Griffin Hynes is an American Assassin. He is the descendant of many Assassins across History such as Reinhard Kößler, Bjorn Eriksen, Sean Grady, and Arne Otsberg. Griffin relived the lives of his ancestors through the animus after being kidnapped by Abstergo in 2014.

Griffin Hynes
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September 18, 1992

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Assassin's Creed: Uprising

Assassin's Creed: Revolt

Assassin's Creed: Exploration

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Early Life Edit

Griffin was born in Minnesota, USA in a place commonly known as The Sanctuary, which was a compound that housed ten families of Assassins. Griffin's parents were devoted Assassins, but still were parents to him in the best way they could. Until the age of 10, Griffin would mostly spend his time playing with the other kids in the Sanctuary, riding his bike, and spending time with his parents. When Griffin turned 10, he was revealed by his parents about his Assassin heritage and that they planned to start training him and other kids to become one themselves. Griffin didn't know what to think, but accepted the training that ensued. Griffin was trained in running, climbing, fighting, stealth, and sabotage along with the other kids, that all would change when Griffin turned 17.

Running Away Edit

When Griffin turned 17, he started to doubt all he learned of Assassins and Templars, simply believing that everyone in the Sanctuary were simply conspiracy freaks and no longer took them seriously. Eventually, in 2008, Griffin ran away from the Sanctuary and lived part of his life as a freelance photographer to make money. Griffin eventually was hired as a DJ and would host parties and weddings. Griffin made many friends and lived a fun and carefree life.

Abstergo Edit

Capture Edit

In 2014, Griffin now a 23-year-old man was at a party club with some of his friends having a good time, then one of his friends told him that someone was looking to see him outside in the back. Griffin came outside and was confronted by his girlfriend who he had planned to move in with, who told Griffin that the relationship was over. Griffin questioned why, and his girlfriend told him that she was tired of him preferring to be with his friends rather than her and when he does show up, he's either too drunk or tired to do anything. Those words made Griffin hurt, but simply told his girlfriend to leave and that he was okay with this, she thanked him and left. Griffin then punched over a garbage can in anger, then was confronted by a man in a suit who asked him if he was Griffin Hynes. Griffin had not revealed his true identity to anyone all these years, saying that he was Jacob Leary and did the same to the suited man, but told him that he knew of Griffin Hynes saying he was a friend of his. Griffin then asked the man why he needed to see Griffin, the man simply said business and walked away. Griffin stood in the alley for a few minutes and when he turned to go back to the party, two men put a bag over him and knocked him out, put him in a plane, and flew him to Madrid, Spain saying that they now had a new subject.

Awakening Edit

Griffin awoke the next day dazed and confused, he tried to remember what had happened, but all he remembered was the suited man walking away. As Griffin tried to get up, he found his hands bound to some metallic stretcher, Griffin called for help several times but no one responded. Eventually, two guards walked in and with Griffin still bound to the stretcher, began to push it to an unknown destination. Griffin asked multiple questions like where he was, what did they want, and why was he here, but the guards ignored him and eventually gagged him to shut him up. Griffin was led to a medium sized room, where he saw the man he had seen previously in a lab coat and a red-haired female that must've been his associate or partner. The guards then ungagged Griffin and left the room, the man revealed himself to Griffin as Carlos Alvarado and his assistant, Beth Constable. Griffin questioned them what they wanted and why he was there, to which Carlos responded that they knew that Griffin was an Assassin. Griffin initially tried to deny it, but Carlos wasn't in the mood for games and Griffin finally admitted his Assassin lineage. Carlos than told Griffin that they needed Griffin as another subject for their Animus Project, and knew about Griffin's family history of Assassins and needed them to get new possibilities for their Abstergo Entertainment company to get a sense of how to use certain time periods in their video games. Griffin was confused and asked them how many Assassin ancestors he had because the only ones he knew of were his parents. Beth told Griffin that his past was full of Assassins, but the one they wanted to have him relive were of his grandfather, Reinhard Kobler. Griffin was then asked how much he knew of him, to which Griffin told them that he thought that Reinhard was simply a member of the Edelweiss Pirates and German Resistance during the war. Carlos told Griffin that clearly Reinhard kept secrets to keep his family safe and asked Griffin if Reinhard was still alive, to which Griffin revealed that he was and living somewhere in northern Minnesota. Beth then went to Griffin and released the bounds on his hands and told him to lay down in the Animus, Griffin obeyed and began to relive the life of his grandfather.

