"who am I? Just a nobody trying to make a name for himself, nothing great. Everything I cared about was ruined by greedy and corrupt people like you. A scar on the face of earth or a nightmare to the people, call me as you wish. The answer to your question, I'm Felix Andray Markov, a wolf trying to find his way in a world full of hunters."
―Felix's last words to Vlad.

Felix Andray Markov (1695 - Unknown) was a Russian Assassin active during the time of the Great Northern War. Blaming the destruction of his life on the Templars and his father, Peter the Great, he strives to bring equality to all of Russia, an event that will lead to the creation of the Russian Empire.

Early LifeEdit

Celebrating Peter the Great`s newest title as the independent Tzar of Russia, a party was held for Peter. During the party, Peter the great had an orgy with three prostitutes, one of them being the future mother of Felix, Yola. Realizing his mistake in fear of one being pregnant two months later, he sent men to after them to kill in order to prevent the birth of a royal family men from a disgraceful prostitute. Two of the three woman were found and hung while Yola managed to evade Peter long enough to give birth to fraternal twins, Felix and Arvy. Not having the heart to kill the children, she put the two in a basket and abandoned them in an alleyway, hoping that if she explained to Peter that she killed them he would spare her. The Tzar ignored her words and executed her. All the while, the two infant children were picked up by a large group of homeless called, The Family.

In 1708, by the age of 13, Felix, his brother Arvy, and Dina had begun their weekly scourging for supplies mission. After robbing varies places, the three return to the sewers, the location to which The Family resides. When they finish distributing the supplies, much to the leader's disgust when after learning they stole it, the brothers return to their adoptive father. Watching with awe as their father coughs and wheezes through his sentences, the old man grimly tells him about his sickness and that he is dying. Felix discovers that the medicine to the sickness is rare but could be found in the house of a local warlord working under Peter to win the Great Northern War. In secret, the twins plan to steal the medicine to give to their adoptive father.

Felix and Arvy manage to covertly make it to the large building the warlord calls home, yet didn't expect that a celebration was occurring, celebrating a recent victory, in the entrance. changing the plan, Felix decides to climb the building and breach it through an open window. while the two brothers move on the roof, the warlord calmed the crowd of people to give a speech. From an unknown position, a gun went off and the warlord was shot through the head. Using the distraction and chaos as a efficiently as possible. The two manage to get inside and search for the infirmary room. As the two get closer, they find a room littered with dead guards and a single man with the Assassin symbol printed on his suite standing in the center. The man looks at the kids before running out the window.

Felix and Arvy find the clinic room but are spotted by the guards as they get the medicine. The two manage to evade and fight off the incoming waves before they run out the front, the guards shouting curses and blaming the warlords death on the intruders. The twins manage to escape them and return back to The Family, yet failed to notice a Templar leader spot them going in the sewers. The adoptive father takes the medicine, and the two brothers sleep safety that night. Days later, the brothers and Dina continue their scavenging mission when Dina points out the unusually high number of troops forming up. Before the three could finish their quest, Arvy spots smoke in the skyline coming from the location of the Sewers entrance. They hurriedly rush back to discover that the place has been raided by Russian troops.

The trio runs in to find dead bodies of the homeless and a battle between the two factions taking place. As they go in searching for their loved ones, they find the leader pinned under debris of the collapsing sewers. The lady blames the death of her and The Family on Felix and Arvy before she passes away. The structure above them begins to give away and falls on them, separating Felix from the rest. On the other side, Dina yells at Felix to continue on while they defend the surviving rest. Felix heeds her words and tracks on searching for his father. He finds him in a death battle with a Templar, the same one who revealed their position to the soldiers. The Templar parry's the mans sickle before kicking him to the ground causing Felix to try and hit the man from behind. The Templar sees him and punches him away. While Felix is on the ground the Templar begins to move up on him, yes is stopped when the father hits the man. The Templar slices the father, sending him to the ground and causing him drop his sickle. In a daze, Felix manages to crawl and grab the sickle. He watches as the man continues to punch repeatedly as his fathers face, just before he jumps up and swings at the mans neck. pushing the dead body away, the mortally wounded adoptive father tells Felix that he has to learn to protect himself and that the world is a dangerous place. The man takes off something from his neck and gives it to Felix. Felix opens his hand to find a locket in the shape of the Assassin insigma. In the mans dying breaths he tells him that Nothing is true and that everything is permitted. As the man dies and Felix puts on the locket, the sewre water begins to exploded, flooding everything and sending Felix with the current. The water pushes the dead bodies and debris into the ocean, causing it to wash up on the beach. This includes an unconscious Felix.

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