The Gauntlets of Eden are Pieces of Eden in the form of (most commonly) golden gauntlets. Although these are worn as part of arm protection in warfare, it can also be used as a tool of creation.

Gauntlets of Eden

A hypothetical once-holder of these Gauntlets is Herakles, or better known to the world as Hercules. He uses the Gauntlets to overcome his twelve labors, but finally lost it to Zeus when he was ascended into an Olympian. It is possible that Zeus altered his DNA so that he will be one of the First Civilization and so Zeus took the Gauntlets off him.

Another known holder of another set of Gauntlets was Mpu Gandring, a royal blacksmith from Ancient Java. He used his Gauntlets to craft a supernaturally powerful Keris, Javanese traditional blade, on the request of the sly rebellious Ken Arok who later used the blade to assassinate the current King to his own advantage. However, since the Keris' powers are descended from the Pieces and it is not a Piece itself, the Keris' power was imbalanced and it instead led to the demise of Ken Arok and his line of descendants. It fulfilled Mpu Gandring's curse that stated that the Keris would take seven of Ken Arok's generations for his betrayal, since Ken Arok murdered Mpu Gandring to test the Keris he just finished.

Both the Gauntlets and the Keris disappears into a void of unknown whereabouts later, and it finally emerged from unknown origins to the hands of Mahapatih Gajah Mada from the Majaphit Empire. Both items gave him efficiency and effectiveness in battle, making him the highest-ranked and one of currently Indonesia's most prominent figures.

In Assassin's Creed: Descent, Panji came into contact with both items and these items are also what Rajawali prevented the Templars from Europe from obtaining. In the modern times within the story's universe, Juna assassinated modern Templars that the current Indonesian Mentor believes to have a relation with the hunt of the missing Pieces.

The current whereabouts of the Gauntlets, whether Herakles' or Gajah Mada's, are unknown.

List of theorized/known wielders of the GauntletsEdit

These are the known First Civilization and/or human wielders of the Gauntlets.

  • Herakles/Hercules (Greek/Roman First Civ, Gauntlets #1)
  • Ophois (Egyptian First Civ, Gauntlets #2)
  • Atlas (Greek/Roman First Civ, Gauntlets #3)
  • Theseus (Gauntlets #4)
  • Thor (Old Norse First Civ, Gauntlets #1)
  • Mpu Gandring (Gauntlets #5)
  • Mahapatih Gajah Mada (Gauntlets #5)
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