Reliving Memories Edit

Griffin laid down in the Animus and closed his eyes, he then saw everything that happened in his grandfather's life. Griffin felt great sorrow at how Reinhard's father was killed in the streets and how his mother deteriorated from then and left the farm with no sign of returning or where she went. Griffin also felt sick after seeing Reinhard's experience in the WW1, then wondering how he was still alive if what he was seeing in the Animus was true. Griffin was also shocked that Reinhard met Hitler and regarded him with respect at first, but knew that Reinhard didn't know what Hitler would do in the future. Griffin's first Animus experience ended after Reinhard killed soldiers part of the Templars and officially becoming an Assassin. After reliving that memory, Griffin was let out of the Animus and told to get rest in the quarters that were for him. As Griffin entered the room, the door behind him and Griffin tried to pull it open, but found it locked, he then took a shower and was about to go to the bed in the room for he was exhausted. But as Griffin was about to go to bed, he thought he saw Reinhard fighting Nazi soldiers, then disappear. Griffin simply thought he must have been seeing things and went to sleep. The next morning, Griffin was abruptly awoken by Carlos who told him he had a rough day ahead of him. Griffin then asked Carlos how Reinhard could still be alive for he was born in 1900, though he was told that Reinhard was born in 1928. Carlos didn't know and simply stated to let the Animus tell the story. Griffin made his way to the Animus and had a quick conversation with Beth on the same question he had for Carlos, but Beth didn't know the answer either. Griffin then thanked Beth for being the only person in Abstergo nice to him. The memories relived by Griffin on this day were of Reinhard's infiltration of a Nazi outpost and learning of their plan to invade Poland, starting WW2, Reinhard's failing plot to kill Hitler, and the Nazis storming the Assassin hideout, killing many including the mentor. Griffin was then forced to get out of the Animus after it having overheating problems. Before Griffin went back to his quarters, he told Beth of the hallucinations he had the previous night, Beth simply told Griffin it was a side effect of the Animus called the bleeding effect, and told Griffin that because he wasn't in the Animus that much he had nothing to worry about. Griffin went to his quarters, took out a piece of paper and began to draw away. After he was done, Griffin noticed that he wrote in German and drew pictures of many things Nazi and Assassin related. Griffin didn't know what this mean, and simply went to bed.

Final Memories Edit

Griffin woke up the next day once again to Carlos waking him up, but this time, Carlos was in an extra hurry and noticed Griffin's drawings and sarcastically told him that he was a great artist. Griffin went out to the Animus room and showed Beth the drawings because she was the only person he trusted in Abstergo, Beth was shocked and told Griffin that she would take it and the next day she would translate all of it. Griffin thanked her and Carlos rudely tolled Griffin to get in the Animus and Griffin obeyed. The memories that were relived on this day were of Reinhard and Seppel hiding out on Reinhard's old farm, finding out Hitler's plans, the death of Seppel, and Reinhard killing Hitler and taking the Apple of Eden. Griffin at the end still didn't know what could have caused Reinhard to live so long and neither did Carlos or Beth. Carlos met with the chief creative officer of Abstergo Entertainment, Melanie Lemay and told her that they had all the samples and research needed for their project. Melanie thanked Carlos and left. Carlos then told Griffin to get to his quarters and left the room. Griffin had another conversation with Beth where he confessed that he didn't think he would leave Abstergo alive, Beth simply told Griffin to have faith and inadvertently revealed she was an Assassin. Griffin was shocked and knew that he would get out soon, but when and how?

Escape Edit

Griffin returned to his quarters where he remained for an hour, in which time he paced anxiously on if Beth would get him out in time as he knew that Abstergo would soon rather kill and Assassin rather than let one go free. After an hour, Griffin saw Reinhard once again this time reaching out and touched Griffin on the soldiers and said: "We forgive you." Griffin didn't know what this meant, but realized that it meant that his family and friends would welcome him back to the Assassins with open arms and felt like he was ready to escape without fear. His time came when Beth returned and told Griffin that they had to leave immediately, Griffin followed her out with no question and they made their way to the elevator. They were able to sneak out of the building with no commotion, but were confronted by guards in the parking lot. They fought them off and Griffin himself knocked out four of them. Beth and Griffin stole a car and booked a flight back to Minnesota to meet up with the Assassins their. Griffin thanked Beth on the plane and learned about her life growing up as an Assassin in England and how many missions she had done in Abstergo. Beth and Griffin landed in Minnesota and got a car and started Griffin's life as an Assassin.

