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Gabriel Kerr was a Master Assassin who participated in the Napoleonic wars, killing the Templar generals of Napoleon Bonaparte and hampering to recover the Apple of Eden in his possession. In 1812, however, he traveled to America again to participate in the War of 1812 along against the his own father Callum Kerr who was the Grand Master of the Colonial Rite of Templar Order. Gabriel took part from 1817 to 1824 to purge carried out by Mentor of Caribbean Assassins, Eric Rackham against the Caribbean Templars.

Gabriel Kerr
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Gabriel Kerr as 28-years-old
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20 May 1777


7 September 1850

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Appears in

Assassin's Creed: Purge (mentioned)

Assassin's Creed: Revenge

Assassin's Creed: Ashes

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Theo James


Early life[]

Gabriel Kerr was born May 20, 1777 in Kingston, the Caribbean. His mother Jeanne Carter was a former Templar as his father Callum Kerr that Gabriel had never known. Gabriel was born healthy and well. He grew up in the seaside town of Kingston, through the early years of his life playing with the other children of the city and to make little swim in the bay of the town with his mother. His mother loved him so much good as Gabriel as well they loved him. He asked his mother where he was the father and Jeanne replied that it was at war on in North America, and that he would soon return.


The August 28, 1784, Jeanne was now a woman of 42 years and was sure he had lost all interest in Assassins and the Templars. That day she left the house with a small Gabriel seven years and made their way to the market. As they made the rounds among the counters, Gabriel attracted by a hen began to chase and Jeanne lost sight of him. Gabriel chased the chicken for a good stretch of road, but at some point he realized that his mother was not there with him. Afraid, Gabriel made the first road to return immediately to his mother and felt the rumble of a gun. Gabriel began to run toward where the shot had come. He found his mother lying on the ground in an alley with a gunshot wound.

Gabriel was on the verge of tears. "Gabriel, you must be strong. My mother is going to make a long journey and one day we'll meet again," said Jeanne deathbed. "Even in the most difficult moments when everything seems lost, do not give up," said Jeanne to Gabriel. "I love you," said Jeanne, and she went to the other world. Gabriel was upset by the loss of his mother before the eyes of him who was only 7 years old. People arrived and someone yanked Gabriel from his mother's corpse.

Joining at the Assassins[]

Work for Adha[]

Adha Al-Fadi

Gabriel was placed in an orphanage by seven years at the behest of a judge. Gabriel remained in the orphanage for the following eight years. He was not really accepted by the other children and was often the victim of their bullying. But Gabriel was not to be put shit from them and whenever they attacked both verbally and physically, Gabriel immediately responded taking him heavily. This made him very aggressive and caused some outbursts of anger. Being a participant of the main fights, Gabriel was placed in detention and was well beaten by his guardians. This led Gabriel to hate everyone inside the orphanage. He made friends with a little girl named Mette Oldermund, who was of Denmark. Her parents were killed when she was a 4-year-old and her other relatives for some reason had not taken, and had put it there then. Gabriel and Mette often made jokes with the cooks steal some apples and other food, making jokes at the orphanage staff. Up to 16 Years Gabriel remained confined there to Kingston to not do shit, in the orphanage. At that age he found a job as an office boy at a woman named Adha Al-Fadi. Adha Al-Fadi was precisely the East in Persia and had participated in the French Revolution until it was moved to the Caribbean. Whenever Gabriel was there was amazed and fascinated by her, it was not like other women, like most athletic seemed to have fought well. Gabriel worked for her for almost a year but he approached Adha as he walked away from the friendship of Mette.


One day when Gabriel was 17, he went to the house for a delivery Adha. Adha said that today's delivery was not a delivery as the other. "What do you mean?" Gabriel asked curiously. "It 's extremely important you have to go to this address and take the object that my contact will give you," said Adha. "You have to protect that object at the cost of Gabriel life do you understand me?" Adha said gravely. "Yes," replied Gabriel. Adha gave him the address and then Gabriel walked. Gabriel walked to the address and noticed that the house he sought was quite far from the other just on the border of the marsh where there were crocodiles. Gabriel after 20 minutes' walk he came to the house he was looking for. It was more a small manor just outside the city. Gabriel knocked on the door twice in a row and immediately opened a middle-aged man. "What are you waiting enters" said the man turned to Gabriel, the man grabbed the boy by the sleeve and pulled him inside. Gabriel see that the manor was luxurious inside as the man took something from the table. The man turned to Gabriel holding a kind of packed box. "Here," said the man, putting the box in the hands of Gabriel. "This will serve" added the man and handed him a knife, "and be very careful my boy," the man said.


