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Graeme Faulkner
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Graeme in Texas,1862
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6th of November, 1826



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Slaving Away (planned)

Gold, Guns, and Brits (planned)

The Western War (planned)

Graeme Faulkner was an Assassin most well known for his activities in American states of the Confederacy, more specifically, his espionage and assassinations. He was born in 1826 in Scotland and joined the brotherhood in 1842 to help combat an underground slave trading ring acting throughout England after the Slavery Abolition Act in 1833. His acts were succesful after several assassinations, his acts were recognised by higher ups in the Order and he is sent across the world to do more acts. He's two later large scale missions are in Victoria, Australia during the gold rush and later his involvement in the American Civil War.

Early Life[]

Graeme was born on the 6th of November 1826 in the town of Dundee, Scotland. Dundee was a port town so logically his father, Willy Faulkner, became a fishermen on the docks and sometimes Graeme would join along. When Graeme was 9 his grandmother passed away and his mother, Elizabeth Faulkner, went to London for her funeral, there Elizabeth obtained the disease known as Cholera. With Willy on a long voyage and no known cure for the disease Elizabeth slowly passed away under Graeme's watch. When Willy returned a week later after her passing he was depressed and turned to drinking and Graeme tried to escape in his reading from the dark world that now surrounded him.

Graeme's father would tell him "Your daddy's gonna' be a Cap'n!" and "We'll sail the seven seas with plunder and joy", this was his father's intended course seeing as he had just bought a ship named the Blue Bird but the man died at the bottom of a bottle before he set sail. Graeme was 12 when his father died and with the house being taken away by the authorities Graeme set sail with a number of men he could convince with strong words, and due to Graeme's extensive reading he was a good spokesperson. Graeme was 13 when he had the crew together, his hands were on the mast and his quatermaster was a hooded Englishmen by the name of Maxwell Burnett. Graeme set sail for many years until he was 15 when he was attacked by a fleet of ships, arrested for piracy and a scheduled meeting for the gallows awaited him, his crew was killed on sight except for Maxwell, he didn't know nothing about Maxwell.

On the day of his hanging the event was ambushed by several hooded man, and he was approached by one of them, it was Maxwell, who set him free and brought him to a safehouse. This safehouse belonged to the Assassins and seeing as Graeme had no other option he joined the Order to live by the creed that Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Characteristics and Weaponry[]

Being raised in poverty Graeme often found himself in harsh circumstances vastly ahead of his age, this led him to not really ever having a childhood which formed him into an independent, head strong, and self reliant person. Being raised in a port town he also had grown a nice pair of sea legs, meaning he was mostly immune to sea sickness and found himself quite equipped to deal with naval battles and the such, this in fact led him to save many of the miners in the Eureka Stockade. Though he was reletivley a strong person mentally and physically he had trust issues and wasn't reliant, this led to him getting in fights with other members of the creed and this would also feed into his untimley death.

The robes he used throughout London

Graeme has wore different robes to suit his enviroment, during his time throughout London in the early to mid 19th century he wore a more black and grey outfit compared to the western beige outfit he died in. He found that this would allow for him to have a more stealthy approach on his targets in the grey and dark streets of London. His later used robes in the American Civil War were adapted to the combat enviroment. A holster for a pistol for long range combat was needed as the Western United States was more open than the crowded city of London, he also needed lighter clothing due to the drastic heats and a different colour to blend into the desert enviroments. His robes wore in Australia were virtually identitcal, some speculate even the same robes.

File:Hiddenblade AC3 concept.jpg

The hidden blades used by Graeme

His weaponry was vastly different to some of the largely more recognized assassins such as Ezio Auditore da Firenze, Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Edward Kenway, and so on. Some weaponry is similar, like his large use of the iconic weapon of the Order, the hidden blade. His hidden blade is identical to the one used by Ratonhnhaké:ton  seeing as it can extract into a handheld blade, this design is known as the "Pivot Blade". Onto his other weaponry he used a special revolver obtained from a Master Templar called "The Florentina" that was crafted in Italy. The Florentina was actually passed down through the Faulkner family tree and only recently sold off on auction and placed in The National Musuem of American History as "a

The Florentina

rare weapon used by a Union Soldier". The Florentina can no longer be seen on exhibition as it was only available to see in 2006, it's current location is speculated to be in storage. His other weaponry is a sword that was given to him by an old friend turned enemy, Jebediah

Graeme's weapons: Left is his sword and Right is his Tomahawk

Hanks, and a tomahawk that was found struck into a stump in Victoria.