"Who are you? I have met many Assassins through my time in the Order. I can't tell I recognize your face. What's your name? Tell me. TELL ME! I MUST KNOW!"
―Gao to Rong Hsu
Gao Piu

Gao Piu

Gao Piu (c. 125 BCE – February 67 BCE), also known as The Rider, was a Chinese Templar operating on the island of Dagong, raising an army whom the Assassin-turncoat Du Bin was to use in his hunt for riches in the Yellow Sea – aiding the Order.

At some point whilst serving the Templar Order, Gao and his body guard, Qiang Huang, were sent to an unknown destination, whereas they returned with the obtained Sword of Eden #2. Using a piece of an Apple, he wielded one of the most powerful swords in the Order – making him feared and a terrifying reputation.

During her hunt for taking down Gao, Rong Hsu landed on the island of Dagong. Whilst trying to make her way to his camp, Qiang Huang and a group og other soldiers took her by surprise. The bodyguard was killed swiftly however, moving for Gao.

Locating him on a horse, wielding the Sword, Rong sneaked her way up to the man – listening on his speech. She came to the conclusion that he was just as mad as his bodyguard. Making her sword ready to dip in more blood, Rong jumped out from the bushes. Seemingly under command the soldiers only watched while Rong's sword ran through the chest of Gao.

  • Gao: Who are you? I have met many Assassins through my time in the Order. I can't tell I recognize your face. What's your name? Tell me. TELL ME! I MUST KNOW!
  • Rong: My name's Rong Hsu. What good will you have of my name now? Your life has come to an end.
  • Gao: As a military tactician, I must know everything.
  • Rong: How come you are a military leader? You are too old.
  • Gao: Very well, former military tactician. I served the Emperor himself; I led the cavalry, they called me The Rider. The court found me as the best man of their army. But then, suddenly, I became of no use. I don't know why; I served the Emperor for several years. Being betrayed like that … I can't understand. Why?
  • Rong: Maybe the court saw how mad you have become?
  • Gao: Mind your tongue, little one! Don't forget who have managed to do most with their lives. I served the Emperor himself, what about you? You're following a group of men who seek to kill me, my brothers and sisters within the Order. Escape while you can; now that the Sword's power is out of control, the Ones Who Came Before will let their rage be released on Earth. I was the only one who could control it, understanding their strongest beliefs and decode their thoughts. Good luck trying to carry my burden.

Gao succumbed to his wounds

  • Rong: Another madman have been sent to the eternity. Your sword will be hidden: no one should wield such a power.
Memory corridor - Gao Piu

Memory corridor - Gao Piu

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