Francis: "What is going on here? I was working on turning these beasts to the Christianity when sergeant Oxide tell me I need to leave. I say no, but he insists, so I decide to leave the village – but not without knowing what's going on. "
Soldier: "We are being attacked by some hooded persons"
Francis: "What? Bring your soldiers out of here this instant! "
—Francis to a soldier, moments before his death.
Francis White was an American priest and businessman – and en exorcist on his spare time. He was a part of the Colonial Rite of the Templar Order, where he served as their torturer. His second task was to locate an Apple of Eden that was said to be located in the River Valley.
Francis White
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12 January, 1694
Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom


1 August, 1757 (aged 63)

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Assassin's Creed: Purge (mentioned)

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Born in the city of Stratford-upon-Avon, Francis lived a quiet life. He was raised by extremely christian parents. This lead to that he hated everyone who did not submitted to – in his eyes – 'the one and only religion of the world'.

As a 21-year-old, Francis became a high-ranked priest. At his age, it was surprisingly many who did not belive Francis wasn't ready t already become archbishop. He aimed for the seat, but the archbishop himself refused to abdicate. Therefore, he sent some mercenaries to the White-estate. The men killed Francis' parents – and he was left orphaned.

White bought a ticket to a ship that would bring him to the Colonies.

Arriving in New York City in late 1715, Francis went to a nearby church, stating his reasons why he wanted to be a member of it. When the settled priest told Francis that he did not need him, Francis snapped. He grabbed the candlestick and hit the priest in the head. The priest fell behind. Francis hit the priest in the head one time more. More … More. More! The corpse lay in a pool of blood. Francis fell to the ground. The white robe became colored red.

After the priest was buried, Francis took his place.

Ellie Bottom Edit

Suzanne René

Ellie Bottom

After serving as a high-ranked priest from 1715 to 1746, Francis sought a higher purpose. He tired of living in celibacy, and wanted something more. At the start of 1747, Francis found a pretty woman in his congregation: Ms. Ellie Bottom. Francis decided for himself that he was going to get Ellie into bed with him. He wanted a family. After doing some small advances to Ellie, Francis handed in his recognition as priest. The priests in New York City retired Francis and sat another man to guard the seat.

Some months later, Ellie had reported disappeared. Her neighbors had seen a man approaching her house several times, but had noe thought much of it: she was a lonely woman, and needed comfort and company. But when she had not left her house for a week, Mrs. Patmore – one of Ellie's neighbors came into the house. The house seemed to be ransacked, there was noe Ellie and Mrs. Patmore reported her missing. While the New York guards did as little as they could trying to find her, Ellie was placed in a cage out in the Frontier.

Francis lived in a little house out in the Frontier alone, killing everyone who tried to approach the building. The bodies was either buried in the gardens, or was cut up and sold to New York City's black market as meat. The customers did not find anything strange with the meat – and some wanted to know the importer were. The black marketeers did not know, and never got the chance either. Five hired mercenaries who lived with Francis sent the meat to New York. The earnings was shared on Francis and the mercenaries.

At night, Francis went to the basement of his house in the Frontier – where Ellie was laying. Francis abused her all night, against her will. This repeated for several years: kill approaching people, selling the food on the black market, abusing Ellie. When Ellie became pregnant in late 1747, Francis still abused her – though, less violently. Francis' twinsons, Thaddeus and Kenneth, was born in June 1748. Ellie survived the childbirth, but wished she was dead.