Gabriel did not know what we were to do it with a knife, but thanked the man and left. Gabriel pocketed the box and headed for the house, of Adha. Gabriel had understood that it was really important that stupid box. Once arrived from Adha told him he had to explain. Along the way Gabriel felt stalked by a man who was tailgating but it was only one. Gabriel at one point turned to the man. "Are you done to follow me?" Gabriel said, and pulled his knife. The man was black and white clothes. "No guy I just started," said the man and took a cleaver. Gabriel was able to make a fight but also to wield a knife and certainly not lacked the guts to kill that bastard. The man swung the cleaver for the Gabriel chest, Gabriel ducked in time to avoid ending sliced. The man did the same thing three or four times with Gabriel who dodged all shots and began to contrast his knife. Nth shot Gabriel ducked and then kneed the attacker in the stomach. The air came out of the mouth of the aggressor and it remained stunned. Gabriel elbowed him on his back and put it on the floor. Gabriel kicked the man's stomach as it was about to land, causing even more harm. "Your name?" Gabriel asked. "Fuck you," he replied. Gabriel straddled his body and pointed the knife at her throat. "Your name now," he said Gabriel threatening. "Otho" the man replied. "Who sent you and why" Gabriel asked. "I work for Callum Kerr, has just told me I had to intercept a package here in Kingston. Among Adha and another man," said Otho. Gabriel was stunned. Callum Kerr. He had the same surname. Maybe it was one of his relatives or his father! Otho gave him a punch in the face to Gabriel lifting away. Otho to his feet but the Gabriel threw a kick in the chest and then a series of punches. Otho eventually fell to the ground. Gabriel again with the adrenaline quickly ran toward the house Adha. Gabriel was greeted with Adha he immediately asked for the parcel. Gabriel gave it to him and then told him what had happened and demanded an explanation immediately. Adha told him that she and the man from whom he took the package were part of an international group called Assassins, they protected the human race from the Templars who wanted to control it. Gabriel was in accordance with the principles of the Assassins and saw in them the right goal for which to live. "Train me to become an Assassin," said Gabriel firmly toward Adha. Adha looked at him and then smiled. Then Gabriel knew it was so.


Robert Andersen

Gabriel spent the next six months to train at Adha Al-Fadi in Kingston. He learned the acrobatic running, stealth, combat. Gabriel was very good both in stealth combat. Once Adha charged him with robbing 30 soldiers in 15 minutes, Gabriel agreed. After 13 minutes flat, Gabriel returned with the spoils of his robbery. Adha amazed by Gabriel's skills and how quickly he learned. Now he had to go to the second part of the training. Gabriel and Adha moved to Havana where Gabriel would play the second part of the training. The parties were four and they lasted all of six months a total of two years in which Gabriel would become an Assassin in effect. Time spent in Havana as Gabriel skills, trained by Adha grew stronger. Gabriel one day was running on the roofs of the city and all of them covered in a net time of 21 minutes to the surprise of Adha. Then she said she would have them for a week reached her second master harmlessness husband Adha, Gabriel was curious to know the new teacher because they were already nine months that he trained with Adha. For February 3, 1795 would come the new teacher as well as Gabriel would have turned 18 that year. On February 3, 1795, Gabriel and Adha were at the port waiting for the ship's master who was to come at noon. At that time, the ship arrived and went down a man in grey clothes and hooded. He was the new teacher Gabriel. The man noticed right away and Gabriel Adha and walked toward them. When he arrived Adha greeted with a kiss as he shook hands with Gabriel. His name was Robert Andersen and unlike Adha, he was Norwegian: the son of the deceased Halvard Peterson and Tanja Andersen – whom both had been killed by Enok Jytte. While Adha and Robert were busy talking, Gabriel noticed across the street of the Spanish soldiers led by Otho the mercenary who had clashed Gabriel the year before. Gabriel pointed this out to the two masters. Robert pulled his sword an Adha pulled his dagger. Gabriel had a short sword and took her for battle. The soldiers who were 6 attacked them. Robert cut the chest by one and then skewered the throat of another soldier with the hidden blade. Adha parried a shot of a soldier and then swinging his knife hidden in the soldier's ribs. A soldier swung his sword against Gabriel and he dodged the blow and plunged his sword into the enemy's sternum. The soldier fell to the ground and died in a short time. Adha abdomen stabbed another soldier. The last attempted to Robert hit in the shoulder with the handle, Robert stopped the soldier's wrist and thrust his sword into his chest. Otho had been and was going to shoot on Robert. Gabriel pushed Robert making him dodge the bullet. Adha jumped giving a chest kick Otho, Otho stepped back dazed and Gabriel gave him the coup of grace with the short sword. Gabriel had killed two people that day its first victims.

