Fu Xi

Fu Xi, aka. Pan Gu, was an Isu of the East. He was the brother-husband of Nü Wa, whom he ruled over the East Isu along with.

At some point during the War of Unification, Hephaestus created the Sword of Eden #2 to bring an end of the conflict. Purportedly, after the war, the Isu despersed the swords to five different corners of the world (East Asia, West Asia, Southeast Asia, West Europe, North Africa) for safekeeping purposes. Fu Xi was trusted to guard this.

Like their Western counterpart, the Hua Xu were excellent craftsmen. Fu Xi was the creator of the Asian humans, creating them out of clay. In order to wake them, Fu Xi worked alongside Zhu Rong, the master-smith of the eastern Isu.

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