Assassin Training Edit

Griffin and Beth were going to drive back to the Sanctuary, but Griffin asked her to drive to Reinhard's house, just north of the Sanctuary. When asked why, Griffin told her that he wanted some answers and he figured that Reinhard would be the most accepting and welcoming in terms of Griffin becoming an Assassin again. They arrived at Reinhard's house late in the afternoon, Griffin told Beth to stay in the car because he knew that Reinhard wasn't one for a lot of company. Griffin rang the doorbell, and Reinhard stumbled to the door with a cane but then had a look of surprise and happiness when he saw Griffin in the doorway for the first time in years. The two greeted each other before embracing each other and Griffin was welcomed into Reinhard's house, Griffin then asked where his grandmother was, to which Reinhard told him she was out with some friends. After being questioned and answering where he had gone and how he had been, Griffin then told Reinhard that he had been captured by Abstergo. Reinhard's cheery nature soon turned to concern as he knew that Abstergo were the modern day Templars. Griffin then told Reinhard that through the Animus, he relived Reinhard's memories and learned of his life during the war and how he killed Hitler. Griffin then told Reinhard he wasn't mad at him, but was confused as to why he wouldn't go public with it. Reinhard told Griffin that he did it because many Assassins across history killed bad people and didn't go public, so he simply did the same and he also did it to not expose the Assassins to the public. Griffin then asked Reinhard that had been brewing in him for days: how was Reinhard still alive even though he was born in 1900. Reinhard responded that after killing Hitler, he took the Apple of Eden and continued to study it for decades, and the Apple must've had a different effect on Reinhard where it slowed down aging and death, but since Reinhard stopped using the apple in 1986, that's when he finally started to age. Griffin was then about to leave, then he told Reinhard he was nervous that his family would be furious with him for leaving, Reinhard simply touched Griffin's shoulder and told him that they forgave him, just like the hallucination did back in Abstergo. Griffin and Reinhard embraced each other one more time before leaving, Griffin then got into the car where Beth was waiting, told her the same things that Reinhard has said and they started to get to drive to the Sanctuary.

Home Edit

Griffin and Beth made their way to the Sanctuary and after reaching the gate, they were permitted entry and Griffin noticed that there weren't as much people there as last time and they would look at Griffin in surprise and memory. Griffin and Beth exited the car and went inside the main building and were met by two other Assassins, a Russian assassin named Grigory, and a Canadian assassin named Jacqueline. The two Assassins greeted Griffin with enthusiasm and readiness for another person to help fight the Templars. Griffin liked their energy and felt more comfortable being back home after years. Griffin asked where his parent's were and learned his father was in Brazil on a mission and his mother in Switzerland also on a mission. Griffin then asked when they would return, to which Beth told him that was up to time. Griffin accepted that and asked what the next moves were, to which Grigory told Griffin that since he had not had Assassin training for a long time, they would need to rely on the Animus. Griffin didn't know what they meant, thinking that the Animus was just a simple machine. Jacqueline immediately told Griffin that with help of the bleeding effect, anything was possible. Griffin then started to understand and asked where the Animus was so they could get started. Griffin was led into a room with a desk full of computers, a few beds, and an Animus in the middle of it. Griffin noticed the Animus looked different, to which Beth said it was the Animus 2.0, gifted to them by a woman named Rebecca Crane and told Griffin to get settled in it. Griffin got into the Animus and already liked it more than the one in Abstergo, then Jacqueline told Griffin that she had to put a catheter in his arm that connected to the Animus so his genetic memories could be accessed. After that was done, Griffin asked where and when they would be visiting in the Animus, to which Beth told him to wait and see.

