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Garrett O'Rielly
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O'Rielly after fighting off a group of Abstergo-guards
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March 3rd, 1997

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"One thing I will acknowledge is that I understand their point of view. I don't concur, but 'I understand. They want peace, order, a twisted tranquility. But the cost, the freedom of every man, woman, an'd child... Nothing could be worth it. The Assassins, however, they - I mean, we, fight for freedom, and the Templars see what people do with their freedom is directly our fault. In their eyes, we're the bad guys who would damn 'the world and leave it in the hands of free, yet corrupt men. In our eyes, they're the bad guys that would sacrifice their souls and the freedom of those around them to maintain peace. By the end of the day, is there anyone left standing as a 'good guy'?" - Garret O'Rielly to a fellow Assassin. Garrett O'Rielly (1997-present) is a modern day Assassin bent on a personal quest to find the legendary Pieces of Eden known as the Ankh and to reap revenge on those who killed his family. Having only a single Assassin ancestor who's identity was never known to the Templars, Garrett's family had been relatively untouched and allowed to live normal lives. After the Erudito-Incident, Garrett left an Abstergo compound with high notoriety, newly downloaded combat and parkour skills, and his own Apple of Eden. This incident brought wrath down upon his family, and they were murdered almost immediately after Garrett's escape. After recieving basic gear from his mother, Garrett set out on his journey to get vengeance upon the Templars and to find the Ankh.


Garrett O'Rielly was born in Providence, Rhode Island to Richard O'Rielly and Audrey O'Rielly. Garrett's family originally hails from Ireland and France, but has been residing in North America since the 19th century. Garrett grew up as a normal child without any Assassin or Templar affiliations until the age of 16, when he was selected to be a beta tester for Animus gaming program. Most of Garrett's family was supportive of this, due to it appearing to be a great opportunity, but Garrett's mother, Audrey, was the only one opposed, saying that she did not trust the company, for reasons never explained to Garrett.

Encountering Erudito[]

Garrett joined the Animus gaming program in mid-March, and took to it immediately. It did not take him long to progress through the ranks with his mastery of crowd blending, poison, decoys and incognito assassination. When going into another session, Garrett was pulled into what seemed to be a glitch in the programming, where he was an avatar of himself in front of a sea of files made by Abstergo. Erudito, the anti-Templar splinter cell within Abstergo, revealed itself to have been responsible for Garrett's unexpected detour. Erudito show him files exchanged by Abstergo agents and video advertisments made by Abstergo along with altered versions that reveal the true purpose of Abstergo. Through Erudito, Garrett was educated on the ancient war between the Templars and Assassins, and learned that Abstergo was just a front for the Templars, and how it was their method of obtaining control. Garrett then learned of the First Civilization, and their Pieces of Eden, and how they were the key to ending the war, either in Assassin or Templar favor. Erudito told Garrett that it was his geneology that had gained it's attention, but then said that his skill in the Animus may suggest "further potential and use." When Garrett inquired who or what Erudito was, it responded "A torch in a very dark cave." Erudito then converted Garrett's gaming Animus into a real one, and brought him back to relive the memories of his sole Assassin ancestor: Wyatt O'Rielly

In the Animus[]

Through Erudito and the Animus, Garrett was sent back to relive the life of his Assassin grandfather: Wyatt O'Rielly. Wyatt was much like Garrett at a young age, but was orphaned as a young child and later recruited into the Brotherhood after a he was rescued by Assassins from a back-alley mugging. Over the course of the next couple years, Wyatt recieved basic training from the Assassins until he was inducted as a fully realized Assassin. Wyatt was sent to Hawaii to meet the Mentor of the Assassins and recieve additional training. When Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941, and many of Wyatt's brethren killed, Wyatt became involved in World War II. While in the Animus, Garrett discovered that his ancestor was responsible for the deaths of famous Templars involved in the war such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin. Taking care of the Templars one by one proved to be a long journey, and finally, in 1953 when Stalin fell by Wyatt's hands, the location of a long lost Piece of Eden was revealed to Wyatt (and so, Garrett as well). The Ankh, a Piece of Eden associated with Egyptian mythology and last seen being used by the Brotherhood of the Cross (Templar division) during the Black Plague pandemic, was located inside a First Civilization lockbox within Big Ben. Immediately, Wyatt set out for London in hopes of finding The Ankh. While climbing the great clocktower, Wyatt encountered Winston Churchill, who, being demoralized by the deaths of many of his fellow Templars, pleaded with Wyatt to spare his life. In return, Churchill would discontinue his Templar allegiance, which he did until his death in 1965. Sparing Churchill's life and allowing him to leave, Wyatt approached the lockbox but was stopped by a projection of the precursor Minerva. Minerva told Wyatt that it was not he who was supposed to open the box and obtain the Ankh, and commanded him to leave and to never speak of the clocktower's secret. Wyatt, understanding that it was not his place to be, headed Minerva and left the clocktower. This was the last memory Garrett was able to access before he was ripped from the Animus and taken hostage by Abstergo agents, who had just learned what he had been doing