Induction to the Templar Order Edit

In 1749, Francis' reputation as a crucial murderer had not go unseen by a British Templar named Garrett Law Stevenson. Garrett was the Master Templar of the Colonial Rite. He had been sent by Reginald Birch in order to establish an Order. Now he reached his hand after Francis. When Garrett first appeared at the home of Francis, the mercenaries tried to shoot him. The Master Templar managed to bring all of the mercenaries down however with his pistol. When Francis saw this, he grabbed his sword and ran towards the man. Garrett shot Francis in the arm – or more precisely: he shot Francis right pass the arm. The shot only made a flesh-wound, but it was enough for the aging Francis to fall to the ground. Garrett kneeled. He presented himself and explained. "I am a Templar. I serve to enlighten the mankind. I have heard of your reputation. I do not follow your methods in how you are acting to them you don't like, but I want to tell you that I would much more like you to work for me." Francis answered why he would do so. "Because, if you don't," Garrett continued, "I will end your life right here – right now. My task for you is that you will work as a torturer for me. Secondly: you will find me a Piece of Eden." Francis told Garrett that he would not do anything for him. Garrett sighed and pointed his pistol at Francis. He pulled off. The shot went through the leg of Francis. "That was a warning shot; next one might go higher up."

Francis was inducted to the Templar Order later that year.

Oneida Edit

When Ellie died after stop eating or drinking, Francis and his children traveled to New York City. Here, Thaddeus and Kenneth was left in the care of Garrett and his close Templars. Garrett chose to send Francis to a village in the River Valley: Oneida. Publicly, Francis was to turn the Natives from their own beliefs to the Christianity – but actually he was going to find a Piece of Eden that was to be located there. And, in order that Francis was not to fall back to his times as priest, sergeant Stewart Oxide was to accompany him.

Arriving in the Oneida-village in 1757, Francis was to wait until it was safe to enter. Stewart and his soldiers marched into the village, whilst Francis stayed behind with some hired mercenaries. After a battle in the village, Stewart managed to collect everyone of the eldest. He brought them to Francis: one of them needed to be the Clan Mother. After Francis had executed an interrogation of the old people – many was short, since no one could speak English – the Templar allowed Oxide to kill them. He would bring back those who was not the right person. When Francis came to a woman named Onatah, Francis was surprised that the woman spoke English. She told Francis that she was the Clan Mother. Francis told Oxide to bring Onatah to New York City. There she would be taken care of by Garrett: he wanted peaceful negotiations. Oxide sent his soldiers to carry out this order. "Peaceful negotiations? We have come to find a Piece of Eden. We are not leaving without it. Sergeant Oxide, tell your soldiers to ransack this village. We are going to find this Piece."

Death Edit

After some weeks of terrorizing the village, and leading it with a hard hand, Francis and Oxide still had not get their hand on the Piece of Eden. Therefore, Francis told Oxide to engage the citizens themselves to find the Piece for them. Oxide was happy to carry out this order. His men and the mercenaries terrorized the village as never before. One of the children, Takanetla, was frightened to see Francis and Oxide harass the tribe. Earlier that year the village had greeted Shay Cormac, now they destroyed the village in order to find something the tribe did not what was.

When Francis one day was in the church that was under building, Oxide came into the room. Francis held a little ceremony for three of the tribe-children: they were about to be confirmands. Oxide told Francis that they had to leave. A mercenary-scouter had seen two persons taking out the other guards in the village. Francis told that it had to be other Natives, and it was disappointing that Oxide did not just killed them. Oxide told Francis again that they needed to leave: "What if it's Assassins?" Francis laughed before telling the sergeant that the Assassins had never got their foothold here after Shay eliminated Kesegowaase and the The Guardians. Also, their ally in the Brotherhood – "Pilot" Shikoba – would inform them of any Assassin that was in the River Valley. Oxide told Francis that they had been in the village for weeks, and there was no sign of the Piece of Eden – they did not even know what it was. Oxide told Francis he would not get in the line between Francis' duty as priest and the Assassins: he would not lose men just because of Francis' stubbornness. Oxide turned around and walked out of the room. Just as he did that, the window of the church was destroyed. Francis turned around. Two Assassins jumped towards him. Francis was paralyzed. The two Assassins landed on the floor and ran towards Francis. The priest grabbed around his cane. The old man was no match for the young Assassins however …

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