Jeffery Amherst

Gabriel reached Robert and helped him up, Robert thanked Gabriel and then went to the shelter. Gabriel spent another three months to train in Havana with Robert and Adha and then they moved to Nassau. There Gabriel was trained additional 6 months as in the assassination and combat techniques. Then they passed in Saint-Domingue always another 6 months and finally in 1796 ended the training. It had lasted two years but the first real mission of Gabriel would come in 1797. In the summer of 1797, as a 20 year old Gabriel had to find and kill Jeffery Amherst. Jeffery Amherst, 1st Baron of Amherst was a Field Marshal in the British Army and Commander-in-Chief of the Forces during the Seven Years' War. Gabriel after a month of research that Jeffery had bought a villa-plantation in Matanzas, where he had worked as a slave there. Despite his 80 years Jeffery continued the work. Gabriel for August 3, 1797 arrived at Matanzas. That killing would officially started in the ranks of Caribbean Assassins. Gabriel had traveled on a simple boat and landed on the other side of the island. The island was guarded by many British guards's Jeffery. Gabriel advanced to the forest, and he killed the guards who was in the bushes with his hidden blade. Finally he went out of the jungle to get to the plantation. Gabriel walked stealthily to the plantation avoiding the guards as best he could. At one point he was in a bush when it whistled. A guard went to the bush and Gabriel stabbed her in the chest bringing it into the bush. Gabriel managed to cross all the plantation into the courtyard of Jeffery's manor. At the entrance there were four guards. Gabriel went before them and stabbed in the throat one. The others attacked him. Gabriel eliminated them quickly with the sword and then climbed on the roof of the manor. Gabriel killed the snipers and spotted Jeffery in the courtyard gazebo. Gabriel entered the gazebo behind Jeffery and flicked the hidden blade. Jeffery heard the sound and turned to Gabriel. Gabriel grabbed him by the shoulder and planted in his chest the blade before Jeffery could raise the alarm. Jeffery fell to the ground and died immediately to the wound. Gabriel robbed the body obtaining any money. Gabriel reached the cliff and from there performed a leap of faith and then vanish into thin air. On the night of August 5, 1797, Gabriel Kerr was officially introduced in the Brotherhood of Assassins from Adha Al-Fadi and Robert Andersen, in Nassau.

Liberating of Christiania[]

In 1798, Robert received a letter from a brother: Matthew Finnegan directly from Christiania. Finnegan said in the letter that he had re-established a guild of Assassins in the city to freedom Templar agent of the Grand Master Vendela Magdalene. Finnegan was asking for help to Robert and reach there at Christiania. Robert agreed, and said the news Adha and Gabriel. Gabriel was excited at the open field experience in Europe, in a place completely new and at the same time he was ready for the challenge. Gabriel made his bags and then they traveled, the three Assassins on a ship for Norway. They arrived in Christiania, in June. After landing, the three walked around the streets of the city. They noticed how it was chock full of Templar and how their influence was a lot in the city. Gabriel knew immediately that there would be a lot of work to do. The trio went to Finnegan's home and at the door they found the door open. The trio entered the house and found it upside down until it discovers the corpse of mercenaries and of Finnegan same. Robert bent over him and closed his eyes, giving him his last rites. "He was a good man, a soldier and a friend," Robert said. Adha put a hand on his shoulder. "I will avenge" she said. Arriving in the city of Christiania in 1798, Robert, Gabriel Adha and established a headquarters in the outskirts of the city and then began looking for allies throughout the city. The plan was to create an army of assassins and criminals take control of the city.

The Assassin-gang

The moreover the city was under the control of the Master Templar: Terese Henrike. The woman had been a prostitute before, then had worked for Magdalene as a hit man and later had been sent to Christiania in 1790 to keep the city under control of the Templars. Robert, Adha and Gabriel began to recruit and train men and women to fight the Templars in the city. Their activities, however, attracted the attention of the Templars who decided to somehow do something. Gabriel was walking along one day Adha and a group of apprentices to make acrobatic race between the roofs of the city as you workout. They were suddenly attacked with smoke bombs, and Assassins-apprentices unsheathed their weapons and stood in a circle to face the enemy. The group was attacked in the street as the Templars came from all angles and attacked the group. Gabriel appointed her sword from above down - thus killing two Templars quickly. Adha had his knife, she parried the blow of a brute and then stabbed him once in the throat. Gabriel ended in a duel with a Templar captain cheusò his sword to hurt Gabriel left arm. Gabriel used his sword to stab the Templar in his leg and in life - even if the wounds were not life-threatening. After fighting around like this, Gabriel was brought to the ground by another Templar-stalker. The Templar-stalker had concealed blades as the ejected to stab Gabriel to the head. Gabriel grabbed at the time of the stalker pole and with the blades at a few centimeters from his eyes. Gabriel kneed in the balls of the stalker, who fell to the ground unconscious.

