Federico Vespucci was an Italian circus performer active during the French Revolution. Federico was also a member of the Templars as well as the Saint Vierge group, becoming a sneaky and albeit creepy member. He was also the husband of fellow performer and Templar Isabelle Mendez.

Federico Vespucci
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Unknown, possibly in 1758



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Assassin's Creed: Changes

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Little is known of Federico Vespucci's other than he was born in Italy, possible Florence. What is known about Federico is that he was born to a poor woman working as a concubine, and with no father as he left his mother before Federico was born. Starting when he was around 15 years old, Federico began to work in the circus. His skinny build made it easy for him to stretch in ways no one else at the circus could, and with his help, the group became a hit. While he was a man of few words, Federico was known for his violent outbursts that caused his name to be known and feared throughout Italy. In one incident, Federico and his circus group performed for a wealthy noble's son. While Federico and the circus kept the boy happy and cheering, his father was unamused and refused to pay the promised amount. When that happened, Federico looked calm with the mask on, but behind it, he was fuming with anger. That noble was never seen again, and everyone knew what must have happened to him. Whilst working in the Circus, Federico met his future wife Isabella Mendez, whom he would marry in secret. Change would come for both of them in 1789.

Templar-affaires Edit

Attention Edit

It was 1789 and Federico and Isabella had just finished doing a public performance in Paris, France. They were paid an undisclosed amount by King Louis XVI in an attempt to calm the ever-angrier people of Paris. When the group finished their performance, they almost always went to a local pub or tavern to celebrate, and so they did. While all the others took off their costumes in the tavern, Federico and Isabella weren't fans of that, they preferred to be feared by those they deemed less worthy than they. Federico and Isabella stood in the corner of the tavern looking around, when Federico noticed a woman watching them. While many people watched the two, they were merely quick glances to make sure they hadn't done anything wrong, but this woman was watching the two almost as though she wanted something from them. Federico decided to lock eye contact with this woman, and she stared back, she had guts. After a few seconds of staring, the woman got up and began to walk toward Federico and Isabella. Federico put his hands on the hilt of his daggers in case anything happened. When the woman was three steps away from Federico and Isabella, she slowed down and reassured them that she meant no harm and that she simply wanted to talk. The woman introduced herself as Marguerite LaVenduz and the first thing she asked the two if they talked very much, both Federico and Isabella shook their heads. LaVenduz explained that she was a member of a group who sought to bring peace in the world through order and that the two of them would make great members. Federico and Isabella were intrigued by what Marguerite had to say and wanted to hear more. Marguerite asked the two of them if they were interested in joining, to which they both nodded. Marguerite then explained that they had to go on a mission to prove their ability in the order. Marguerite said that she would give Federico and Isabella details on a mission for them to take to test them. Federico and Isabella nodded in thanks to Marguerite and waited for whatever test lied ahead of them.

First Mission Edit

Federico and Isabella were waiting in their French slum apartment waiting for whatever mission Miss Marguerite had in store for them. After three weeks of waiting, it came time for Federico and Isabella to doubt if Miss Marguerite was even serious to begin with. One day, however, a messenger pigeon flew to the Vespucci apartment with a message detailing a mission: A noble had not paid his debts to the group of whom Marguerite served and it was time for a change in what he needed to pay with. Federico and Isabella were to perform at a party that was being thrown in the noble's birthday. Miss Marguerite had already made fake passes for them to get in, passes that said they were the performers. Once inside, either Federico, Isabella, or both were to somehow make the noble pay, not in money mind you, but in blood. Federico couldn't help but feel excitement for this mission, he always craved blood.

