Frederick: "I was promised a quick voyage back to England, where is it de Choisy? If you do not have it in time, I will rip your body for everything it carries. And you can just dare me to not kill you where you stand! I have suffered terrible losses during my lifetime – far more than you – and I do not approve failure. Now, where is my voyage?"
Count de Choisy: "I have told you it will be on time. And I am just as eager to flee this revolutionary Paris as you: I would very much like to diner with my cousin, lord Percy, before dawn! I am working as fast as I can! "
―Frederick Downcastle to count de Choisy on their departure for England
Frederick Downcastle
The Englishman
Downcastle and his redcoats
Biographical information

19 November, 1749


17 March, 1797 (aged 47)

Political information

Templars (1784–death)

British Army (1767–1783)

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Changes

Voice actor

Peter Eastflow

Sir Frederick Downcastle was a noble Englishman who was born in Dover, England. He was a part of the American Revolutionary war, were he operated alongside marine officer John Pitcairn.

Frederick was a commander of the British army who was a veteran of the American Revolution. After the war, the Englishman traveled to France as a spy for England to make sure things didn't go to out of hand. Whilst in France, Frederick joined the Templars after meeting Germain and agreed with their morals and beliefs, and became a loyal member of their cause.

During the French Revolution, Frederick hired men and women to find and kill counter-revolutionaries and their friends. He worked together with Robespierre and his Templar-acolytes. By Germain, Frederick was given control over three other people: Josèphine Chevrier, Adlinck Kessel and Ivan Bogodan – all Templars. Together with them, Frederick controlled every life and every pillar of society.

At some point during the production of "Behind the Revolution" (a codename for Assassin's Creed: Changes), Frederick Downcastle's genetic memories were used as an Animi Avatar. The purpose was to influence the general public via the different game consoles, under the pseudonym The Englishman.

Biography Edit

"Lift your sword, brother. If you let your guard down, I can guarantee your death will come"
―Reginald Downcastle training his brother, 1763
At 19th November 1749, Frederick was brought into the world of a wealthy family in Dover, England. His older brother, Reginald, had to take him, the doctor never made it – and the old Mr. Downcastle had been killed by an unnamed woman with a white hood some months ago. Later that night, Frederick was put to bed by his caring brother.

Judge McGovern Edit

Judge McGovern

Judge McGovern, painted by Isaac Whood

Years passing, and soon the Downcastles was visited by a man who called himself Judge McGovern. McGovern was a man who was a part of a secret society who called themselves Templars, redeemers of the ignorant mankind. He told that lady Downcastle – Frederick and Reginald's mother – was also a member of the Templar Order, and that she and the judge would be pleased of they wanted to be a part of the Order. Frederick was not more than ten years when he was given this offer, but would gladly accept. Reginald wanted to become a part of the Order too, mostly for vengeance over his dead father. McGovern did however told Reginald that the Templars did sought after the Assassin-individuals who killed other Templars, but to guide the mankind to it's proper place.

Judge McGovern learned first both of them in the the Templars' ways to act. Afterwards – two years later – he gave the siblings teaching in how to use a sword. After the judge had given his teachings of the sword to the two Downcastle-brothers, he was soon tasked to travel to Margate – a man had lost a bunch of tea into the ocean, and now McGovern needed to make sure that justice was served properly. He was killed by some mercenaries who ment that the judge's decision was wrong. At the age of 16, Frederick learned of the death of McGovern – his brother Reginald was 22.

The Lord gives; the Lord takes Edit

McGovern's death Reginald tasked himself to train his younger brother. With the finances of lady Downcastle, the brothers managed to hire a veteran of the military. The veteran told the two brothers everything they needed to know about the military and strategy. At the age of 24, Reginald was recruited into the British Army. Under a voyage to the Colonies, Reginald and his crew ended up in a storm. The ship sunk to the bottom of the sea, and the veteran was given the letter that said so.

Frederick was 18 when the letter was given to the Downcastle-estate, and when his mother, lady Downcastle, learned of this, she was just a shadow of herself: no feelings, no joy. Frederick saw on her mother that she needed help, but he wanted to be free. He sent a message to one of his relatives; at the time the relative arrived at the estate, Frederick had already recruited into the Army himself and was on his way to the Colonies. Upon the arrival in the Colonies, Frederick was under the guidance of John Pitcairn; when he died at the battle of Bunker Hill, he was stationed all around in the colonies.