Ireland Edit

Griffin closed his eyes and let the Animus do its work, and he was then shown the memory of a young boy named Sean avoiding his mother at all costs as she was in her drunken rages. Griffin then realized that he was in Dublin, Ireland in 1904, reliving the life of his ancestor, Sean Grady. Griffin witnessed Sean's sad early life full of abuse, neglect, and grief after the death of his father. Griffin also saw how Sean ran away, got into bar fights, and eventually got knocked out but was carried back to a house by a strange man named Thomas and how Thomas indicted Sean into the Assassin Order. Griffin was then forced out of the Animus and asked why as he wanted to see more. Beth told Griffin that if left in the Animus for too long, he would end up like Subject 16, who went insane after being put in the Animus for sometimes days at a time. Griffin then chose to thank them for doing that for him and asked what they would do now. Grigory told Griffin that it would be a good time to test the skills he learned from the Animus and lead him to the training course. Griffin completed the training course, which consisted of jumping from place to place, getting across one part to the other on a balancing beam, and ended with climbing up a 10 ft climbing wall and getting down on the other side. Beth, Jacqueline, and Grigory were all impressed and stated that maybe after two to three days, they would be done. Griffin thanked them and chose to get some rest, before experiencing some guards charging at him. Griffin immediately told the group what he saw, but was told that as long as the hallucinations were shorter than 30 seconds, he would be fine. Griffin went to bed to rest up for the long day he had ahead of him.

Work Edit

Griffin woke up the next day dazed and groggy, he knew he slept off one hell of a night and was ready to relive more memories of Sean. Griffin went downstairs where the others were and asked how they were. Jacqueline told Griffin that he didn't need to show off that he could speak German, Griffin immediately asked what she meant and Grigory told Griffin that the Bleeding Effect must've caused him to do it and he was fine. Griffin had breakfast and got into the Animus as planned, this day of memories consisted of Sean doing his first mission with Thomas during the War of Independence, Sean taking a British held fort and capturing it, and Sean and Thomas finding out the Templar plot to kill Michael Collins. Griffin got out of the Animus a few hours later and Beth escorted him to the training room, instructing him to try to complete it within 45 seconds. Griffin completed the course just over the time with 47 seconds, Beth told Griffin that even though he was off a little, he was making incredible progress. On the walk back to the quarters, Griffin asked Beth on why they were reliving Sean's memories, stating that they could've gone back to Reinhard during his elder years to find more secrets. Beth told Griffin that they chose Sean because he possessed all things needed to be an Assassin: stealth, courage, and fighting abilities and with Griffin reliving Sean's life, he would eventually inherit Sean's abilities. The rest of the day was pretty laid back with the group playing games on the Helix consoles made by Abstergo and doing more training before the day came to an end.

Final Day Edit

Griffin started the next day with some stretches and going for a run before getting back and reliving the life of Sean. Griffin returned and as usual, allowed Jacqueline to insert the catheter in his arm and allowed the Animus do its work.The final memories that Griffin relived were of the Templar's plot to kill Collins succeeding, the divide between Sean and Thomas, Sean unknowingly killing Thomas, and Sean rebuilding the Assassin Order in Ireland. When the memories were done, Griffin was taken outside to the training course with the group who told him to try to complete it in 30 to 40 seconds. Griffin completed the course in 29 seconds, much to the surprise of the others and himself. Beth told Griffin that he was now a true Assassin and planned his initiation that night. That night, all Assassins present stood in the hall of the main building and when Griffin arrived, they put their hands to their chests like the traditional way and Griffin made his way to where Beth, Jacqueline, and Grigory were stationed and verbally welcomed him into the order before branding his finger like the old ways. Griffin felt honored and as if he had completed the mission his parents always wanted him to pass and wished they were there to witness him getting initiated, Beth told Griffin they would be very proud of him and accept him back. Griffin walked outside, awaiting his first mission.

