he tells them that the Templars are here for a Piece of Eden located in a First Civlization Temple in Tasmania and to rid the Tempalrs from Southern Australia they would have to destroy what the Templars came for. After thanking William they set off for the Piece of Eden.

After searching into the dawn of 2014 they find the Temple and discover the Piece of Eden inside. Then Abstergo agents reveal they were following the team as well does their Master, Laura Elya. James then grabs the Piece of Eden and tells Eve and Jesse to run before he uses the Piece of Eden to crush the Temple destroying teh Templars, the Piece of Eden, and himself.

After escaping Eve mourns the death of James, saying that James and Mason never should've died.

Later Life and Death[]

After the Templar Plot Eve continued as an Assassin until she was 32 where she promptly retired and settled down with David Kaultz in Queensland. There they had two children named Sarah Kautz and Leon Kaultz. Eve then died in her sleep at the age of 86.