The Factory

The Factory is a hidden Isu site in Igboland, Nigeria. The Isu built this to artificially create humans while also creating the neuro transmitters implanted in them allowing them to be controlled by Pieces of Eden.

For it to be operational, the Factory needed to be powered by a Source of Eden. The Factory served as a sort of factory reset for the human race, upon activating it, it can send a pulse across the world sending humans into a docile state where they can be easily manipulated by Pieces of Eden.

Design Edit

The Factory operated by placing a Source of Eden onto a pedestal located deep and in the center of the temple. In the same area, the Factory contained a huge energy source compromising of the Source's cosmic energy which was used to engineer the Homo genus into their docile work force.

Security measures Edit

After being activated by a Source of Eden, the complex activated a lethal security system, which could only be deactivated by the removal of the Source of Eden. If left in operation, the system would project energy barriers at regular intervals, strong enough to vaporize humans on contact. It also caused the interior of the structure to shift and separate into several platforms, in order to make traversal of the complex difficult. 

History Edit

The Factory was built more than eighty thousand years ago, in what would come to be known as Africa. After the Toba catastrophe , the Factory was deactivated and became lost to history.

Until in the mid-19th century, the Grand Master of the American Rite of the Templars Obadiah Cornelius discovered of its existence. In 1866, Cornelius travelled to Africa on an expedition to find it where he was tailed by the Assassins Ugochukwu and Iona Moartz. Cornelius used the Source of Eden to activate the Factory's defenses against the two Assassins although the two freeran their way through the Factory's defenses.

Ugochukwu and Iona engaged Cornelius and eventually assassinate him. The two Assassins took the Source of Eden from Cornelius' body and decided to hide it in the Factory. After doing this, the two deactivated the Factory and seal it, hoping no one else would find it.

By 2017, the Assassins Horatio Pierce, Arnold Pierce, Hayley Yasutake, Jason Hart and Erica Boyd discovered of its existence through the genetic memories of Ugochukwu but ultimately decided it was best left alone for the greater good.

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