Missions Edit

Eavesdropping Edit

In November of 2014, Griffin was finally sent on a mission after months of waiting. His mission was to meet with a Brazilian Assassin named Adriano in New York, and spy on a high ranking Abstergo member, and bring any information that seems relevant to the headquarters in New York. Griffin arrived at the building where he was supposed to meet Adriano, and after he found him, Adriano sarcastically told Griffin he was too slow. Griffin simply dismissed it and asked where the meeting was taking place, to which Adriano said it was a few blocks to their north. Griffin pulled his hood up and began to freerun across benches, trash cans, and short walls across the city. Griffin climbed up a few levels of the building so that he was close enough to hear the conversation but still be able to escape quickly if needed. The meeting finally came to a head when a man in a suit met another suited man with a slight Canadian accent and the two talked about how research analyst for Helix had completed the memories of Shay Cormac and uploaded the memories to the Assassin database and many conflicting reports said that William Miles was dead, but another said William was alive. Griffin was shocked about all of this and figured it would be good information, but then he heard them talk about pieces of Eden. The two men sad that an Apple of Eden was found and only one more remained and they were on the verge of finding. Griffin didn't know what to think and requested to Adriano, who was watching from a distance, to kill the two men. Adriano accepted and Griffin jumped down, killing the two men with his hidden blades. One of the guards pulled out a baton and swung repeatedly at Griffin, who successfully dodged all attacks. Griffin kicked the man in the leg which caught him off balance and was finally able to kill him with his hidden blade. Another guard was about to choke Griffin to death from behind, but was stopped by Adriano. Griffin thanked Adriano and reported that they needed to get back to headquarters immediately. So the two set off for answers as to what to do next.

Planning Edit

Griffin and Adriano made their way back to the headquarters in New York and immediately ordered for a video conference with Gavin Banks, the mentor of Assassins in the place for William Miles, who was on a self-imposed exile after the death of his son, Desmond Miles. The video conference started and Griffin told Gavin the information, who sat back thinking on what to do after Griffin was done telling him the information. Gavin settled on a decision: The analyst had to either die or be forced to stop doing work for Abstergo. Griffin volunteered for the task and was accepted in doing so. Griffin contacted Beth, Jacqueline, and Grigory and told them what had happened and told them they needed to meet up to plan on the upcoming mission. The group met on November 14, 2014, and they settled on this plan: Griffin would dress in common clothes acting as a tourist of the building, Beth would make fake IDs for the rest of the group and would assist Griffin in the building, Jacqueline would watch from the outside in case a lot of guards showed up, and Grigory would kill the cameras from a nearby building. When the group would get into position, Griffin and Beth would walk around trying to find the analyst, and once Griffin found the analyst he would trail them from a distance until the perfect opportunity would arise and Griffin would corner the analyst and give them two options, either leave Abstergo and the Assassins would promise him safety, or kill him. The group settled on that plan and got ready for a dangerous mission.

Enemies Edit

On November 23, 2014, Griffin and the group arrived at the Abstergo Entertainment building in Montreal and the plan started as plan with Griffin and Beth using their fake ID cards to get in and pose as tourists and Jacqueline staying outside in case things got sticky outside. Griffin and Beth were taken aback when they saw the games Abstergo had made with the Animus project and Griffin overheard a conversation between two employees talking about Reinhard's memories and using them in a game just as Griffin heard back when he was a prisoner at Abstergo. Griffin didn't know what to do, he didn't want his grandfather's memories to be used as a tool by Abstergo to get people to hate the Assassins, but he knew there was a mission to be done and continued on as he was. 45 minutes passed with no sign of the analyst and Griffin and Beth began to doubt if the analyst was even around anymore, but they got an answer when they saw Juhanti Otso Berg and Violet de Costa, leaders of Sigma Team discussing the analyst's recent works for Abstergo and Griffin went up to them asking if they could see the employees work place, but he was taken aback when they just looked at him as if they had seen a ghost, Griffin realized that he once again had spoken German and instantly corrected himself by asking the same question in English, but Otso Berg immediately pulled out a pistol and told Griffin to get down. Violet told Griffin that they knew of him because of the database at Abstergo and announced that he would have to go back. Beth snuck up and stabbed de Costa in the back, but didn't kill her. This gave Griffin time to turn around and stab Otso Berg with his hidden blade, but Otso Berg didn't even flinch and kicked Griffin in the face. Griffin fell back and just as Otso Berg was about to shoot him, Beth intervened and engaged in hand to hand combat with Berg. Griffin regained strength as Beth was knocked down by Berg who was about to shoot her with his gun. Griffin charged at him and knocked the pistol from his hand. The two engaged in hand to hand combat with Griffin finding it impossible to find Berg's weak spot and the two stood fighting each other for several grueling seconds. Griffin then somehow was able to grab Berg's arm, and drag it over his back, sending Berg to the floor and Griffin picked up Berg's pistol. Griffin told Beth that they needed to go as security guards came in, Griffin killed all of them with the pistol, leaving him sick with nausea. Griffin and Beth made their way to the ground floor, where they were confronted by security guards with assault rifles. The two Assassins rose their hands and dropped to their knees before Beth threw a smoke bomb, giving them time to evade the bullets that came. Griffin killed one the guards from behind, picked up his gun and killed all the other guards with it. Griffin still felt sick but knew it was necessary and picked up some ammo and joined with Beth to leave the building. Griffin and Beth got outside where they saw once again, lots of guards with assault rifles and Jacqueline tied up and gagged but awake. They were ordered to drop their weapons and surrender and they would be spared. Griffin dropped the gun he took and he and Beth took off their hidden blades and started to drop to their knees. Then for some reason, the power to the city came off, giving Griffin and Beth enough cover to free Jacqueline and get to the escape car and met with Grigory, who had been the one who cut the power, and they all drove off with failure.

