Felix Andreas

Felix Andreas, The Crow

Felix Andreas (1700 – 1734) was a Cypriote Templar of Greek origin operating on the island of Cyprus during the reign of the Murderess, Hacer Stavros. He was found of the Byzantine Templar Dens and the Borgia Towers, so he used one of his own henchman to find five men or women to establish and lead the Cypriote Dens. By doing so, he earned the nickname The Crow.

Born and raised in the city of Athen, being taught from his early years in the methods and doctrines of the Templar Order – due to his father being a member of the Order. Having a tutor from Turkey, Felix learned to be open-minded and following great visions. This fueled his Templar-thoughts when he became older. Turning out to be a great merchant in Athen, he came under the radar of the Templar Order. He was initiated at the age of 24, serving as the Grand Master's accountant.

At some point, he was brought to the attention of the attention of the Vilchada-family: farmers who served under a Templar. Felix found one of the girls attractive, and at the age of 25 he married Despina Vilchada. He tried to keep his allegiance secret, but five years out in the marriage, Despina found out about his ties to the Order. Wishing to fulfill her wishes of being free however, Felix did not hesitate on initiating his wife too. With his background, Felix established himself a trading-company in Athens. In the name of the Templar Order, Felix and his wife began earning a reputation as extreme people – doing nothing to stop them. While his wife raided non-greek trading ships for their values, and brought them back to Greece, Felix stayed on the mainland, carrying out transactions for the Order and their puppets and allies.

At some point, Despina came in touch with a Cypriote Templar named Stavros. Operating contact with her, Despina began to act more and more on her behalf. Slowly, Despina became one of her lieutenants. Stavros' task was simple: sinking Assassin-ships and enemies of Cyprus. Felix soon moved to the city of Paphos, where he established a headquarter. Using five slums in Paphos as his eyes and ears, he earned the nickname The Crow – referring to a crow's nest on a ship. He would later become an inspiration to the Gang Headquarters in London during the 1860s – making the Cypriote Dens serve as military spots for the Templars. He used one of his henchmen from Greece to find five persons to serve as his underlings and captains of these dens: Imram Naveed, Thalia Floros, Iakovos Spiros, Berker nin Utku and Yanni Kokinos

After the fall of Stavros in 1734, the Greek Assassins Maria Nomiki and Sofia Sanna established an Assassin guild in the city of Kyrenia. Soon afterwards, the Greek Assassin Nikoleta Megalos were sent to kill Despina. Learning about the Templars' connections in Paphos however, Nikoleta firstly had to bring down each of the men and women Felix had hired to supervise the slums. During one of her raids of the Cypriote Dens, Nikoleta met with the Israelite Rabi El-Ghazzawy – a man who later became Nikoleta's right-hand-man.

Felix was killed by poisoning.

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