The night of March 18, 1789 came and with it, Federico and Isabella heading to the noble's house. The noble's home was something of a small mansion build with four sides to make a square, and the middle was the noble's yard complete with a fountain and a luxurious garden. Federico and Isabella used the passes given to them from Miss Marguerite and they went to their stations. The acts done were typical, gymnastics, torch juggling, and fire breathing. The crowd instantly fell in love with Federico and Isabella and their acts, but it didn't faze the two, they had a job to do. Eventually, Isabella spotted the man they were sent to kill, at least she thought it was since Miss Marguerite had never given a name or any physical description, another piece of their test. The man watched the two perform before making speech thanking the guests for coming to his birthday, especially since the civil unrest going on in France nowadays. The speech confirmed Isabella's hunch, and she and Federico were poised to attack. Federico moved around in a natural way as if he was looking for different places to perform, all the while keeping an eye on the noble. Eventually, the noble had wandered far enough to where no one would notice him immediately, and Federico moved in quick as time was limited. Thanks to his light frame, Federico could move around fast without making a lot of noise, and this helped him get to the noble. Federico drew his daggers and drove one of them into the man's spine while using the other to stab him in the neck. The man made no noise as he laid down. Federico moved him into some bushes, now he wouldn't be found until the next morning. Federico and Isabella performed for the rest of the night to avoid suspicion, leaving as soon as the party ended. For their efforts, Miss Marguerite wrote to the two a few days thanking and congratulating them for their work and stated that there was still one more test needed from them if they were to join the order. Federico and Isabella, although annoyed that they still had to wait for another mission, they were even more intrigued about this order Miss Marguerite served.

Joining the Templars Edit

Weeks passed and Miss Marguerite didn't disappoint in getting another mission for Federico and Isabella. This mission did involve yet another party they were to get to, but instead of killing the target, they were to get her back to Miss Marguerite and she would do the rest. Federico and Isabella were also to burn some documents that held information on the Order Marguerite was apart of and needed to be destroyed. Marguerite also gave Federico and Isabella a description of the target: She was a woman named Sylvianne Sybille, who had made a name for herself by revealing several locations of certain revolutionary groups who had begun making plans for the revolt planned. Sylvianne warned the royal guard of this and all the groups were arrested and Sylvianne was rewarded with the party in her honor. How she had documents on Marguerite's order was unknown, but Federico and Isabella weren't to know how, just to destroy them.

The day of the party came and Federico and Isabella went about business as usual, presenting their passes already paid for by Miss Marguerite, and doing all the tricks they knew. Whilst performing, Federico spotted Sylvianne speaking with a few guests and signaled to Isabella. Isabella decided to act this time by taking a glass of wine that was being presented by a butler. Once the glass was taken, Isabella used her bags of poison that she had always carried with her and sprinkled the unknown powder into the wine, which dissolved it instantly. Isabella then dance-walked her way to Sylvianne and offered the wine to her. Sylvianne accepted the wine quickly, whether or not is was because if she found Isabella creepy is uncertain but the plan worked. Isabella and Federico waited for a few seconds for whatever chemical put in the glass to take affect on Sylvianne. Once Sylvianne began to stumble, Federico acted quickly and spoke loudly for the first time, saying that he had heard revolutionaries crowding at the front of the palace. Normally, people would've just assumed Federico was crazy, but the overall paranoia of a revolt happening at any moment made the guards and people act fast. While Federico's charade went on, Isabella picked up a now unconcious Isabella and began to carry her away to the meeting point. Federico also took advantage of the situation by infiltrating the palace, now unmanned with guards, to search for the documents. After checking the main study, Federico found the documents and put them in a nearby fireplace to make them undone. Federico then met with Isabella at the meeting point and the two delivered Sylvianne to Miss Marguerite. Sylvianne was delivered just as she had begun to wake up and was placed in a chair in Marguerite's home. Isabella strapped Sylvianne to the chair as Marguerite congratulated the both of them for their efforts. With this, Marguerite finally revealed that the order she served were called the Templars, an ancient order that sought to unite the world and create a new one, one in which order would bring peace. Federico and Isabella liked the idea of a world in which order made the world peaceful and wanted to join. The next day, Marguerite set up a meeting and invited Federico and Isabella there. Once there, Marguerite lead the two to a room with one long table surrounded by others in the Templar Order which included Thérèse Bruxelles, Ivan Bogodan and Jacques Croix. Marguerite asked Federico and Isabella if they were ready to serve the Templars from then until death, no matter the cost. Federico and Isabella verbally confirmed that they were ready. With that done, Marguerite gave both of them rings and the three others raised their fists in the air to show unity in the Templars. Federico and Isabella put on their rings and were officially declared Templars.