Garrett's Apple[]

After being taken hostage by the Templars, Garrett was thrown into a detainment cell and was cut off from communications with Erudito. Erudito had been working diligently since Garrett's capture in order to free him from the Templar's hands. Before Garrett had had the chance to be questioned, the door's lock opened and he managed to escape the room. After avoiding the patrols for a bit, Garrett came across an earpiece underneath a note that read: "Every story has a herald." After putting the earpiece in, Garrett heard a synthesized voice belonging to Erudito. Through Erudito's directions, Garrett made it to a private storage room that had been removed from the grid. Erudito then commanded Garrett to make his way to a small box on the other side of the room. Upon reaching the box, the contents inside began to glow and Erudito directed him to open and lay his hand upon what resided inside. Garrett opened the box and found an Apple of Eden inside. Upon laying his hand on the Apple, a mass of images and visions were downloaded into Garrett's brain. The force of the Apple and severity of the visions was too much for him, and he ended up succumbing and blanking out. Later, Garret awoke the rooftop of the Abstergo complex, and was soon greeted by Erudito through his earpiece. Erudito revealed to Garrett that the Apple of Eden he had touched was registered as Apple of Eden 3, and was famous for being handed down by US presidents until it came into possession of Abstergo after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Erudito then explained that some of the genetic memory that had been stored inside by the Assassins and Templars that weilded it in the past had been downloaded into his brain, an alternative Bleeding Effect method. Soon after this explanation, Abstergo agents then found Garrett on the roof, and he was ordered to Leap of Faith off of the building to safety. Garrett lept off the rooftop, landing safely in deep water that had been below, down a cliffside.

Retaliation and Revenge[]

As soon as Garrett washed up on shore, he pickpocketed some money and got a bus returning him to his home town. Garrett raced off to his home and was passed by firetrucks and ambulances. When he had made it to the bottom of his street, Garret found that his house was in flames, with the firetrucks desperately trying to put it out before it spread to the other houses. Garrett made it to his house and, upon arrival, noticed three body bags being wheeled into the ambulance. His father, mother, and older sister had been slain. A little while later, after the funeral of his deceased family members, he and his little brother Brady, the sole survivor of the purge, were pulled aside along with other family members for the reading of the wills. By his father, Garrett had been left money and would have been granted the house, if it had survived. Garrett's mother however, left him a key to a safety deposit box. Inside the safety deposit box was a black with manor green trim hoodie with a beaked hood and a hidden blade that appeared to be one of the blades Wyatt had owned. After bringing his little brother to his grandparents house, Garrett promised him that he would return for him once "the bad men couldn't hurt him anymore." Garrett then contacted Erudito via the earpiece, and demanded that they assist him in tracking the Templars down, since it was mostly their fault that his family had been killed. Erudito promised that they would help, but only if he continued to be of use to them. Garrett was given his first target shortly after this encounter, an Abstergo Agent that was head of the facility Garrett had escaped from. This Templar, a man by the name of Conrad Irons, had first notified the Templars of Garrett's actions in the Animus and his escape, causing in immediate action. Erudito revealed that Barnhart was not in the Abstergo facility, and was not expected back for some time, but was still in the Rhode Island/Massachusetts area. Putting his plan of revenge into action, Garrett set off for Providence once more.

The Connoisseur[]