Gabriel joined him and stabbed him with his blades hidden in the throat. A Templar Gabriel yelled behind him and was about to kill if Adha threw a dagger in the back of the temple, killing him and saving Gabriel. Gabriel thanked Adha, he took his gun and fired in the chest to another temple to then cut the chest to another. Their leader was among them Gabriel and dueled with him. Gabriel finally stabbed him in the chest with the blade concealed and then thrust his sword into the stomach. All the attackers had been treated. The group approached the den, recovering for the next day. Experience what the Templars did for them, Gabriel said Adha to stay in the den protection with their partner recruited there Emanuel Finn, as he and Robert came to town and start riots. After reaching the town square, Gabriel and Robert saw a group of Templar gang-bullying citizens. The duo walked around, trying to investigate what actions should let the people be angry about. Suddenly they heard a conversation between two couples who discussed the band mess were doing: stealing the houses, the people bullying, the market price control, killing those who publicly stood against them; so that when the bodies were discovered, people knew something had to be done: they needed to put an end to this tyranny.

Terese Henrike.png

On October 23, 1798, Gabriel, Adha and Robert began a popular uprising against Henrike's gang. People took control of an armory with the Assassins, and then attacked Henrike's refuge. Gabriel came into the confusion and came to a small office and kicked the door, which opened at once. In the office there was Henrike and another 5 armed Templars to the teeth. "In the end you came to Assassin." Said Henrike. "Kill him," he told his men. The Templars threw themselves on Gabriel. Gabriel pulled out his sword and shot a crash, Gabriel rolled to the right to avoid the sword of another Templar. Gabriel cut off the Templar's shoulder, screaming at pain and then pushing him against another attacker. Gabriel swirled his sword by striking the arms of two other Templars and keeping them wide. The brute thrown the ax for Gabriel but Gabriel dodged the weapon and squeezed the crude. A saber-swordsman swirled his sword for Gabriel's head, Gabriel swept his weapon and squeezed a fist at the man's face and then swore the sword of another Templar. The wounded Templar pointed his gun at Gabriel and fired, as Gabriel grabbed a Templar in time and used it as a human shield. Gabriel leaned over to the Templar and stabbed him to his head with his sword. Gabriel jumped on a table and kicked a Templar in the face, Gabriel lowered himself by dodging a sword and then stuck to the stomach the Templar, which was uncovered. Gabriel grabbed the remaining Templar and threw it against Henrike. Henrike moved the Templar and pulled out a weird object in the form of a scepter. "We see how the cables are now!" Henrike cried, Gabriel was struck by a mighty force that let him fly away, and he approached Gabriel with the scepter in his hand and pulled out a knife, Gabriel sought the gun in his suit and He pulled out, shooting quickly, Henrike was hit on his shoulder and dropped the scepter Gabriel stood up but Henrike immediately kicked him to his face.

Gabriel fell to the ground again and spit blood. Henrike walked to retrieve the scepter but before he could do something, Adha came and stabbed her back. Henrike fell to the ground with the blood coming down from his back. Adha helped Gabriel stand up as Robert walked to take the scepter. Robert looked at the scepter for a while and then asked Terese in the end, what was that. Thierese said that it was a powerful object but he would not say anything else as Gabriel stabbed her in the throat, finishing it. The three Assassins escaped the area with the scepter, while Christiania's people were finally free. Gabriel, Adha and Robert were on a roof as Gabriel asked them if they were there and Robert said they had just started.

Relocation in France[]

Over the course of time, Gabriel trained Emanuel Finn as an Assassin and then left the city's custody. Robert and Adha studied the scepter at that time. The liberation of the city had been a great victory for the Assassins but had to continue. At one point, the trio received a letter from France. It was written by Arne Otsberg, a Master Assassin, which Adha had worked during his time in France. Arne asked Adha to help him and Louis the Mort to kill former Templar Napoleon Bonaparte. The Assassins did not know and helped Napoleon. Adha also accepted that he knew that this would go against the Creed. Robert and Adha asked Gabriel if he was willing. Gabriel said that in order to defend the world from the Templars, he would go against the Brotherhood. Adha was happy with this answer and the trio traveled to France.

The Bureau[]

Failed Attempt[]

Napoleonic Wars[]

Defense of Prussia[]

Fights in Spain[]

Battle of Aspern-Essling[]

Track the Apple[]

War of 1812[]

Loss of Apple at Queenston Heights[]

Battle of York[]

Siege of Fort Meigs[]

Thames and murder of Tecumseh[]

Fire of Washington D.C[]

Assassination of Marie-Jean LeFay François[]

Get a life[]


First Target[]


Later life[]