Next Move Edit

Griffin and the team fled back to the US to Colorado to plan their next move, but were dumbfounded when they realized that they didn't even begin to know what the next move was. After arriving at the safe house in Colorado, the group rested up for a while to recover from the confrontation, Griffin in this time was blaming himself for the mission being a failure since it was him speaking German because of the bleeding effect that caused him to do it. Jacqueline told Griffin that it was normal for it to happen and that he was already on Abstergo's database and they knew nothing about that. The next day, the group met at the main table to discuss what to do, Griffin decided to bring up how Abstergo had found an Apple of Eden and they were close to retrieving it. Griffin said that the Apple really could help the Assassins in their current state, Beth mentioned that they already had an Apple of Eden thanks to Desmond Miles, but Griffin explained that with more pieces of Eden in their hands, they could mask the Assassin's movement and use it to strike at the Templars if needed. Grigory agreed with Griffin, stating that they needed a victory, any kind of victory.

Infiltrating Edit

A few months passed and with it Griffin trained more and planned on the next move. Griffin started by contacting any Assassins in the surrounding are, telling them of a mission crucial to the Assassin cause and it will be dangerous. Griffin was able to contact seven Assassins and told them to plan after meeting up: They would enter an Abstergo building in Chicago that held the Apple of Eden Griffin and the group wanted to get to, they would come in with tactical gear and assault rifles with silencers late at night. They would kill any resistance they met until getting to the main office, where the Apple was held in a glass container. They would then escape the building using smoke bombs to disorientate the security or any choppers that may have been there, they would then get on their motorcycles and split up to evade Abstergo, then meet back at the nearby safehouse. The plan came into action on October 27, 2015 with the group arriving on motorcycle to the Chicago Abstergo building at 3:00 AM and found the place surprisingly empty. They lined up in formation outside the doors with their bandanas drawn, then one of the Assassins kicked the door in and they entered. The group moved quickly and faced nothing at first, but then a couple of security guards entered and Griffin and another Assassin killed them and kept moving. The group kept moving upstairs, meeting little to no resistance. Griffin and the other Assassins had to kill around 24 security guards, with Griffin killing 6 of them, causing his usual nausea that came when he killed someone. After getting up many flights of stairs, the group reached the main office of the assumed head of the building. Griffin ordered the others to wait outside the doors to make sure no security guards got pass them. Griffin breached the room and was met by someone wearing a grey track jacket and cargo pants with a pistol ready to fire. Griffin immediately ducked for cover under the main desk. After the man's gun ran out, Griffin returned fire with the M4 he was using, but the man took cover behind a large pillar in the room. Griffin's gun ran out of bullets and eventually used up all his mags and had no choice but to engage in hand to hand combat. Griffin waited until the man ran out of bullets, grabbed the phone on the desk and threw it at the man before charging him. Griffin made contact with his shoulder then came up and threw many punches at the man. The Templar blocked most of Griffin's punches before stunning him with a quick uppercut. Griffin stumbled back and was utterly defenseless as the Templar punched at Griffin relentlessly with little resistance. Griffin fell to the ground as the Templar man taunted him saying that Griffin's kind were weak and foolish and had no chance of winning the war. Griffin got up and without thinking, kneed the man in the stomach, this blow gave Griffin time to punch him twice in the face before picking him up and then slamming him down on the floor. This bought Griffin time to search the office for the Apple of Eden, but found no sign of it. Griffin was utterly dumbfounded, then went back to the Templar and extended his hidden blade and held it to the man's throat, demanding to know where the Apple was. The Templar explained that the mining team sent to the assumed location of the Apple found no sign of it anywhere and simply had no trace of it. Griffin couldn't believe what he heard, but knew the man wasn't lying. Griffin gave the Templar his last rites before stabbing him in the chest, killing him. Almost immediately, Griffin heard automatic gunfire followed by the screams of both Abstergo soldiers and the fellow Assassins. One Assassin came into the room exclaiming for Griffin to get down before a bullet exited out his skull as Griffin saw Otso Berg behind him as he fell. Griffin immediately took cover behind the same desk and sat there for several seconds as the soldiers unleashed a hail of gunfire at him. Just as Griffin was sure he was dead, he saw a ghost of either Sean jumping out the window in the form of a leap of faith. Griffin got up and sprinted to the window before breaking through the glass, performing a leap of faith, eventually landing in a large garbage can full of trash bags to soften the blow. Griffin laid there in shock for several hours, before getting up and slowly making his way to the safehouse in shock.

