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Eveleen Kenway
Biographical information

14 August, 1728
London,England, Kingdom of Great Britain


18 June, 1822
London,England, Kingdom of Great Britain

Political information


  • British Brotherhood of Assassins
    (1735 - 1749)
  • Colonial Brotherhood
    (1749 until death)
Real-world information
"If I see your face in my line of sight again, I will not hesitate to kill you."
―Eveleen threatening Haytham Kenway, 1754

Eveleen Kenway (1728 - 1822) was an master assassin of the British and Colonial Brotherhood. She is the daughter of Edward Kenway and Emily Cortese. She is the wife of a unnamed assassin and the mother of Catherine Kenway and the younger sister of Haytham Kenway, and also the younger half-sister of Jennifer Scott and the aunt of Ratonhnhaké:ton and the descendant of Phoenix Charpentier.


Early Life[]

Eveleen was born in England of August 14, 1728. She lived in Queen Anne's Square, London, with her parents Edward and Emily Kenway, along with her half-sister, Jennifer Scott and her brother, Haytham Kenway.

Unbeknownst to her, Eveleen was trained to become a Assassin from an early age and was tutored on how to use a sword, despite barely being five years old. Eveleen was home-schooled by "Old" Mr. Fayling with her brother, and was not allowed to talk to the children who lived next door, although she and Haytham did once manage to speak to a neighbor their age, Tom Barrett.

On Haytham eighth birthday, Eveleen's family was walking home from a trip to White's Chocolate House on Chesterfield Street, when the group were attacked by a mugger trying to steal Emily's necklace. Reginald Birch, one of Edward's senior property managers, who was also with them, threatened to kill the man.

Losing her father[]

Eveleen still continued her training to become an Assassin, where Edward encouraged his daughter to go outside and meet new people, this is where Eveleen meets John Harris in town while he was getting dinner for his family.

Shortly after, Eveleen came home to overheard an argument between his father and Birch. Birch left and turned to Eveleen, mentioning that he tried to warn his father. Subsequently Edward hired two British soldiers to guard the house.

On the night of 3 December 1735, five mercenaries attacked the Kenway household. Edward managed to dispatch one, but was killed when another attacker plunged a sword through his chest. During this event, Haytham and Eveleen took their first life by grabbing up the first man's sword and stabbing his mother's attacker in the eye and Eveleen picks up a sword and stabs Edward's killer in the chest. Soon after, Edward's killer knocked Eveleen over, but was prevented from killing him too when Birch arrived and slew the mercenary. Regardless, they were unable to prevent the fourth and fifth men from kidnapping Jennifer and setting fire to the house.

Becoming a Assassin[]

"I will follow my mother and father legacy and become an Assassin."
―Eveleen to John Harris, 1735

Finding her father's killers[]

Taking back the Precursor Key[]

"I haven't seen you since father died and now your telling me that you joined the enemy, father would be disappoint in you."
―Eveleen yelling at Haytham, 1754

In the year 1754, the Brotherhood assigned Eveleen on a mission to retrieve the Precursor Box, which this leads her at the musical The Beggar's Opera by John Gay, in the Theatre Royal in London. After killing off the guards she finds Haytham assassinating the leader of the British Brotherhood Miko and obtaining the amulet she was searching for. The two met each other again since 1735, the two fought but Eveleen lost and Haytham fled out of the theatre, which she failed her mission.

Killing Haytham Kenway[]

"I was assigned to kill you Haytham, my brother who joined the Templar Order."
―Eveleen to Haytham, 1754

Shortly After, Eveleen is assigned to kill Haytham Kenway which she has to follow her brother footsteps to trace him down.

Meeting John Harris again[]

Avenging her father[]

Alliance with Haytham Kenway and Shay Comac[]

Battle of Louisbourg[]

Fall of the Colonial Brotherhood[]

The American Revolution[]

Assassination attempt on George Washington[]