French Revolution Edit

After the end of the revolution in America, Frederick was sent back to England. When he returned to the Downcastle-estate, he had an american along with him, his wife: Eve Wilkinson. She was the daughter of a commander, and had secretly entered the British Army – it was on this way Frederick became known with her. When Frederick returned to his home, he was approached by his old mother and the relative from so many years ago. The old lady Downcastle was terrified by her son coming to the estate's doorstep after leaving her in her most depression time. Lady Downcastle disowned him, calling Frederick "no-son-of-mine" in front of the servants and the relative. She then threatened Frederick to get out of her home before she would call the guards.

Frederick traveled to London, and bought a house in The Strand to his now pregnant wife. Himself and Eve lived in the house to raise their daughter. They did however had financial problems; to gain money again (his mother did never gave him some) he sought in ways to serve his country. The trouble in France was a fact, so William Pitt wanted spies. Frederick traveled to France as a spy for England in 1784; his purpose was to make sure things didn't go out of hand. Whilst in France, Frederick joined the Templars after meeting Germain and agreed with their morals and beliefs, and became a loyal member of their cause.

Templar-associates Edit

During the French Revolution, Frederick hired men and women to find and kill counter-revolutionaries and their friends. By Germain, Frederick was given the order to work alongside three other Templars: Josèphine Chevrier, Adlinck Kessel and Ivan Bogodan. Together with them, Frederick controlled every life and pillar of society. Josèphine was a prostitute and served as a spy for the Order; Kessel was a soldier who joined the French Army, and controlled the streets of Paris; Ivan worked in the Church as a parish priest and located Assassins to kill – alongside Renardo de Torres.

Death Edit

Eve of Downcastle's death Edit

In 1797, Downcastle's companions had been killed in some way. Himself had no experience with fighting Assassins, but he knew that it was the Brotherhood who had killed them. How was he supposed to track them down and kill them?


A boat that was supposed to take the Templars to Calais, and from there to England

With the death of Downcastle's acolytes, he had no place to go. The Revolution did soon saw him as a threat, and wanted to remove him. Before the revolutionaries could get their hands on him, Downcastle asked another Englishman – whom lived in Paris at the time – for help: The Crimson Rose. One night, at the Parisian docks, a delegate named Comte de Choisy prepared to travel to England with the Crimson League.

Death of de Choisy

An Assassin killing de Choisy

De Choisy: "What's taking so long?"

League member: "We have to be certain that everything is ready."

De Choisy: "It is."

League member: "Be prepared. It will take several days to get to England."

De Choisy: "Can't you hurry it along? I'd like to dine with my cousin, Lord Percy."

League member: "Remember, our story is that we've got goods to deliver. Textiles."

De Choisy: "How humiliating."

Downcastle arrived the place, but was killed by the Assassins Arno Dorian, Louis la Mort and Marie Anne Étienne.

Last words Edit

Frederick: "So … The French Assassins kills the British Commander. How amusing!"

Arno: "I don't see how that's funny."

Frederick: "It is amusing because while you have used all of your time to locate and kill me and my acolytes, the people you have sworn to protect have suffered. I am just a merely pawn in a large game. A game far to great for you Assassins to understand. Because while you lurk in the shadows – waiting for a target to passing you buy so you can kill him – we in the Order have made sure that the people are no longer in control of men and women in the aristocracy that would kill them!"


Louis la Mort and sir Downcastle fighting a duel

Marie Anne: "You and your fellow-Templars controled every pillar of the society alongside Germain's Templars. We stop you, and the reason is very simple: you saying that you free the people – all of mankind – but in reality, you only seek to gain power yourself!"

Frederick: "And the Assassins aren't doing the same? Claim your trophy, cowards; all of you have just killed the man who held all of man and women's fate in his hands. By doing so, I could have guided them – given them a magnificent future. May you all burn in hell!"

Frederick succumbed to his wound.

Louis la Mort: "Peut-être votre père de la compréhension de vous guider à votre place. Repose en paix. (May your father of understanding guide you to your rightful place. Rest in peace.)"

Defeated Bullion

With the death of sir Downcastle, the last pawn controlled by the Parisian Rite was removed – and people could live their own life without someone else pulling the strings

Trivia Edit

  1. Frederick is a masculine given name meaning "peaceful ruler." It is the English form of the Germanic name Friedrich. Its meaning is derived from the Germanic word elements frid, or peace, and ric, meaning "ruler" or "power."
  2. Frederick's surname is set together with two words: "Down" and "castle"
  3. Eve Wilkinson married again with an Englishman as soon as Frederick traveled to France. Her daughter was raised to be a great woman, whom became another aristocrat in a long line of English upper-class members. Her great-grandson, however, Bay Wilkinson became a high-ranked member of the British Rite of the Templar Order.
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