Awakening Edit

Griffin entered the safehouse and dropped to the floor immediately in exhaustion and Grigory immediately came to him and got him up to his room where he allowed Griffin to sleep awhile. Griffin awoke the next day and saw Jacqueline call to the others that he was awake. Beth and Grigory rushed in and gave Griffin some water, which he accepted gladly before telling them what had happened in the Abstergo building in sadness for the Assassins that had been killed and how the Apple was never there. Grigory assured Griffin that they had no idea and he had a plan. Griffin asked what it was after getting changed and going downstairs. Grigory told Griffin and the group he knew Griffin had an ancestor from the Viking age who handled an Apple of Eden and they could use the Animus to locate it. Upon hearing the mention of Vikings, Griffin was immediately captivated and eager to get into it. Jacqueline then asked Grigory how he knew of Griffin's ancestry, to which Grigory said that while Griffin was sleeping, he ran a DNA test using some of his saliva to find different ancestors of his, and found the ancestor they were looking for using the Assassin database. Griffin then asked the group when and where they should start, and he was answered by Grigory who said they were going to Norway as he knew the ancestor was Norwegian. in the next few days, the group prepared for the trip and eventually flew to Norway and got a car and continued on to the safehouse.

Finding The Apple Edit

Reunion Edit

In February of 2015, the group entered Norway and after a landing, they drove to the safehouse outside of Bergen, Norway. Upon arrival, Griffin was enjoying the scenery of Nature and the actual city before arriving. Griffin entered the safehouse first, and was taken aback to see his father whom he hadn't seen in years. The two looked at each other in wonder and shock before Griffin's father named Jeff asked Griffin how he was. Griffin was slow in response, but told Jeff he had been good and asked the same, to which Jeff said the same. Griffin then apologized to Jeff almost in tears for running away, but Jeff went up to him and embraced him and said he forgave him. The two embraced each other for a few seconds before the rest of the group showed up and they all went to the back room, where an Animus had been placed and Griffin entered after catching up to his father and closed his eyes and let the Animus do its work.

Yet Another Ancestor Edit

The first memory Griffin relived was of a young boy and his father train- fighting with wooden swords and shields, and the father not going easy on the boy, stating that it was necessary if he were to become a warrior. Griffin learned that the boy was named Bjorn Eriksen and saw Bjorn and his father, Ragnak attend a Thing, Bjorn going on his first raid, and Bjorn meeting Kit Zavier and joining the Assassins. Griffin awoke in awe and asked why they were stopping, to which Beth reminded Griffin that prolonged exposure to eh animus can be dangerous and told him to get some rest. Griffin and Jeff talked some more and learned his mother was taking a break back in Minnesota and had heard of Griffin's work. Griffin's spirits were lifted and he went to sleep. The next day, Griffin relived Bjorn's memories of killing his first Templar targets, meeting his wife Frida, and them getting married and starting a family. After Griffin got out of the animus, he asked Jeff if he would like to relive Bjorn's memories as he was an ancestor to them both and it would speed up time. Jeff declined, stating that it was Griffin's job to learnt the family history, Griffin accepted that and simply kept reliving the memories of Bjorn himself. The next day's memories consisted of Bjorn and Kit saving Bjorn's family, defeating Jarl Halvar, and of Bjorn studying the Apple. The finding of the apple was a huge success because it confirmed that Bjorn had, in fact, handled the Apple and simply pressed on.

