Francis Patrick Freeman (born 1 August 1964) is the Director of Covert Operations for the CIA, a member of Freeman family, as well as a high ranking member of the Templar Order.

Born in 1964 to a irish family who made all their money in industry, Frank Freeman studied business and graduated from Yale University. He worked for his family business at New York before being recruited as a CIA field operative where he swiftly moved through the ranks as the CIA Chief Special Agent. Freeman was sent to Iraq and Afghanistan under the orders of the CIA to supervise all their missions conducted out there and assist with Sir William Henry Collins.

In 2013, Edward Snowden stole some secret government programs and contact with Assassin. After it was revealed that Snowden was leaking the information on PRISM and more sensitive project, the NSA sent out a hit squad to take him out and Freeman sent out the CIA agents to assassinate him. He was protected by Assassins.

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