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Gideon Borgia
Biographical information

June 30, 1830
Paris, French Empire


August 11, 1923
Paris, French Empire

Political information
  • Templars
    (1843 - 1844)
  • French Brotherhood
    (1844 - 1893)
Real-world information
"I just wanted to be like you, James."
―Gideon disagreing with James about training with him, 1844

Gideon Borgia (1830-1923) was a Master Assassin of the French Brotherhood and also Templar. He wanted to become a Assassin like his mother for the longest time but also didn't want to become Grand Master despite his father wishes, while meeting James Dorian in France, he trained Gideon and became his adopted father. Gideon is the descendant of Grand Master, Cesare Borgia and the son of Grand Master, Alexander Borgia and late Master Assassin, Alice Bennett. He is the father of Ruth Borgia and Judith Borgia and the husband of Rose Hathaway, and also the adopted son of James Dorian and the adopted nephew Adélaïde and Joseph Dorian, and the adopted brother of Caroline Dorian and also the adopted cousin Antoinette Dorian.