Gaspard Caderousse

Gaspard Caderousse (Unknown – 20th November, 1790) was an extremist operating on behalf of Saint Vierge. He was the younger brother of Lucien Caderousse, and a close ally of Jacques Croix.

Despite being the younger brother of Lucien, Gaspard was heavy-built and violent. So, Lucien used this to his advantage – also due to Gaspard's lack of intelligence. The brothers spent their entire life as criminals, and joined the Saint Vierge at the outbreak of the French Revolution. Before this however, the Caderousse-brothers gathered a dangerous group of brutes and bodyguards around them, who aided in their crimes. The National Guard took an interest in Lucien for many different crimes, including theft, jailbreak, vandalism, trafficking, and possession of illegal goods. Gaspard was wanted for the brutal murders. Gaspard was often tasked to punish those indebted to the Lucien, leaving his victims lying gutted, their innards replaced with those of exotic animals. Commandant Chauvelin placed a prize on the brothers' head. A guardsman named Thibault d'Avrigny was to find and bring Lucien to justice.

One day, when Lucien was to sell a prostitute to a customer, Lucien was ambushed by d'Avrigny and some of his followers. Lucien used the prostitute as a shield to avoid the bullets before escaping. After meeting d'Avrigny countless times, Lucien decided at one point to confront him. So, he delivered a letter to him privately – though under false name – where it said that Lucien was to be at the Pont Saint-Michel whilst meeting Gaspard. D'Avrigny went to the bridge alone. Lucien saw him, and decided to attack – Gaspard was with him. Together, the brothers almost killed d'Avrigny. They let him live enough to drown. They pushed him over the bridge and down in the Seine. Chauvelin decided to let the brothers go.  

As a member of the Saint Vierge, Gaspard worked as a foot soldier for the Templar Order. Because of this, Gaspard was brought to the attention of Jacques Croix. He hired him as his personal body guard – along with his brother. Gaspard's main task were however to locate a vault of sorts. Jacques explained that Gaspard would understand when he found the entrance to the vault.

One day, Gaspard found Jacques and told about a key he and his brother had found in a storage when he and his brother emptied it for weapons now. Jacques replied that 'it can just be a key to a safe', but Gaspard said that in that case it had a strange appearance. Jacques looked at it, and further investigation found the key a bit odd. It could be a clue to the vault LaVenduz wanted to find. Jacques gave it to the soldier, stating: "Bring it to Dufour, she can look further over it." Gaspard left the fortress.

Arriving at the Arsenal, Gaspard told the National Guards that he needed to meet with madame Dufour. The colonel, L'Au, told Gaspard to wait whilst he would talk with the madam. The man refused to to just stand there however, and demanded to be brought to Dufour. L'Au, as the little colonel he was, was scared the huge extremist would harm him so he let him be followed to Dufour.

Arriving at her appartement, Dufour told L'Au to leave her and Gaspard – L'Au stated he was afraid to so, stating he feared Gaspard would hurt her in some way. Dufour told the colonel to 'piss off, or she'd remove that eye of his'. L'Au left. Gaspard turned to the woman, holding the key. The woman took it, stating: "I will investigate it further tomorrow. For now, rest. You can take a room downstairs. I will bring some food to you. How does that sound?" Gaspard thanked for it, and did as he was told.

The following day, Gaspard read in the Journal de Paris that the Blacksmith of Le Marais had been killed the day before. Gaspard knew his brother would have been killed along with the blacksmith. Gaspard told Dufour that he wanted to find his brother and bury him. Dufour told him to shut up and do as he was commanded. Gaspard did not understand. The woman found a sword and pointed it at him: "The Templars are corrupt, and so are the Saint Vierge you follow. Be my bodyguard and I'll pay you far more than your employers ever have done." Gaspard doubted for some minutes, but the woman's following threat – cutting his tongue – he accepted her offer. Dufour then told him to follow her while she would make everything ready for her voyage.

The same evening Gaspard and his mistress was to leave Paris. While Dufour executed the last orders, he guarded her. After bringing a prisoner from the sewers under the Arsenal, Gaspard followed Dufour to the docks. While here, the two had a short conversation before they would board the boats. However, they were stopped smoke bombs. In the chaos, Gaspard heard men falling to the ground. Dufour told him in a hurry that she needed the prisoner alive, but it was too late – Gaspard was to bring him to the Châtelet, where a Vicomte Montrez would keep the prisoner until further orders. Gaspard did as he was told, and grabbed the prisoner. He put him over his shoulders while Dufour left the docks.

While running from the docks, along the riverside of the Seine, Gaspard heard his prisoner yell to someone behind him: "Leave me, Paulette. Help your sister. I'll manage!" Suddenly Gaspard was stabbed in the side. The man did not expected it, and he lost the prisoner – who flew through the air, landing in the river. The stop made the one behind Gaspard hit hit him, and the two rolled over the riverbank. Gaspard got back on his feet, looking on his stalker: a woman. He took out his huge axe and ran towards her. She got up on her feet, pulled out her rapier and began to fight Gaspard. He swung his axe to her head. She bent down. From her position, she took one step to the right and rose up again. She lifted the rapier to her attacker. He parried the hit, and used the axe's butt end to hit her in the temple. She walked back a few steps. He lifted the axe, while the woman rolled over – avoiding the blow. She rose again, stabbing the soldier through his back. The man screamed, but turned around. The rapier broke because of the movement, and the woman threatened her opponent with the broken rapier. He laughed again before lifting his axe-arm and threw it through the air towards the attacker. She bent down – facing the sky – and on her way back up, she threw the sword into the extremist's skull.

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