Fabiola Demetris

Fabiola Demetris (née Fabignora) was an Greco-Italian noblewoman and governor consor of Nicosia. She was the wife of Cyril Demetris, whom she had a set of twins: Eudemus and Markos. Through her sons, she is grandmother of Stylianos and Cato Demetris. Her first grandchild are named after her own father.

Her sons were raised in wealth, and had a safe childhood. At some point, she hired a woman named miss Lanz to work as their servant. It was with this woman that Eudemus brought shame to the name Demetris. He had an affair with her, and they later – on the advise of Markos – decided to go inland.

Fabiola's husband was later killed for the position of governor by their own son Markos. Fabiola died of shame and sadness short time after.

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