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The Guanche Assassins, also known as the Fraternitatem Canariensis, were the Guanche Brotherhood of Assassins who operated and lived in the Canary Islands during the 15th century.

"Hakuna kweli, kila kitu kinaruhusiwa."
―The Creed of the Guanche Assassins.



In 1305, a small group of Levantine Assassins searching for new lands found the Canary Islands. The Assassins met an ancient Canarian tribe that existed on the islands for generations, the Guanches. They introduced the Guanches to the Creed and their long war with the Templars, and in return, the Guanches sheltered the Assassins and fed them. After four years of training from the Levantine Assassins, the Guanches decided to introduce the Assassins to the mencey ( king ) of Tenerife. The Assassins inspired the king, and he officially became the first Mentor of the Guanche Assassins. However, the mencey was only Mentor for fifteen years, and decided to pass on the title to Adello, deciding to focus more on local politics.

The Levantine Assassins eventually left the islands in 1400, deciding that their work there was done.

The Templars Come To The Islands[]

The Guanche Assassins had been active for many years already, but all they had been doing was using their skills to hunt for food. They hadn't actually faced Templars yet, until the 1320s, when a group of Templars led by Lancelotto Malocello came to the islands looking for a Piece Of Eden hidden there.

The Assassins remembered their training from the Levantines, but also used some of their usual hunting skills, like hunting in packs. Doing this, they defeated the guards, but instead of killing Lancelotto, they sent him back to his master with a warning. The Templar Grand Master eventually learned of the islands existence, and told the Crown of Aragon of the existence of the Piece Of Eden. The King, wanting to capture the islands and claim the Piece Of Eden, starts building a huge army.

Golden Era ( 1416-1483 )[]

After that confrontation with Malocello, more and more Templars came to the islands, and were nearly always defeated by the Assassins. They called it their "golden era", because during that time they had many victories against the Templars, they also sent some members on missions around the world.

This was all going good for the Assassins. Many new members joined the Order, including Jonay Jimitiraque.

Invasion Of Christopher Columbus ( 1491-92 )[]

It all seemed fine for them, protecting the Guanche people and killing Templars. But in late 1491, an explorer and Templar agent, Christoffa Corombo, or Christopher Columbus, came to the islands with a massive army. They slaughtered many villagers and burned down many homes. Many members of the Assassins died during the invasion as well. In January 1492, there were very few Assassins left. The Mentor tasked Jonay Jimitiraque with eliminating Columbus and his right-hand man, Admiral Centellas.

While he was searching for Centellas, he met Argo, a member of the Italian Assassins and an apprentice of the great Ezio Auditore. After that brief meeting, he killed Centellas.

Jonay was later sent on a mission to the Sacred Temple in Titeroygakat, Columbus' hiding place. With the help of Argo, Jonay stealthly entered the temple, but was unfortunately impaled through the chest and killed by Columbus when he tried to perform a leap kill on him.

The Guanche Assassins had lost a very important member of the Order. Columbus immediately left the islands after he killed Jonay, but the majority of his Spanish fleet remained there. They killed the last remaining members of the Order, and captured the majority of the Guanche population, so they could be presented to King Ferdinand. The Guanche Assassins were destroyed.


The symbol of the Guanche Assassins was the usual version of the Assassin symbol painted brown, with two black dogs on each side. Above each dog there is a phrase in Latin: heres dæmonium, meaning "heir to the demon" in Latin.This could possibly refer to the tibicenas, dogs of incredible size that ancient Guanches believed came from hell.

The Guanche Assassins crest is also very similar to the modern day Canary Islands coat of arms.

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