Stationed at the Saint Vierge Edit

Federico and Isabella spent the next few months waiting around for whatever missions Miss Marguerite had for them. Their missions were one in the same as before, they were to enter a party of sorts held by some no-named noble, kill them and find information. While their work kept them from living on the streets, Federico and Isabella found it annoying that their work would only help the Templars in charge, people they had never met before in their lives. Federico decided to write a letter to Miss Marguerite which outlined all of their displeasures with their work and what they could do to help Marguerite specifically. Marguerite wrote them back saying for them to meet them at her house, so they did. Federico and Isabella got to Marguerite's house, where she sat them down and told them she had something big to tell them. Marguerite never expected people to believe her when she told them, but she carried on as usual. Marguerite revealed that she had visions from one of "those who came before" who revealed to her that both the Assassins and Templars were not important enough compared to another cause. Marguerite had already recruited others to a group she called the Saint Vierge, a group who sought to return humanity back to the control of "The Grey Lady" and if Federico and Isabella helped out, they would rule beside Marguerite and all those she had convinced to join her group. Both Federico and Isabella liked the idea of ruling the world with Marguerite even if they didn't fully believe in this Grey Lady. Marguerite then revealed more news: If humanity was to go back to its rightful place, they needed to locate the Jewel of Eden, and with that, humanity would be back to where it belonged. Marguerite then said that Federico and Isabella would need to keep on doing jobs for the Templars, but bring all information back to Marguerite. Then came some bad news: Federico was to be stationed at the Le Quartier Latin District of Paris, while Isabella was to stationed in the Les Invalides District of Paris. Marguerite then said that the two were allowed to see each other from time to time, but mostly had to keep at work, and that it would all be worth it in the end. Federico and Isabella decided to accept this fate and looked to whatever the future had for them.

Terrible Truth Edit

Federico did just what he was doing before. Doing whatever Miss Marguerite told him through letter, getting the rewards, then wait. There was a lot of waiting involved, it annoyed Federico to the core, but nonetheless, he wanted to rule the world with his wife by his and Marguerite's side.

It was 1793 when the letters really were slow coming. At first, Federico thought it was just how busy she must have been with her work, but four months passed and still nothing. Federico, fed up with the waiting, decided to take action. He wrote a letter to Marguerite demanding to meet with him to discuss any kind of other businesses he could do for the Saint Vierge group. Marguerite accepted the offer and two weeks later, the two met at a park near the Notre Dame Cathedral. Whilst there, Federico complained about always having to sit down and wait for whatever task Marguerite needed him to do. Not to mention he hadn't seen Isabella in around two months, it was getting unbearable. It was the last comment that made Marguerite freeze slightly, almost as though she didn't want Federico to notice. Federico did notice, however and pressed on, asking questions like where Isabella was and if she was okay. Marguerite finally broke and said that Isabella was dead, had been for a month now. Federico, with a hole in his heart, asked why Marguerite never told him, to which she responded that she knew he wouldn't help her anymore. Federico stormed off and vowed to never speak with Marguerite again.

Death Edit

Federico was in the middle of walking away from Marguerite, when suddenly, someone jumped on top of him. Federico saw that it was a man wearing a hat before noticing the piercing pain that went into his chest. Federico found it hard to breath and saw blood on his chest where the man's hand was. The man lifted his hand up and brought back some kind of hidden blade. The man was revealed to be Louis la Mort, an Assassin who had been stalking Federico for a time now and picked now to end his life. Instead of fear, Federico accepted death, at least now he'd be with his late wife. The two exchanged words before Federico passed from this world.

Last Words Edit

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