"This is too risky, we need to end this at once if we're not to be executed by al-Djin"
―Gaubert to Côme, 1789

The Bright Ruler

Gaubert (c. 1752 – May 1789) was a French Templar operating on behalf of Shamar al-Djin and his Board of Directors. He cooperated with two other Templars: Absolon and Côme.

Gaubert was born and raised in Calais, always seeking for adventures. At the age of 20, he was recruited into the Templar Order – overseen by Shamar al-Djin, Marguerite Murat and Joséph Iscariotte. Working as an enforcer of The Turk, Gaubert was to serve as Murat's lieutenant and make sure the company's resources was going to their locations. Gaubert and his fellowmen also worked as errand boys for the Director of the Sea: Ghufran Karimi.

Some weeks before the start of the Revolution, Gaubert and his associates met the harbormaster of Calais: Pascal Leclerc. The men wanted to know why some resources had disappeared from their master's storehouse, and how the running transactions went. Pascal, afraid for his life, told them that he had no clue why some goods were gone – and the transactions still went good (he had got letters that told so). Côme told Pascal to recover the goods, or else would his family pay.

The following day, Gaubert met Côme near the Église Notre-Dame de Calais. The men had betrayed their masters; the disappearing resources who was supposed going into the Templars' pocket, had been sent to Absolon's mansion. Absolon wanted to get into the shadow economy – by exploiting The Turk. Absolon got his friends to join the plan, while still working for Shamar and his friends – and by doing this, getting paid. The meaning behind their meeting at the church, was because Gaubert began to doubt the plans. Côme had got orders by Absolon to "take care of it".

Pierre Étienne witnessed while Côme murdered his associate with cold blood. 

Order, rule and peace

Gaubert, Côme and Absolon

Trivia Edit

  1. Gaubert is the French form of the Germanic name Waldobert, composed of the elements wald "rule" and beraht "bright".
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