George Herbert Leigh Mallory
George Mallory 1915
George Mallory in 1915 (29)
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18 June 1886

Mobberley, Cheshire, England


9 June 1924 (aged 37)

The North Face, Mount Everest, Tibet

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British Military

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George Mallory was a British Mountaineer who took part in the first 3 British expeditions to Mount Everest in the early 1920s.

His most notable expedition was his last climb in 1924, where he and his climbing partner, Andrew "Sandy" Irvene, both "disappeared" from the North-East ridge during their attempt to make the first acent of the world's large mountain. The pair were last spotted 800ft from the summit, but only Assassin intel are able to confirm that Mallory sucesfully reached the summit.

Unknown to the public, he was assassinated by John Thomason Hamilton II.

Early life, education, and teacher careerEdit

Mallory was born in Mobberley, Cheshire, the son of Herbet Leigh Mallory, a clergyman who changed his surname from Mallory to Leigh-Mallory in 1914. His mother was Annie Beridge, the daughter of a clergyman in Walton, Derbyshire. George had two sisters and a younger brother, Trafford Leigh-Mallory, the World War II Royal Air Force commander.

In 1896, Mallory attended Glengorse, a preparatory boarding school in Eastbourne on the south coast of England, having transferred from another preparatory school in West Kirby. At the age of 13, he won a mathematics cholar to Winchester College. In his final year there, he was introduced to rock climbing and mountainneering by a master, R.L.G Irving, who took a small number of people climbing in the Alps each year. In October 1905, Mallory entered Magdalene College, Cambridge, to study history.

After gaining his degree, Mallory stayed in Cambridge for a year writing an essay he later publish as Boswell the Biographer. He lived briefly in France afterwards, where he first came across a man named Kenneth Duncan, who was a Grand Master Templar who took a liking to Mallory, his motivations were unknown. In 1910, he began teaching at Charterhouse School, Godalming, Surrey.

While at Charterhouse, he met his wife, Ruth Turner, who lived in Godalming, and they wre married in 1914, just six days before Britain and Germany went to war. Just a few months before Mallory left to the war he had a child, Frances Clare.

In the War and First Notable Templar EncounterEdit

"We will return Mallory, in time the Templars will come" - Lyon informing Mallory that they will soon return for him to repay the service.

Mallory entered the war in December, 1915. He joined the Royal Garrison Artillery as 2nd lieutenant and in 1916, participated in the shelling of Somme.

During his participation in the shelling of Somme he was greeted by a Templar, Lyon Chempagne. Lyon was a French Templar who, under the orders of Duncan, was to look over for Mallory's survival. During a German assault the siege equipment was destroyed and multiple artillery units were pulled back into German lines, this is when Lyon struck and killed many German soldiers using himself and his expert Templar skirmishers.

Lyon charged head on and saved Mallory and his units saved several other units to support the British and France defenses. Lyon said to Mallory "We will return for you Mallory, in time, the Templars will come". After Lyon's criptic message he returned him to an uncompromised post and fled the scene.

The Final ClimbEdit

"I'm fine with placing a flag, I just want to see the view and have the glory" - Mallory saying that he didn't care what the Templar's catch was.

After two failed ascents of Mount Everest passed, George Mallory was still left and continued to bother the British goverment for another shot. This is when the Templars saw fit for a time to use Mallory, the Templars introduced themselves to Mallory as "a group of individuals that seek peace and innovation for the world". Mallory was intrigued and was overwhelmed with joy when they offered to fund his third expedition and ascent of Mount Everest, though there was a catch. The Templars that approached Mallory, being Kenneth Duncan, Lyon Champagne, and an unknown accomplice, told him that one he reached the summit he had to do something. Mallory replied "I'm fine with placing a flag, I just want to see the view and have the glory", the Templars replied "You can have all the glory and all the credit, it does not matter to us". They then handed him the Apple and stated that they wanted him to reveal the apple to the world on the peak of the world. This Templar plot was to reveal the Apple at the highest point of the world and be able to consume control of a large majority of Asia.

This plot was caught on to by the Assassins and they sent John Hamilton to pursue Mallory, eliminate him, and secure the Apple.

Charles Bruce and Edward Norton were both Templars leading the expadition to assure of Mallory's success. Mallory was spared time as John first attempted to scale the south face and by the time he had re-checked his note notifying him that he had to take the north route they had already begun their First Summit Attempt.

John managed to sneak into Camp IV and steal an oxygen tank and when Mallory and Irvine decided to rush to the summit John pursued them. John was close behind them and using his freerunning managed to navigate the mountain on his own.

It wasn't until the Second Step did Mallory notice John, as John had his blade inches through Irvine's throat. Mallory screamed at the Assassin "This is about the Apple isn't it? You're not taking it! I am reaching the summit and I will hoist the Apple in all its glory!". By this point Mallory had been sneaking looks at the Apple and it had begun to ruin his mental stability.

The Summit and DeathEdit

"You're not taking it! I am reaching the summit and I will hoist the Apple in all its glory!" -Mallory to John as John finished off Irvine.

Mallory and John continued in a hot pursuit, to the point of free climbing the Second Step and Third Step during a exchange of insults and threats. The following extract from the Wikipedia article on George Mallory is refering to John pursing after Mallory: There was a sudden clearing of atmosphere, and the entire summit ridge and final peak of Everest were unveiled. My eyes became fixed on one tiny black spot silhouette on a small snow-crest beneath a rock-step in the ridge; the black spot moved. Another black spot became apparent and moved up the snow to join the other on the crest. The first then approached the great rock-step and shortly emereged at the top; the second did likewise. Then the whole fascinating vision vanished, enveloped in cloud once more.

Once John had pursued Mallory to the summit Mallory shot a smirk and gripped the Apple from his side that it had been strung onto. He hoisted the apple as John bolted at him, shreaks of light began to break from it before John tackled Mallory to the ground, causing the Apple to drop and bury itself in the snow. As Mallory struggled under John he brought up his leg and shoved the spikes of boot sole into John's knee before kicking him off himself. Mallory stood up in the fight as John recovered from his puncture, Mallory extract his ice hatchet and ran at John and in a swing punctured his oxygen tank. During the loss of air John imapled Mallory's throat killing him, only to shortly die on the summit himself from lack of oxygen and bleeding out.

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