After breaking into the Providence Abstergo facility, Garrett made it up to Conrad's office. After decrypting his files and accessing his computer (with Erudito's help) Garrett discovered that Conrad could be found at a dinner party in Boston as a guest of honor after donating to (Templar owned) hospital. It was then that Garrett was discovered by none other than the agent that had given him his orientation into the Animus gaming program. After chasing him through and out of the facility, Garrett fought and managed to overpower the agent in the streets. The agent, in his dying words, told Garrett that he was in over his head. He may have been able to kill him, but in the end, the might of the Templars would destroy him. Traveling to Boston, Garrett contemplated these words. He came to the revelation that if he were to be victorious, he would have to seek the help from the Assassins, and recieve training from them. When outside of the party, Garrett learned that he could not get in through the front, and even when he is in, his clothes were far too informal to blend in. Garrett needed to find a Templar around his size that he could steal from. Garrett could not tell who was his target, until his the Bleeding Effect bestowed upon him from the Apple gave him the rare ability of Eagle Vision. Following the solo golden target, and pickpocketing him (making sure to be caught) Garrett led him to a alley way where, using his fist in order to not bloody the suit, overpowered the Templar and took his suit. Climbing to the second floor and climbing in through a window, Garrett managed to enter the party and blend in (for the most part, his hair was rather long). Making it into the Great Hall where the party could be found all below him, Garrett used his mysterious new ability to find Conrad, who had been making his way on stage. Working his way through the crowd, Garrett waited until Irons was finished with his speech, riddled with Templar metaphors and Abstergo propaganda. After making his way off stage, Conrad was greeted by a successfully blended Garrett and a hidden blade in his side. Keeping Conrad on his feet in order to avoid suspicioun until necessary, Garrett and Conrad exhanged dialogue, not unlike that given by the agent in the street. Conrad told Garrett that no matter what he accomplished, who he killed, he was still just a child in a man's war, and the Templars would not be afraid to end him like they did his family. Eventually, Conrad lost his footing and fell to the ground, and in his last words said to Garrett "The things I have done... Donated to hospitals, funding public works, enlightened minds! This is my legacy, my accomplishments. What have you done, other than kill a man with a dream for a better world?" After Irons' passing, the party went into disarray, with security (Abstergo security) attempting to detain Garrett. After fighting his way through the security with uncanny ease, Garrett escaped through the window he had entered, retrieved his stuff, and escaped the party just before the police arrived. After finding a secluded alleyway, Garrett set up a mat of cardboard to sleep on, and rested. Upon waking up, however, Garrett found himself in an entirely new place. Garrett was now in an Assassin hideout in Blackstone, Massachusetts, having been drugged and brought there in his sleep. The Assassins brought it to light that they had been at the party and had been about to make their move on Barnhart and another Templar that had been present, but because of Garrett's unexpected intervention, the other Templar escaped in the confusion. The Assassins offered Garrett a place among their ranks, as long as his loyalty was to them and he followed their creed. Garrett accepted, not revealing his comm link to Erudito.

The Liar[]

Now a newly inducted student of the Assassins, Garrett began training, finally being able to refine the techniques given to him by his Apple (which he handed over to the Assassins). Garrett preformed extraordinarily well in the combat sparring, and had little difficulty with the parkour and stealth. After only a month of training, Garrett was assigned to a small team of novice Assassins with one fully-realized Assassin as their leader. Garrett was told by Erikson, the Assassin in charge, that their target was a criminal in charge of a small group of theives around the Newport area. The name of the Templar criminal was Ralph Azuro, and he proved to be a difficult person to track down. Few people knew of him other than the criminals under his command and they hardly made mistakes. After an assault on a lighthouse where Azuro's men were encamped, Garrett and Tobias (a fellow Assassin understudy) captured a criminal and interrogated him, finally obtaining Azuro's location, or rather, where he will be. Azuro, it seems, had been out of state, and was expected to return via airplane sometime that week. After revealing this information to Erikson, he took the prisoner and told Garrett and Tobias to find out what plane Azuro was flying in on and what time. This involved breaking into the airport and downloading the data from the flight schedule. Garrett did this alone while Tobias and another understudy, Faruk, waited at a rendevouz. While making his way to the rendevouz, Garrett overheard Faruk tell Tobias that Azuro had been involved in the attack on Garrett's family, and had been the one that cleaned up any evidence of important Templars. Tobias asked why Faruk was telling him and not Garrett, and Faruk said that Erikson forbid him in case Garrett went rogue in order to get his revenge. Garrett then revealed himself, jumping from the wall on which he had been listening, a few minutes after the conversation had ended so they did not know he had overheard. On the day of the assassination attempt, the Assassins met up with Erikson, and they all agreed to show up at the airport seperately, in order to avoid suspicioun. As Garrett made his way through the streets toward the airport, he heard a familiar voice from inside the alleyway to his right. Getting atop a fire escape, Garrett peered down upon the source of the voice and discovered that it was the same theif that had been captured and interrogated by him and Tobias. Garrett called out to the theif, commanding him to stop but the theif ran at the sight of him. After chasing the theif, finally cutting him off in front of a fence, Garrett beat it out of him that he had escaped and told Azuro what he had told the Assassins. Realizing that his bretheren were walking into a trap, Garrett dispatched the theif, hijacked a motorcycle and took off for the airport, while being attacked by other theives that had come to aid the other. Upon arrival at the airport, he found Faruk's body in the middle of the terminal, which seemed abandoned. Getting to the window, Garrett saw onto the airfield where Tobias was cornered and fighting for his life. Making it to Tobias in time, Garrett killed the remaining Templars and saved Tobias, who only suffered a minor wound. Tobias told Garrett that he believed Erikson to be dead, killed by Azuro, who was on his way out of the airport. Garrett raced through the airport and jumped out of a second story window, air assassinating Azuro as he was about to get into a car