Finding The Apple Edit

The next day, Griffin relived Bjorn's memories of his later years and the grief he felt during the death of Kit Zavier, and eventually of Bjorn and his son, Brynjar travelling to the temple in Norway and how the the woman Minerva gave him the message that Griffin would face hardship, but would be the key to the brotherhood's fighting future. Griffin awoke and immediately got up to get his things stating he knew where the Apple was. Grigory told Griffin that they needed to wait just a little longer in order to completely triangulate the location Bjorn placed the Apple. Griffin accepted and waited until the next day when they boarded a plane to Norway. Once arriving, the group took a cab to Alesund, then hiked to the temple that Bjorn went to. Along the way, Griffin saw multiple visions of Bjorn and Brynjar walking to the temple like they were. The group eventually came to the entrance to the temple and opened the door to find the whole place dark and empty with the ruins of chairs and chandeliers. The group took out their flashlights to search for the opening, but had a hard time to. Thinking quickly, Griffin chose to temporarily allow Bjorn to enter his mind so he would see the visions, this worked and Griffin pressed on a certain part of the east wall that opened a hidden staircase. As the group made their way down the stairs, Griffin realized that they didn't have an Apple to open the main door in the first place, but Jeff told Griffin that there was indeed a way inside. Griffin asked what was needed to gain entrance, to which Jeff told Griffin he needed to cut his hand and drop the blood on a rock that protruded on the wall. Griffin asked how they knew that, and Jeff said he received the information from Bjorn's memories, as Bjorn was his ancestor too. They reached the main door and Griffin said the password, the door lit up with blue light and opened. The group entered and searched for the Apple, while searching, Griffin found the remains of Bjorn's hidden blades and decided to take them back. Griffin faced the same direction Bjorn faced in the memories and once again placed his hand on a part of the far wall, and next to him part of the wall opened and inside was the Apple of Eden. Griffin picked it up, put it in his bag, and the group left with something that could actually help them.

Next Phase Edit

By November 2016, Griffin had led the Assassins to new victories and success against the Templars and became a well-respected member. However, on December 2016, Griffin heard news of a man named Callum Lynch, another man of Assassin descent had been captured by Abstergo and they wanted his memories for some unknown purpose. Griffin didn't know what to think and wanted to save Lynch as he personally knew the treatment Abstergo gave to its Assassin prisoners. Griffin knew that a direct assault on the Abstergo base Callum was being held in would only end in failure and simply chose to make a drastic decision: Call the head of Abstergo Industries, Alan Rikkin whose number the Assassins found after hacking the Abstergo database, and call using a disposable phone and simply telling Alan Rikkin that if Callum would not be freed by December 21st, 2016, he and/or his daughter would suffer a horrible fate and hung up and simply waited for what the future would hold.

Alright, time to say something: I am Grifidj10 and I've really enjoyed making this story. However, I've decided to temporarily stop writing this one. Keep in mind, I'm not gonna stop making fanons, I have plenty in store, but I want to wait for the Assassin's Creed movie to come out and the next game in the series before I continue working on Griffin's story. So for now, Griffin's story is going to be put on hold and I will continue working on it in the coming months. In the meantime, I will continue to make fanons like I said and I'll see ya then!

Ancestry Edit

Being from Minnesota, Griffin's heritage mostly consisted of Western and Northern European. On his father's side, Griffin is Norwegian, Swedish, German, Czech, and Slovak. On his mother's side, Griffin is also Norwegian and Swedish, but also Irish and English. The ancestors that Griffin relives throughout his life on his father's side are Reinhard Kobler and Bjorn Eriksen. The ancestors that Griffin relives on his mother's side are Sean Grady and Arne Otsberg.

Trivia Edit

  • In case you're wondering, yes that's me in the main picture. I based this character on a lot of things on me including heritage and statehood.
  • "Griffin" is the name of the Greek creature with the head of an eagle and body of a lion, however, the Latinized form is "Gruffudd" with "udd" meaning "lord" or "prince".
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